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Cities and Labour Immigration: Comparing Policy Responses in Amsterdam, Paris, Rome and Tel Aviv

by Alexander

Using a unique analytical framework based on host-stranger relations, this book explores the response of cities to the settlement of labour immigrants. Comparing the local policies of four cities - Paris, Amsterdam,...

Globalizing Migration Regimes: New Challenges to Transnational Cooperation

by Tamas & Palme

It has been half a century since the Geneva Refugee Convention came into place, but there is still no comparable international regime which provides for the increasing phenomenon of mobile economic migrants....

Risky Trade: Infectious Disease in the Era of Global Trade

by Marie Kimball

This book examines the risks of epidemic disease posed by the modern era of accelerated global trade. Conversely, it also addresses some of the potential benefits the same globalization can bring to epidemic...

Inside the Digital Revolution: Policing and Changing Communication with the Public

by Wessels

In this work, Bridgette Wessels offers a unique insight into the ways in which core public institutions and powerful organizations develop digital communications and services within the public realm. The book...

On the Road with Bob Dylan

by Larry Sloman & Kinky Friedman

“The War and Peace of Rock and Roll.” —Bob Dylan

In 1975, as Bob Dylan emerged from eight years of seclusion, he dreamed of putting together a traveling music show that would trek across the country like...

Struggling for a Social Europe: Neoliberal Globalization and the Birth of a European Social Movement

by Mathers

Protests at summit meetings have inspired intense debate over the nature and significance of the 'anti-globalization' movement. However, the European dimension of this movement is still largely unknown. In this...

Gender and Consumption: Domestic Cultures and the Commercialisation of Everyday Life

by Casey & Martens

Through a variety of case studies (such as gambling, wedding day consumption and bedroom décor), this volume provides a unique insight into women's domestic consumption. The essays demonstrate the broad range...

Sociologists in a Global Age: Biographical Perspectives

by Deflem

In this volume, sixteen leading international sociologists share their experiences of becoming practitioners in the field. Each contributor provides an auto-biographical review of their journey into the discipline,...

Contemporary Motherhood: The Impact of Children on Adult Time

by Craig

In this timely book, Lyn Craig employs large-scale quantitative time-use data to provide a unique and comprehensive account of how parenthood affects daily life within households. Suggesting an explanation for...

Crossing the Psycho-Social Divide: Freud, Weber, Adorno and Elias

by Cavalletto

Scholars are increasingly challenging the view that the psyche and the social are so disparate that their study requires incompatible analytical and theoretical approaches. In this innovative work, George Cavalletto...

Bright Satanic Mills: Universities, Regional Development and the Knowledge Economy

by Harding & Scott

Recent years have seen a growing emphasis upon the need for universities to contribute to the economic, social and environmental well-being of the regions in which they are situated. In this book, a multidisciplinary...

Going It Alone?: Lone Motherhood in Late Modernity

by Klett-Davies

Are lone mothers 'going it alone' in late modernity? In this fascinating work, Martina Klett-Davies draws on interviews with 70 women to examine how they negotiate lone motherhood in Britain and Germany. She...

Sex in Cyberspace: Men Who Pay for Sex

by Earle & Sharp

Sex in Cyberspace offers a bold and provocative, yet sensitively written, account of an under-investigated area of sociological enquiry. It is the first empirically-based study on the experiences of men who...

Dual Citizenship in Europe: From Nationhood to Societal Integration

by Faist

In an age of terrorism and securitized immigration, dual citizenship is of central concern. The contributors to this timely volume examine policies regarding dual citizenship across Europe, covering a wide spectrum...

Diversity Management and Discrimination: Immigrants and Ethnic Minorities in the Eu

by Wrench

What can diversity management offer those concerned with ethnic inequality, racial discrimination, and issues of social and economic inclusion and exclusion? In this book, John Wrench traces the emergence of...

Decline & Fall: Diaries 2005-2010

by Chris Mullin

On the backbenches but still in the thick of it, Decline and Fall runs from Chris Mullin's sacking as a minister by Tony ('The Man') Blair in 2005 to the fall of New Labour in May 2010. Here is politics as it...

Entrepreneurship in China

by Yang

The emergence of China as a major world economy is a development of great significance. There has, however, been little detailed work on the grassroots level of entrepreneurship in China. This innovative book...

The Transformation of Sexuality: Gender and Identity in Contemporary Youth Culture

by Johansson

This book combines the work of key authors such as Elias and Foucault with original and revealing empirical material drawn from 1,300 young people. Looking beyond media images and popular prejudices, the book...

Science, Values and Politics in Max Weber's Methodology: New Expanded Edition

by Henrik Bruun

First published in 1972, this book on Weber's methodological writings is today regarded as a modern classic in its field. In this new expanded edition, the author has revised and updated the original text, and...

Risky Pleasures?: Club Cultures and Feminine Identities

by Hutton

In this book Fiona Hutton provides a fascinating insight into women's experiences of clubbing. Revealing the important role of different spaces and atmospheres in how women participate in club scenes, she argues...