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Product Liability Law in Transition: A Central European Perspective

by Magdalena Tulibacka

This volume examines the evolution of Central European product liability regimes, with particular reference to the effect of the implementation of the Product Liability Directive in the context of the recent...

The European Social Model and Transitional Labour Markets: Law and Policy

by Ralf Rogowski

Bringing together theoretical, empirical and comparative perspectives on the European Social Model (ESM) and transitional labour market policy, this volume presents country studies of labour market reforms in...

Legal Evidence and Proof: Statistics, Stories, Logic

by Hendrik Kaptein & Henry Prakken

This study provides clarification of problems of logic and argumentation in relation to evidence and proof, presenting an important contribution to the field for both scholars and practitioners.

A Dual Approach to Ocean Governance: The Cases of Zonal and Integrated Management in International Law of the Sea

by Yoshifumi Tanaka

A Dual Approach to Ocean Governance addresses the validity and limits of the zonal and integrated management approaches to ocean governance in international law of the sea. This study will be of particular value...

Patenting Lives: Life Patents, Culture and Development

by Johanna Gibson

Patenting Lives reflects the critical issues arising from patents and biotechnology. The volume includes contributions from various interests and perspectives, both in the context of current international developments...

Corporate Citizenship, Contractarianism and Ethical Theory: On Philosophical Foundations of Business Ethics

by Jesús Conill & Christoph Luetge

This study provides a representation of the broad spectrum of theoretical work on topics related to business ethics, with a particular focus on corporate citizenship. Together, the contributions offer varied...

Migration, Work and Citizenship in the Enlarged European Union

by Samantha Currie

Exploring migration and citizenship in the context of European Union enlargement, this book weaves together doctrinal law, at the EU and national levels, policy debates, and both quantitative and qualitative...

Tomorrow's Criminals: The Development of Child Delinquency and Effective Interventions

by Rolf Loeber & N. Wim Slot

Tomorrow's Criminals argues convincingly that more research and interventions should be aimed at child delinquents aged 12 and under. It addresses key problems in criminological research and makes studies from...

Mountain Resorts: Ecology and the Law

by Julia LeMense & Janet E. Milne

Mountain Resorts analyzes whether the law protects the ecological systems of mountains from the adverse impacts associated with resorts, examining how it might better recognize the value of the mountain ecosystem....

Child Labour in a Globalized World: A Legal Analysis of ILO Action

by Giuseppe Nesi & Luca Nogler

Examining the legal dimension of the ILO's action in the field of Child Labour, this volume investigates the implementation of the relevant legal instruments and assesses the effectiveness of the ILO supervisory...

Towards a Public Law of Tort

by Tom Cornford

Presenting a new approach to the problem of public authority liability, this volume provides a theoretical foundation in the form of principles of administrative liability that are both normatively sound and...

Ethical Issues in Governing Biobanks: Global Perspectives

by Bernice Elger & Nikola Biller-Andorno

Population genomics research drawing on genetic databases has expanded rapidly, with some of this information being combined in 'biobanks'. Managing this information in an appropriate way is a highly complex...

The Pillars of Global Law

by Giuliana Ziccardi Capaldo

This book addresses important changes in key legal issues; it reconstructs a complex legal framework, and the emergence of a new international order that has still not been studied in depth, providing a compass...

Drafting Legislation: A Modern Approach

by Constantin Stefanou & Helen Xanthaki

Drafting Legislation sets out to prove Sir William Dale's doctrine that the rules for drafting good quality legislation are the same in common and civil systems of law. The book discusses the general issue of...

Hindu Divorce: A Legal Anthropology

by Livia Holden

This comparative study investigates the place of Hindu divorce in the Indian legal system and considers whether it offers a way out of a matrimonial crisis situation for women. Using the narratives of the social...

Law at the Vanishing Point: A Philosophical Analysis of International Law

by Aaron Fichtelberg

This volume examines the philosophical foundations of modern international law using the tools of Anglo-American legal theory and western political thought. It provides a fascinating new challenge to those who...

Law's Task: The Tragic Circle of Law, Justice and Human Suffering

by Louis E. Wolcher

What is the ultimate task of law? This book places the idea of law's ultimate task in the context of what actually happens when people seek to do justice and enforce legal rights in a world that is inflected...

Human Rights in the Market Place: The Exploitation of Rights Protection by Economic Actors

by Christopher Harding & Uta Kohl

The ideology of human rights protection has gained considerable momentum and appears to be an effective lever for bringing about legal change. This book analyzes this strategy in economic and commercial policy...

Gender and the Open Method of Coordination: Perspectives on Law, Governance and Equality in the EU

by Fiona Beveridge & Samantha Velluti

Containing contributions by some of the best known researchers in the field, this volume draws on a range of disciplinary perspectives to examine the effectiveness of the Open Method of Coordination as a medium...

Reputation, Celebrity and Defamation Law

by David Rolph

This volume examines how the concept of reputation changes to reflect social, political, economic, cultural and technological developments and is a central concept in defamation law. The author conceptualizes...