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Tied and Teased: A Lesbian Bdsm Fantasy

by Seth Daniels

A young woman on a night out gets a little drunk and confesses to a female work colleague that she has dirty fantasies about being tied to a bed and used as a sex object. The woman's fantasy is to play with...

A Celebration of God's Love

by Helen Steiner Rice

Celebrate the depth of God’s love for you every day of the year with this delightful gift book, featuring the popular verse of Helen Steiner Rice.

The Camp Club Girls Get a Clue!: 3 Stories in 1

by Renae Brumbaugh, Jean Fischer & Shari Barr

Join the Camp Club Girls on a series of clue-filled adventures and cheer them on as they crack the case in this entertaining 3-in-1 story collection.

Teach Me to Pray: Lightly-Updated Devotional Readings from the Works of Andrew Murray

by Andrew Murray

If you enjoy a book of substance, you’ll love Teach Me to Pray—a collection of 180 carefully excerpted devotionals from the writings of Andrew Murray.

Strengthen My Spirit: Lightly-Updated Devotional Readings from the Works of Charles Spurgeon

by Charles Spurgeon

If you enjoy a book of substance, you’ll love Strengthen My Spirit—a collection of 180 carefully excerpted devotionals from the writings of Charles Spurgeon.

FUDDLE CUP: Living an Extraordinary Life Under All Circumstances

by Dolores McKay

What is a FUDDLE CUP? While not an actual cup, it is the book written on accident by award-winning experience designer and business consultant, Dolores McKay. The book began as a collection of letters intended...

Korean Unification

by Jacques L Fuqua

One day, one nation on the Korean Peninsula

Robert Kipniss: A Working Artist's Life

by Robert Kipniss

A successful working artist relates his passion for life and art

North Country Captives: Selected Narratives of Indian Captivity from Vermont and New Hampshire

by Colin G. Calloway

Eight narratives challenge old stereotypes and provide a clearer understanding of the nature of captive taking. These stories portray captors as individuals with a unique culture, offering glimpses of daily...


by Cat Johnson

Social butterfly and a soldier in the Special Forces-a match made in...bed.

Red Hot & Blue, Book 3

Special Forces gave Jimmy Gordon the undercover skills of a chameleon, but nothing prepared him for Amelia Monroe-Carrington,...

There Is a River

by Charlotte Miller

There Is a River is the final installment in Charlotte Miller's regional best-selling trilogy that began with Behold, This Dreamer and continued with Through a Glass, Darkly. The sweeping story follows Janson...

Through a Glass, Darkly

by Charlotte Miller

Charlotte Miller's debut novel, Behold, This Dreamer, was a regional success story in 2000-2001. She continues now with the second installment of her trilogy exploring romance, culture, and place in the Depression-era...

Behold, This Dreamer

by Charlotte Miller

Janson Sanders, part Cherokee, part poor-but-proud white, is intent on avenging his father's death and taking back the land stolen from him by a wealthy planter. Parentless and alone, Janson sets out, hopping...

The Pakistan Cauldron

by James P Farwell & Joseph D Duffey

Understanding the treacherous currents of Pakistani politics

American Avatar

by Barry A Sanders

Untangling the world's love-hate relationship with America

Adam in Eden

by Carlos Fuentes, Alejandro Branger & Ethan Shaskan Bumas

In this comic novel of political intrigue, Adam Gorozpe, a respected businessman in Mexico, has a life so perfect that he might as well be his namesake in the Garden of Eden—but there are snakes in this Eden...

Silences, or a  Woman's Life

by Marie Chaix & Harry Mathews

When a woman falls into a coma, her daughter accompanies her through six weeks of agony, bearing witness to the prolonged death imposed upon her by the monstrous machine of modern medicine. During this final...

Awakening to the Great Sleep War

by Gert Jonke & Jean M. Snook

One of the loveliest riddles of Austrian literature is finally available in English translation: Gert Jonke's 1982 novel, Awakening to the Great Sleep War, is an expedition through a world in constant nervous...

Black No More: Being an Account of the Strange and Wonderful Working of Science in the Land of the Free, A.D. 1933-1940

by George Samuel Schuyler & James Miller

What would happen to the race problem in America if black people could suddenly become white?

The Indian in Latin American History: Resistance, Resilience, and Acculturation

by John E. Kicza

Initially decimated by disease and later faced with the loss of their lands and their political autonomy, Latin American Indians have displayed remarkable resilience. They have resisted cultural hegemony with...