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Jeremiah: Pain And Promise

by Kathleen M O'Connor

Kathleen O’Connor shows that the intense emotional language of Jeremiah documents a community’s effort to restore their collapsed social world. Both prophet and book provide language to articulate disaster;...

Wind Sun Soil Spirit: Biblical Ethics and Climate Change

by Carol S Robb

Carol Robb brings an ecological ethics in theological perspective, and it integrates economic theory, environmental policy, and most distinctively New Testament studies. Alongside deliberation on scenarios for...

Women and Redemption: A Theological History

by Rosemary Radford Ruether

Rosemary Radford Ruether’s authoritative, award-winning critique, now updated and expanded, evaluates conflict over the meaning of the gospel for gender relations. Ruether highlights women theologians’ work,...

Introduction to Christian Liturgy

by Frank C Senn

Designed as a general introduction to Christian liturgy, this book explores the meaning, history, and practice of worship in Eastern and Western, Catholic and Protestant traditions. Its chapters cover the theology...

Treatise on Good Works: Luther Study Edition

by Martin Luther & Scott Hendrix

Luther’s transformational idea of justification by faith alone was often misunderstood and misrepresented in the early years of the Reformation. In 1520, with his Wittenberg congregation in mind, Luther set...

The Collected Sermons of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

by Dietrich Bonhoeffer & Isabel Best

Preaching, according to Bonhoeffer, is like offering an apple to child. The gospel is proclaimed, but for it to be received as gift depends on whether or not the hearer is in a position to do so. Offered here...

Soundings in the Religion of Jesus: Perspectives and Methods in Jewish and Christian Scholarship

by Bruce Chilton, Anthony LeDonne & Jacob Neusner

Jesus was a Jew and not a Christian. That affirmation may seem obvious, but here an international cast of Jewish and Christian scholars spell out its weighty and often complex consequences for contemporary Jewish-Christian...

Holy Conversation: Spirituality For Worship

by Jonathan Linman

Linking the themes of spirituality and worship and giving each needed focus in ways that are biblically and theologically rich and consistent with ecumenical traditions, this book specifically explores the relationship...

The Four Gospels on Sunday: The New Testament and the Reform of Christian Worship

by Gordon W. Lathrop

Premier liturgical theologian Gordon Lathrop argues that far too often liturgy, preaching, and liturgical theology are informed by naive and outdated exegesis. In another fully original and deeply reflective...

Studying Paul's Letters: Contemporary Perspectives and Methods

by Joseph A. Marchal

Joseph A. Marchal leads a group of scholars who are also experienced teachers in courses on Paul. More than a series of “how-to” essays in interpretation, each chapter in this volume shows how differences...

Friendship Factor

by Alan Loy Mcginnis

At the heart of each relationship, says McGinnis, is the friendship factor—the essential ingredient of warmth and caring. With captivating case histories and anecdotes about such famous people as George Burns,...

Journey Through Christian Theology: With Texts From The First To The Twenty-First Century

by William P Anderson

Highly accessible introductions to five periods precede brief introductions to and texts from more than fifty key thinkers. The texts highlight perennial themes and questions in Christian tradition, especially...

Soundings in the Theology of Psalms: Perspectives And Methods In Contemporary Scholarship

by Rolf Jacobson

The many introductions to the psalms available to readers tend to focus on various types and forms of psalms but overlook different theological approaches to the Psalter. This volume brings together leading...

Bible and African Americans: A Brief History

by Vincent L. Wimbush

The unique encounter of African Americans with the Bible has shaped centuries of spirituality and social engagement of a whole continent. Highly respected biblical scholar Vincent Wimbush here outlines the five...

We Have Been Believers: An African American Systematic Theology

by James H. Evans Jr & Stephen G. Ray Jr.

Seeking to overcome the chasm between church practice and theological reflection, James H. Evans Jr., a major and distinctive voice in American religion, situates theology squarely in the nexus of faith with...

Ministry with Persons with Mental Illness and Their Families

by Robert H. Albers, William H. Meller & Steven D. Thurber

In Ministry with Persons with Mental Illness and Their Families, psychiatrists and pastoral theologians come together in an interdisciplinary, collaborative effort to ensure accuracy of information concerning...

From a Liminal Place: An Asian American Theology

by Sang H Lee

Drawing on decades of teaching and reflection, Princeton theologian Sang Lee probes what it means for Asian Americans to live as the followers of Christ in the “liminal space” between Asia and America and...

Jesus and the Powers: Conflict, Covenant, And The Hope Of The Poor

by Richard A Horsley

Refuting a false dichotomy between “politics” and “religion” in Jesus’ world (and our own), Jesus and the Powers rediscovers Jesus’ response to the imperial power of his day. Richard A. Horsley describes...

The Contemplative Counselor: A Way Of Being

by Rodolfo R Nolasco Jr

The purpose of this book is two-fold. First, it examines critically how the field of pastoral counseling has responded to the resurgence of interest in issues of spirituality, particularly the appropriation...

Martin Luther, the Bible, and the Jewish People: A Reader

by Brooks Schramm & Kirsi I. Stjerna

The place and significance of Martin Luther in the long history of Christian anti-Jewish polemic has been and continues to be a contested issue. The literature on the subject is substantial, and diverse. While...