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When Dolphins Fly (2)

by Realbuzz Studios

Mysterious new friend.

Suki stumbles into the hi-tech lair of a mysterious figure who watches the beach buddies from afar.  Meanwhile, new romances are blooming under the Orange County sun, and Scott gets a...

Prima Volta

by Realbuzz Studios

When you reach out and touch the stars, get ready to be burned.

The only home Dawn Spinward has known is The Colony, a huge generation starship taking thousands of years to reach its destination. Life aboard...

Space Cadet vs. Drama Queen

by Realbuzz Studios

Serenity Stars in a Movie that's Really Out of This World

It's Life! Camera! Action! for Serenity and her pals when they set out to film their own sci-fi movie, "Terror from the Tarantula Nebula"--a high-adventure...

Basket Case

by Realbuzz Studios

Serenity a mom? The thought's enough to make her crack.

It's the last project she ever expected. Her health class requires each student to care for chicken eggs 24/7 to simulate the round-the-clock nurturing...

Road Surf

by Realbuzz Studios

Suki's trading in waves for the open road . . . but are there warning signs ahead?

Suki, Pooja, and Chardonnay hit the road to surprise a friend in dire need of some serious cheering up. Miami, here they come!...

Girl Overboard

by Realbuzz Studios

The Outer Girl Is Different, but what about Her Heart?

It's makeover time as Serenity sets out to do a radical overhaul on her closet--and her image. But major changes in her hair, her clothes, and her attitude...

Snow Biz

by Realbuzz Studios

A ski trip of hot-dogging and hot-tubbing lands Serenity in hot water.

Serenity's dream of the perfect ski trip is about to melt down. First she's not sure her boss will let her off work. Then she's clueless...

Come and Play! (3)

by Realbuzz Studios

Shocking surprises keep Suki on her toes.

It's a perfect day at the beach for the friends, making sand castles and paying some hardcore volleyball.  Suki discovers a thing or three about the mystery man on the...

Bad Girl in Town

by Realbuzz Studios

Everyone needs a little Serenity--or do they?She's only five feet tall and 98 pounds - but she's one tense bundle of attitude and anger.

Serenity's life is a mess on every front. Now she's got one last shot...

Out of the Soup (4)

by Realbuzz Studios

For Suki, all's fair in love and surfing.

It's peace, love, and fierce competition at the local Surf and Sand Contest.  Trouble is brewing on the water for surf rivals Scott and Ray, while Suki learns more than...

Let There Be Lighten Up! (1)

by Realbuzz Studios

Surf's up for Suki and her gang!

Suki and friends are all about catching a wave and chillin' at the beach.  But everyone's got their own problems to deal with--a serious lack of funds, a new young stepmom, M.I.A....


by Realbuzz Studios

Serenity finds out the hard way what happens at all night raves...doesn't always stay there.

Escaping work, Serenity parties all night at a rave. But the rave turns into a rant when an intimate conversation...

Choosing Change

by Realbuzz Studios

A Night at the Drive-in Leaves Serenity Reeling

Serenity decides the best way to make Derek jealous is by dating other guys. But the date she arranges forces her to decide what she really wants in a relationship....

You Shall Love

by Realbuzz Studios

A broken bone--and heart--finds Serenity at a major crossroad.

Her leg's in a cast, the power's out, and Serenity's bored stiff. Searching for answers and willing to risk everything, Serenity gets serious about...

Stepping Out

by Realbuzz Studios

It's deep dish trouble for Serenity.

Detention, date-stealing, and an out-of-control driving mishap. It all adds up to some unexpected twists and turns in Serenity's life--leading her to a job delivering pizzas...