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The Orsini Brides: The Ice Prince / The Real Rio D'Aquila (Mills & Boon M&B)

by Sandra Marton

International bestseller Sandra Marton’s THE ORSINI BRIDES novels – together at last!

Two Sicilian sisters, two powerful men!

Prince Draco Valenti wears an icy exterior like armour that no opponent can penetrate…...

The Sheikh's Wayward Wife (Mills & Boon Modern) (The Sheikh Tycoons, Book 2)

by Sandra Marton

Step into a world of sophistication and glamour, where sinfully seductive heroes await you in luxurious international locations.

Forced to marry a desert prince…

Sheikh Khalil al Hasim is more than happy...

Yesterday and Forever

by Sandra Marton

Daniel Thorpe was tall, dark, and gorgeous, with money to burn. And from the first moment he saw Miranda Stuart—naked!—he knew she was going to be trouble… and that he wanted her whatever the cost!


A Woman Accused

by Sandra Marton

Olivia Harris was desperate! She needed money…and fast. Trouble was, the only person she could turn to for help was the last man who could offer it. Edward Archer wanted the truth behind Olivia's relationship...

The Taming of Tyler Kincaid

by Sandra Marton

Is it coincidence that Tyler Kincaid has arrived at the Baron family mansion just as patriarch Jonas Baron is deciding who should inherit? There's something about this arrogant stranger that makes Caitlin McCord's...

Spring Bride

by Sandra Marton


When a will leads to a wedding….

It's Kyra's turn:

"My father's legacy allowed me to assert my independence after years of being the pampered Landon 'princess'. But I've discovered independence...

The Spanish Prince's Virgin Bride

by Sandra Marton

'I cannot imagine a virgin would return a kiss with such fervor.'

Prince Lucas Reyes is angry. His grandfather is forcing him into marriage with penniless Alyssa McDonough who's pretending she's untouched by...

Slade Baron's Bride

by Sandra Marton

It was something Slade had never done before. But Lara Stevens had the face of an angel, and—like him—was facing an overnight delay to her plane. Before he knew it, he was suggesting they spend their time...

The Sicilian Surrender

by Sandra Marton

When it comes to women, Stefano Lucchesi thinks he's known them all. But Fallon O'Connell is beautiful and wealthy in her own right and appears to need no one. Stefano's determined to have her, body and soul.......

The Sicilian Marriage

by Sandra Marton

A Sicilian courtship:

Fast and furious—the sex was fantastic. But Briana O'Connell's explosive encounter with wealthy Sicilian Gianni Firelli was just for the moment, not a lifetime—wasn't it?

The Sicilian...

The Sheikh's Wayward Wife

by Sandra Marton

Sheikh Khalil al Hasim is more than happy to escort feisty Layla Addison back to his desert kingdom and hand her over to her betrothed. But he's almost as horrified as she is by the lecherous man she's being...

The Sheikh's Rebellious Mistress

by Sandra Marton

For Sheikh Salim al Taj, it's strictly business. But one night with his employee Grace Hunter and his focus is changed— now he wants her exclusively!

When Salim ends their passionate affair, he can't believe...

The Sheikh's Defiant Bride

by Sandra Marton

Tariq, Crown Prince of Dubaac, had to produce an heir and duty demanded he choose a wife who would obey him—day and night.

Then, by an extraordinary twist of fate, Madison Whitney became pregnant with Tariq's...

The Sheikh's Convenient Bride

by Sandra Marton

Despite his attraction to her, Sheikh Qasim is trying not to take Megan O'Connell to his wealthy but tradition-bound kingdom; women have no status in his homeland. Yet, as no one else has Megan's financial expertise,...

Sheikh Without a Heart

by Sandra Marton

Dressed only in a skimpy sequin-studded bikini is not the way Rachel Donnelly wants to meet Sheikh Karim al Safir. Especially when he is so devastatingly handsome—and fully clothed!

Karim is horrified that this...

The Sexiest Man Alive

by Sandra Marton

Valentine Male…

When Matt Romano proposed closing down Chic magazine, Susannah was determined to stop him in his tracks. He was a boardroom barracuda!

She came up with a brilliant plan to boost Chic's circulation:...

The Second Mrs Adams

by Sandra Marton

An accident… Amnesia…. A chance to fall in love again!

David Adams is going to have to let his wife back into his life. He'd been about to divorce Joanna, when she had the accident. True, she's undergone a...

The Royal House of Karedes books 1-4

by Sandra Marton, Sharon Kendrick, Marion Lennox & Kate Hewitt

Two Crowns, Two Islands, One Legacy. Discover the first four books in the Royal House of Karedes miniseries, plus a bonus story by Sandra Marton!

The islands of Adamas have been torn into two rival kingdoms:...

Romano's Revenge

by Sandra Marton

Millionaire Joe Romano's surprise birthday gift is a live-in cook--Lucinda Barry. But the beautiful, blue-blooded blonde can't even fry an egg, so Joe instantly realizes it's all a scheme to find him a suitable...

Roman Spring

by Sandra Marton

Destination: Rome

Attractions: the Colosseum, Vatican City…and NicoloSabatini

New World woman versus Old World man—it's more than just a culture clash when American fashion model Caroline Bishop meets Prince...