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Urban Sociology

by R.N. Morris

This book offers a coherant theoretical introduction to urban sociology. Based on the urban theory of Louis Wirth, it systematically examines Wirth's principal ideas in the contexts of pre-industrial cities,...

Urban Sociology and Urbanized Society

by J.R. Mellor

Focusing on urban sociology as practised in Britain, the author argues that it is a key element in the response of the 'intellectual proletariat' to urbanization and the calls on it by the State to control the...

Urban Ecology

by Dianne Smith

There are many micro-habitats in built up areas, often subject to strong environmental pressures such as atmospheric and water pollution, frequent disturbance, trampling, nutrient or water scarcity, etc. In...

City and Society: An Outline for Urban Geography

by R.J. Johnston


This book was first published in 1980.

Cities, Capitalism and Civilization

by R.J. Holton

Cities, Capitalism and Civilization looks at the character and distinctiveness of Western Civilization. R.J. Holton sets out to challenge the belief that cities and urban social classes have formed the main...

Centrality and Cities

by James Bird

Professor Bird presents a synthesis of the many approaches to the study of a central featuer of modern life - the city, including its distant past and its future. He sees centrality as a mental projection on...

Applied Urban Analysis: A Critique and Synthesis

by Ian Cullen

Much of the theoretical literature in planning and human geography at present is materialist in perspective. This offers a powerful critique but locates the dynamics of urban systems too specifically in just...

The Signs of Language Revisited: An Anthology to Honor Ursula Bellugi and Edward Klima

by Karen Emmorey & Harlan L. Lane

The burgeoning of research on signed language during the last two decades has had a major influence on several disciplines concerned with mind and language, including linguistics, neuroscience, cognitive psychology,...

Urban Sociology: Critical Essays

by C.G. Pickvance


This book applies the historical materialist, or Marxist view of urban sociology and collates some fundamental sources of this perspective available.

This book was first published in 1976.

The Child's Conception of Time

by Jean Piaget

This book was first published in 1969.

Further Aspects of Piaget's Work

by G. E. T. Holloway

This book was first published in 1967.

Behaviour and Evolution

by Jean Piaget

This book was first published in 1979.

Child's Conception of Movement and Speed

by Jean Piaget

This book was first published in 1970.

Max Weber on Capitalism, Bureaucracy and Religion

by Stanislav Andreski

For this important selection from Weber, sections of text from Weber's major works (Gesammelte, Aufsatze Zur Religionssoziologie, including The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism; General Economic...

Max Weber's Insights and Errors

by Stanislav Andreski

Max Weber (1864-1920) is generally recognised as one of the founding fathers of modern sociology. His ideas continue to be discussed by sociologists and historians and much homage is paid to his contribution...

Perspective, Projections and Design: Technologies of Architectural Representation

by Mario Carpo & Frédérique Lemerle

The essays selected for this book, presented in chronological order, discuss various aspects of image-making technologies, geometrical knowledge and tools for architectural design, focusing in particular on...

The Limits of Rationality

by Roger Brubaker

Exploring the ambiguous interplay between Max Weber's empirical work and his moral vision; his analysis of the 'specific and peculiar rationalism' of modern Western civilization and his ambivalent moral response...

A History of Persia (Volume 1)

by Sir Percy Sykes

This is a facsimile of a classic history first published by Macmillan in 1915 and issued in two further editions by Routledge and Kegan Paul. Sir Percy Sykes was an explorer, consul, soldier and a spy who lived...

Psychology and Crime

by David Putwain & Aidan Sammons

What does a Criminological Psychologist do? The popular image is that of a latter-day Sherlock Holmes helping the police to solve crimes and mysteries, but the reality is much more complex. Psychology and Crime...

Metaphysics: A Contemporary Introduction

by Michael Loux

This Contemporary Introduction is for at students of metaphysics who have already done an introductory philosophy course. Michael J. Loux provides a fesh look as the central topics in metaphysics,rendering this...