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Watching for the Kingfisher: Poems and Prayers

by Ann Lewin

Ann draws many insights into the nature of prayer from her love of birdwatching, and images from the natural world and from scripture permeate her writing. Wit, warmth and economy of expression characterise...


by Mary Craig

A moving account of how the author found the strength to bring up a profoundly disabled child, and how she survived when tragedy struck a second time. A timeless spiritual classic that will benefit anyone struggling...

The Practical Mystic: Evelyn Underhill and her Writings

by Raymond Chapman

An introduction to the works of Evelyn Underhill, Anglo-Catholic mystic and one of the most widely read spiritual writers of the early twentieth century.

Faith and the Future of the Countryside: Pastoral and theological perspectives on rural sustainability

by Jill Hopkinson

A practical and theological handbook for rural ministry. Addressing the concerns of rural communities today, it will help you understand key issues in the context of mission and respond both pastorally and prophetically....

A Little Book of House Blessings

by Peter Watkins

A collection of various house blessings from differing cultures and sources the Bible, Celtic spirituality, Latin prayers, prayers of St Francis and other saints, poems of blessing from Robert Herrick and other...

God Truly Worshipped: Thomas Cranmer and His Writings

by Jonathan Dean

Archbishop Thomas Cranmer (1489-1556) played a critical, formative role in the creation and development of the Church of England, from his sudden and dramatic appointment as Archbishop of Canterbury in 1532,...

Everyday God: The Spirit of the Ordinary

by Paula Gooder

Ordinary Time is the longest stretch of the Christian year, but it receives the least attention. Yet 'the ordinary' is the very essence of life. This wise guide shows how to live ordinary life in an extraordinary...

God Unknown: The Trinity in Contemporary Spirituality

by Ian Mobsby

An essential volume for all engaged in mission today, God Unknown shows how the doctrine of the Trinity can illuminate mission, worship and spirituality - allowing for open-endedness and speaking with great...

John Main: The Expanding Vision

by Laurence Freeman

A collection of essays that demonstrate the breadth and depth of John Main's thought and it's increasing relevance in the world.

Word Made Flesh: Recovering a Sense of the Sacred Through Prayer

by John Main

Offers insights into the kind of prayer that enables us to bring the whole of our being to God, and to let the power released into the world by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus flow through our hearts...

The Way of Unknowing: Expanding Spiritual Horizons Through Meditation

by John Main

A reissue of this classic collection of writings by John Main, exploring the benefits of silent prayer and Christian meditation

The Church Treasurer's Handbook

by Robert Leach

A user-friendly and comprehensive guide to the role of the church or charity treasurer, essential for all carrying out this increasingly demanding role. Now updated to include the latest rules on accounting,...

The Gospel of the Lord: Gospels for the Principal Services - Years A, B, and C, and for Principal Feasts and Festivals

by Brother Tristam

The Common Worship Gospel readings in large print, presented in a handsomely bound volume for processional use

Woven into Prayer: A Flexible Pattern of Daily Prayer Through the Christian Year

by Angela Ashwin

Designed with today's busy lifestyles in mind, this versatile collection will help you create a regular pattern of prayer, even if you have only a snatched moment. Popular spiritual writer Angela Ashwin provides...

Light Within: Meditation as Pure Prayer

by John Main

This collection of talks on Christian meditation is full of practical advice and great spiritual insights in equal measure. It shows how discovering the presence of Christ within through meditative prayer can...

Alternative Pastoral Prayers: Liturgies and Blessings for Health and Healing, Beginnings and Endings

by Tess Ward

From the pen of a hospital chaplain, here are prayers and liturgies for use in ministry to the sick, covering scenarios with no current official provision.

Gathering for Worship: Patterns and Prayers for the Community of Disciples

by Christopher Ellis

The authorised service book of the Baptist Church in England and Wales contains complete service outlines for holy communion, weddings, funerals, presentation of infants, adult baptism and much more. Introductions...

Celebrating Sundays: Daily Spiritual Readings for the Calendars of the Church of England, the Church of Ireland, the Scottish Episcopal Church and the

by Robert Atwell

Daily readings from a wide range of sources from the first to the twenty-first centuries reflect a spirituality that is distincively Anglican in its breadth and depth. The writers are from across the centuries...

Leading Intercessions: Prayers for Sundays, Holy Days and Festivals and for Special Services

by Raymond Chapman

This liturgical resource has now been expanded to include forms of intercession for numerous extra occasions: Principal Feasts - for example: the Presentation of Christ in the Temple, Annunciation, the Transfiguration,...

They Shall Grow Not Old: Resources for Remembrance, Memorial and Commemorative Services

by Brian Elliott

Contains a range of services developed by three key agencies working together that cover: a remembrance ceremony; a formal ceremony at a war memorial; a service for Remembrance Sunday; a veterans' service; a...