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Fighting Ships of the Far East (1): China and Southeast Asia 202 BC-AD 1419

by Stephen Turnbull & Wayne Reynolds

Fighting Ships of the Far East (1) adds enormously to the hitherto small corpus of knowledge about a fascinating and little known subject. Using detailed descriptions, accurate cutaway plates and reliable historical...

The Samurai: A Military History

by Stephen Turnbull

First published in 1977, The Samurai has long since become a standard work of reference. It continues to be the most authoritative work on samurai life and warfare published outside Japan. Set against the background...

Katana: The Samurai Sword

by Stephen Turnbull & Johnny Shumate

The Samurai sword of Japan is probably the finest edged weapon ever made. This volume, written by leading Samurai expert Stephen Turnbull, reveals the story of how and why it achieved this distinction, from...

Samurai Armies 1467-1649

by Stephen Turnbull

The Sengoku Jidai or "Age of Warring States" is the time of the samurai - Japan's military aristocracy. A period of endemic warfare where the absence of unifying central control led to constant struggles between...

The Samurai Invasion of Korea 1592-98

by Stephen Turnbull & Peter Dennis

The invasions of Korea launched by the dictator Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1592-1593 and 1597-1598) are unique in Japanese history for being the only time that the samurai assaulted a foreign country. Hideyoshi planned...

The Mongol Invasions of Japan 1274 and 1281

by Stephen Turnbull & Richard Hook

The two attempts by Khubilai Khan, the Mongol Emperor of China, to invade Japan in 1274 and 1281 represent unique events in the history of both countries. It pitted the samurai of Japan against the fierce warriors...

Kawanakajima 1553-64: Samurai power struggle

by Stephen Turnbull & Wayne Reynolds

Kawanakajima is unique in history. In the space of 12 years, between 1553 and 1564, this valley deep in the mountains of central Japan witnessed no fewer than five battles between two of Japan’s greatest warlords....

Tannenberg 1410: Disaster for the Teutonic Knights

by Stephen Turnbull & Richard Hook

By 1400 the long running conflict between the Order of Teutonic Knights and Poland and Lithuania was coming to a head, partly as a result of the Order’s meddling in the internal politics of its neighbours....

Japanese Castles AD 250-1540

by Stephen Turnbull & Peter Dennis

Dr Stephen Turnbull is internationally recognised for his research into and writing on Japanese military history. Here he applies his scholarship to an account of the evolution of Japanese defensive architecture...

The Great Wall of China 221 BC-AD 1644

by Stephen Turnbull & Steve Noon

The most famous example of fortification in the world, the Great Wall of China stretches for more than 6,000km across inhospitable terrain. Charting its development from its earliest origins in the 7th century...

Japanese Castles in Korea 1592-98

by Stephen Turnbull & Peter Dennis

The Japanese invasion and occupation of Korea, which lasted from 1592 to 1598, was the only occasion in Japanese history when samurai aggression was turned against a foreign country. During the occupation of...

Chinese Walled Cities 221 BC - AD 1644

by Stephen Turnbull & Steve Noon

It has been said in China that a city without a wall would be as inconceivable as a house without a roof. Even the smallest village invariably had some form of defensive wall, while the Great Wall of China was...

The Ottoman Empire 1326-1699

by Stephen Turnbull

The Ottoman Empire and its conflicts provide one of the longest continuous narratives in military history. Its rulers were never overthrown by a foreign power and no usurper succeeded in taking the throne. At...

Ninja Ad 1460-1650

by Stephen Turnbull & Wayne Reynolds

The Ninja were the secret agents and assassins of feudal Japan and they remain a subject of enduring fascination. They first emerged during the power struggles of 9th and 10th century Japan, in response to the...

Nagashino 1575: Slaughter at the barricades

by Stephen Turnbull & Howard Gerrard

Osprey's examination of the campaign at Nagashino in 1575. When Portuguese traders took advantage of the constant violence in Japan to sell the Japanese their first firearms, one of the quickest to take advantage...

Siege Weapons of the Far East (2): AD 960-1644

by Stephen Turnbull & Wayne Reynolds

From the 11th century AD, East Asian armies made increasing use of exploding missiles and siege cannon to reduce the fortifications of their enemies. Some of these weapons were very similar to those used in...

Siege Weapons of the Far East (1): Ad 612-1300

by Stephen Turnbull & Wayne Reynolds

The prevalence of particular fortress types in medieval China, Mongolia, Japan and Korea demanded the evolution of different modes of siege warfare in each country. The wealthy walled towns of China, the mountain...

The Walls of Constantinople AD 324-1453

by Stephen Turnbull & Peter Dennis

The walls of Constantinople are the greatest surviving example of European medieval military architecture in the world. They withstood numerous sieges until being finally overcome by the artillery of Mehmet...

The Samurai Swordsman: Master of War

by Stephen Turnbull

The word "samurai" evokes intense images of indomitable warriors, expert swordsmen capable of taking on overwhelming odds-and emerging victorious. But this popular image only brushes the surface of the samurai...

War in Japan 1467-1615

by Stephen Turnbull

In 1467 the Onin War ushered in a period of unrivalled conflict and rivalry in Japan that came to be called the Age of Warring States or Sengoku Jidai. In this book Stephen Turnbull offers a masterly exposition...