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The Black Moth

by , Georgette Heyer

The Black Moth, first published in 1921 was Georgette Heyer's first novel and also the first novel in a four-part series including These Old Shades, Devil's Cub, and An Infamous Army. The Black Moth is set around...

The Idea of Progress

by , J. B. Bury

In historiography, the Idea of Progress is the theory that advances in technology, science, and social organization inevitably produce an improvement in the general human condition. Meaning, people can be happier...

Cursed Forever to Sail the Seven Seas - The Tales of the Flying Dutchman (Fantasy and Horror Classics)

by Various

The Flying Dutchman - a ghostly ship crewed by ghouls and cursed to sail the seas forever - is one of the most interesting myths in Europe. Here, prefaced by a detailed introduction, are collected the finest...

Witch Covens and the Grand Masters - The Witches' Journey to the Sabbat, and the Sabbat Orgy (Fantasy and Horror Classics)

by , Montague Summers

Witch Covens and the Grand Masters - The Witches' Journey to the Sabbat, and the Sabbat Orgy - is a classic occult text, notable for its archaic writing style, intimate style of narration, and overtone of belief...

The United States of the Undead - Short Stories of Zombies in the Americas (Fantasy and Horror Classics)

by Various

Zombies have arguably eclipsed vampires as one of the most popular subjects for modern horror. George Romero and his many imitators, as well as literary works such as The Walking Dead and The Passage, have ensured...

A Complete Horror Book - Including Haunting, Horror, Diabolism, Witchcraft, and Evil Lore (Fantasy and Horror Classics)

by Various

An eclectic and fascinating collection of horror stories, including tales of hauntings, devil worship, witchcraft and ancient evil. Featuring such classic authors as J. Sheridan le Fanu, Bram Stoker, Charles...

One Foot and the Grave (Fantasy and Horror Classics)

by , Theodore Sturgeon

Theodore Sturgeon was a popular science-fiction writer, best-known for his 1953 novel More Than Human. First published in 1949, 'One Foot And The Grave' is ostensibly about witchcraft, and features a hero who...

Photoshop CS5 Bible

by Lisa DaNae Dayley & Brad Dayley

The bestselling, comprehensive reference on Photoshop, fully updated to CS5.

Photoshop is the gold standard for image-editing programs and is used by professional photographers, graphic designers, and Web designers...

The Poisons of Caux: The Hollow Bettle (Book I)

by Susannah Appelbaum & Jennifer Taylor

Introducing a witty and macabre new fantasy trilogy.

There's little joy left in the kingdom of Caux: the evil King Nightshade rules with terrible tyranny and the law of the land is poison or be poisoned. Worse,...


by David, Dr Kaspar

Is the way to moral truth through theory?

Or do we already know what's right and wrong?

Throughout modern history philosophers have tried to construct elaborate moral systems to determine what's right. Recently,...

Mill: A Guide for the Perplexed

by Sujith, Dr Kumar

John Stuart Mill is best known for his moral and political writings, and is a central figure in political philosophy. However, the full ambition of his thought is often neglected in favour of an assessment based...

The Baha'i Faith: A Guide for the Perplexed

by Robert H Stockman

Founded by Bah�'u'llah in Iran in the 19th century, the Bah�'� Faith is one of the youngest of the world's major religions. Though it has over 5 million followers worldwide, it is still little understood...

England's Citizenship Education Experiment: State, School and Student Perspectives

by Lee Jerome

How do we prepare young people to understand the complex problems confronting our society and their place as citizens in shaping solutions?

Until 1997, the contribution of schools to these challenges was ad hoc...

Confucius: A Guide for the Perplexed

by Yong, Prof. Huang

Of the three main teachings in Chinese culture, Confucianism has exerted the most profound and lasting influence in China.While Confucianism (a term coined by Westerners) refers to a tradition (Ruism) that predated...

Between Hegel and Spinoza: A Volume of Critical Essays

by Hasana, Dr Sharp & Jason E Smith


work in political philosophy and the history of ideas presents Spinoza and

Hegel as the most powerful living alternatives to mainstream Enlightenment

thought. Yet, for many philosophers and political theorists...

The Medieval English Landscape, 1000-1540

by Graeme J, Dr White

The landscape of medieval England was the product of a multitude of hands. While the power to shape the landscape inevitably lay with the Crown, the nobility and the religious houses, this study also highlights...

Jean-Luc Nancy and the Question of Community

by Ignaas, Prof. Dr Devisch

The question of community is central to our daily life: where do we belong to, what do we share with each other? The French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy has made these questions one of the central topics of his...

Westminster: A Biography: From Earliest Times to the Present

by Robert Shepherd

This is the remarkable story of Westminster, a royal capital that became the birthplace of parliamentary government and the centre of a world power. It is about the place, its people and their close relationship....

Ethics: The Key Thinkers

by Tom, Dr Angier

Ethics: The Key Thinkers surveys the history of Western moral philosophy, guiding students through the work and ideas of the field's most important figures, from Plato to MacIntyre. With entries written by leading...

Language Ideologies and the Globalization of 'Standard' Spanish

by Darren, Dr Paffey

This book examines how language ideologies are manifested in newspaper media. Using the Spanish press as a case study it considers how media discourse both from and about the Real Academia Espa�ola constitutes...