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The Billionaire and the Baby

by Rebecca Winters

Hannah Carr had never dreamed she would meet a gorgeous billionaire like Dominic Giraud—let alone marry one! But when Dominic discovered how much Hannah wanted to adopt her sister's baby, he whisked her away...

Men of Power: The Billionaire's Marriage Bargain / The Italian Tycoon and the Nanny / The Heart of a Ruler / The Substitute Millionaire / The Boss's Bedroom Agenda / Virgin: Wedded at the Italian's Convenience (Mills & Boon e-Book Collections)

by Carole Mortimer, Rebecca Winters, Marie Ferrarella & Susan Mallery et al.

Six ruthless, powerful men and the women they love in this thrilling new collection from M&B.

The Billionaire’s Marriage Bargain by Carole Mortimer

No one makes a fool of Dominick Masters. When estranged...

The Italians (Mills & Boon e-Book Collections)

by Helen Bianchin, Kim Lawrence, Rebecca Winters & Sara Craven et al.

In this thrilling collection, 18 devilishly attractive Italians will do anything to ravish and claim their ladies…

ALESSANDRO’S PRIZE by Helen Bianchin



The Italians: Alessandro, Luca & Dizo: Alessandro's Prize / In a Storm of Scandal / Italian Groom, Princess Bride (Mills & Boon M&B)

by Helen Bianchin, Kim Lawrence & Rebecca Winters

Pride. Scandal. Passion!

Lily Parisi is determined to get on with her life – minus a man! A break in Milan sounds ideal – until she bumps into Alessandro del Marco, a face from her past. He finds it impossible...

The Texas Ranger's Bride (Mills & Boon Cherish) (Lone Star Lawmen, Book 1)

by Rebecca Winters


With his roots tracing back to the original Rangers, Cy Vance takes his job seriously. To protect and defend takes on new meaning when he’s assigned to safeguard Kellie Parrish, a stunning...

The Greek Wants a Wife: A Bride for the Island Prince / Georgie's Big Greek Wedding? / Greek Doctor Claims His Bride (Mills & Boon By Request)

by Rebecca Winters, EMILY FORBES & Margaret Barker

A Bride for the Island Prince

Brooding single dad Prince Alexius will do anything to help his four-year-old daughter learn to speak – so he opens up to bubbly speech therapist Dottie. But, as he watches Zoe...

Woman in Hiding

by Rebecca Winters

Leslie Hopkins's heart goes out to Cory Gallagher, a six-year old boy who lost his mother over a year ago. She delights in her new job as his nanny and is ecstatic when the boy starts to warm up to her. She...

Walker: The Rodeo Legend

by Rebecca Winters

Out of nowhere, Walker Cody swoops in and saves Paula Olsen's toddler son from a dog bite. Before she can properly thank him, the handsome Iraq War veteran fades into the crowd.

Walker's in training to retake...

The Unknown Sister

by Rebecca Winters

When Catherine Casey falls in love with David Britton, she's sure her life has just become perfect. She's got a successful career, a wonderful adoptive family and now she's going to marry the man who is everything...

The Tycoon's Proposition

by Rebecca Winters

When Terri Jeppson is informed that her ex-husband is desperately ill, she rushes to his aid. It's not until she gives him a therapeutic massage—on doctor's orders—that she realizes the man at her fingertips...

The Toddler's Tale

by Rebecca Winters

It took a baby to bring them together… Max Jamison had been a good cop, and now he was a good P.I. Still, it shook him to be faced with what seemed to be a replay of his past—a baby depending on him for...

To Win His Heart

by Rebecca Winters

Olivia Duchess has found the man of her dreams and has decided to use The Husband Fund her father left her to make Luc de Falcon her groom. All she has to do is persuade him to fall in love with her and propose.…...

To Marry For Duty

by Rebecca Winters

After a wonderful vacation in the Med with her sisters, Piper has come back to reality with a thud. Her sisters are now happily married—so Piper feels a little like the one left on the shelf. Worse, she can't...

To Catch a Groom

by Rebecca Winters

Greer and her sisters have inherited some money—with a condition attached: they must use it to find husbands! They've never heard of anything so ridiculous—so they've spent it on a holiday to the Italian...

To Be a Mother

by Rebecca Winters

Samantha Bretton was seventeen when she got pregnant. It was the most confusing time of her life, when outside pressures helped her to see that she was too young to raise a child and too young to get married...

Their New-Found Family

by Rebecca Winters

As a single mom, Rachel Marsden has always tried to do her best by her daughter. So when Natalie's long-lost father, Tris Monbrisson, shows up Rachel swallows her feelings and puts her daughter first. For the...

A Texas Ranger's Christmas

by Rebecca Winters

Life can get complicated for a single father working undercover. No one knows that better than Caige Dawson, currently posing as an employee of the Texas Forest Service. He's there to investigate a fellow forester...

Taming the French Tycoon

by Rebecca Winters

Can she melt his frozen heart?  

Quinn Laverty and her young sons are Since taking over the luxurious Ferriers perfume brand, new CEO Jasmine Martin has been fighting an uphill battle to prove she deserves her...

Somebody's Daughter

by Rebecca Winters

Kit Burke isn't who she thinks she is. According to her mother's deathbed confession, she was kidnapped from her real parents when she was a baby. Now she's on a mission to find out who she is—the daughter...

Snowbound with Her Hero

by Rebecca Winters

Christmas is approaching, and a holiday in the snowy Alps with her young son should be a pleasure for single mom Crystal. But it means facing the man who affects her like no other—Raoul Broussard.

There was...