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Stonehenge Complete

by Neil L Thomas

Synopsis: STONEHENGE COMPLETE tells of the celebrated ancient monument in southern England seen by a million visitors a year. They come to wonder why Britain's prehistoric people built the massive stone circle...

Stonehenge Mathematics

by Neil L Thomas

Synopsis: STONEHENGE MATHEMATICS is about numbers and counting, lines triangles circles and ovals - their use by the sages of Britain and Ireland five thousand years ago. They designed ancient monuments with...

Stonehenge Sacred Symbolism

by Neil L Thomas

Stonehenge Sacred Symbolism reveals the Bible's Old Testament tale of the disappearance of Sodom and Gomorrah actually occurred about 2250 BC. Founded upon scientific atmospheric data, glacier ice cores and...

Welsh Tales - An Historical Anthology

by Neil L Thomas

"Welsh Tales, An Historical Anthology" brings a fresh look at the country and its people, a two thousand year history given life by ninety carefully chosen traditional folk tales and legends, generously supplemented...

King Arthur Lives Forever

by Neil L Thomas

Synopsis: "King Arthur Lives Forever" " is a story of Arthurian times. Prosperous Britannia had many cities and towns supported by an agricultural and commercial economy. Hundreds of large Roman style estates...