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Caribbean Casanova

by Jenna Bayley-Burke

Of all the islands in all the world, she's come to his.

Under the Caribbean Sun, Book 2

Holly Hansen has sacrificed too much to let anything-especially a man-get in the way of making her clothing line a success....

Dark Destiny

by Lexxie Couper

When it comes down to love or duty, pick a side-and pray your heart survives.

Principatus, Book 1

Death exists for one purpose and one purpose only: to sever the life-threads of the living. She does her job with...

Jesus and His World: The Archaeological Evidence

by Craig A. Evans

In this provocative work, world-renowned scholar Craig A. Evans presents the most important archaeological discoveries that shed light on the world of Jesus of Nazareth. Evans challenges many sensational claims...

Now Comes the Night

by P.G. Forte

Home is where the heart bleeds.

Children of the Night, Book 3

Growing up, vampire-born twins Julie and Marc Fischer were taught one simple fact of life: you can choose your food, but not your family. Six months...

Stand Up and Fight Back: How to Take Authority Over Satan and Win

by Ken Abraham

Stand Up and Fight Back prepares you for every battle. Presented in a dynamic, accessible style, it is the perfect tool for recognizing and fighting the demonic attacks, generational curses, and strongholds...

65 Promises from God for Your Child: Powerful Prayers for Supernatural Results

by Mike Shreve

 65 Supernatural Promises for Your Child showcases the specific promises God has given us for our children, including mercy, covenant, peace, spiritual growth, angelic protection, and provision.  

Showing Kunga: From Pet Owner to Dog Show Junkie

by Alxe Noden

With the exception of those who are already involved in the world of dog shows, few people know much about showing dogs and what it takes to develop a champion. Even if you take the time to read a "how-to-show...

Astreya Book II

by Seymour Hamilton

"Hamilton has an intuitive grasp of story... Astreya is a work of great power, insight, and ferocious imagination... I recommend it unreservedly." - Spider Robinson, Nebula and Three-time Hugo Award Winner,...

Astreya I

by Seymour Hamilton

Astreya isn't like the other boys in his remote fishing village. When Astreya leaves home, his widowed mother gives him his father's knife, a riddling notebook, and a bracelet with a mysterious and powerful...

Friendships of Faith: A Shared Study of Hebrews

by Edna Ellison

Friendships of Faith: A Shared Study of Hebrews, a six-week study by Edna Ellison, examines Christ's sacrifice, His New Covenant, and the life of faith.

Business Dashboards: A Visual Catalog for Design and Deployment

by Nils H. Rasmussen

Focusing on designing the right dashboards for use in an organization, this timely, full color book reveals how to successfully deploy dashboards by building the optimal software architecture and dashboard design....

In Love with Defeat: The Making of a Southern Liberal

by H. Brandt Ayers

Journalist and publisher Brandt Ayers's journey takes him from the segregated Old South to covering the central scenes of the civil rights struggle, and finally to editorship of his family's hometown newspaper,...

The Rider's Pain-Free Back: Overcome Chronic Soreness, Injury and Aging, and Stay in the Saddle for Years to Come

by James Warson & Ami Hendrickson

Over 90 percent of the US population seeks help for back pain at one point or another during the course of their life. If you're a horseperson, back pain is of particular concern as it not only robs you of the...

Changing Schools from the Inside Out: Small Wins in Hard Times

by Robert L. Larson

Failure to meet test-based standards can produce consequences such as school closure or staff replacement. With this real-world challenge to education foremost, this book presents pertinent research and instructive...

Fifties Chix: Third Time's a Charm

by FastPencil Premiere

In 1945 May Boggs, the Fifties Chix' social studies teacher, is 15 years old. World War II has taken its toll and May and her two best friends, Rowena and Emily, are happy to see the war coming to an end at...

Lord Strathcona: A Biography of Donald Alexander Smith

by Donna McDonald

Donald Smith, known to most Canadians as Lord Strathcona, was an adventurer who made his fortune building railroads, including the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Louis Applebaum: A Passion for Culture

by Walter Pitman

Canadian composer Louis Applebaum devoted his life to the cultural awakening of Canada.

My Second Life: Living with Parkinson's Disease

by William A. Harshaw

An account of Bill Harshaw's struggle to accept his new life, from early denial to experimental neurosurgery.

Travels with my Daughter

by Niema Ash

This honest, humorous memoir describes the adventures mother and daughter share and celebrates travel, motherhood, and life itself.

Canada and the Liberation of the Netherlands, May 1945

by Lance Goddard

At the end of the Second World War, Canadians gave the Dutch freedom and food, and an eternal friendship was forged.