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The Cultural Uses of the Caesars on the English Renaissance Stage

by Lisa Hopkins

Caesarian power was a crucial context in the Renaissance, as rulers in Europe, Russia and Turkey all sought to appropriate Caesarian imagery and authority, but it has been surprisingly little explored in scholarship....

Christopher Smart and Satire: 'Mary Midnight' and the Midwife

by Min Wild

Min Wild explores the idiosyncratic world of satire in the eighteenth-century periodical, focusing on Christopher Smart's underexplored Midwife, or Old Woman's Magazine. In analysing Smart's adoption of a peculiarly...

Placing the Plays of Christopher Marlowe: Fresh Cultural Contexts

by Sara Munson Deats & Robert A. Logan

Focusing upon Christopher Marlowe as playwright, the essays in this collection position the dramatist's plays within the dramaturgical, ethical, and sociopolitical matrices of his own era. The volume also examines...

Kingship and Love in Scottish Poetry, 1424-1540

by Joanna Martin

The focus of this study is the use of amatory discourses in poetry of a political or advisory nature, written in Scotland between the early fifteenth and mid-sixteenth century. Joanna Martin offers new readings...

Folk Women and Indirection in Morrison, Ní Dhuibhne, Hurston, and Lavin

by Jacqueline Fulmer

Focusing on the lineage and traditions of pivotal African American and Irish women writers, Jacqueline Fulmer traces the line of descent from Mary Lavin to Éilís Ní Dhuibhne and from Zora Neale Hurston to...

Folklore and the Fantastic in Nineteenth-Century British Fiction

by Jason Marc Harris

Arguing that the tensions between folk metaphysics and Enlightenment values produce the literary fantastic, Jason Marc Harris demonstrates that a negotiation with folklore was central to the canon of British...


Sergeant Cribb #3

by Peter Lovesey

A sadistic practical joker is haunting the popular music halls of London, interfering with the actors and interrupting their acts by orchestrating humiliating disasters that take place in view of the audience....

Economies of Representation, 1790-2000: Colonialism and Commerce

by Leigh Dale & Helen Gilbert

This volume documents the links among trade, colonialism, and forms of representation. Examining trade in commodities as diverse as illicit drugs, liquor, bananas, disease, tourism, adventure fiction, and modern...

Twentieth-Century British Authors and the Rise of Opera in Britain

by Irene Morra

This book is the first to examine the contributions of major British authors, as critics and librettists, to the rise of British opera in the twentieth century. Auden and Forster, as much as Vaughan Williams...

Servants and Paternalism in the Works of Maria Edgeworth and Elizabeth Gaskell

by Julie Nash

Writing during periods of dramatic social change, Maria Edgeworth and Elizabeth Gaskell were both attracted to the idea of radical societal transformation at the same time that their writings express nostalgia...

Coleridge and Shelley: Textual Engagement

by Sally West

Sally West's timely study explores Coleridge's influence on Shelley's poetic development, while engaging with the larger subject of literary influence. West argues that there is a direct correlation between...

Shakespeare and Historical Formalism

by Stephen Cohen

Located at the intersection of new historicism and the "new formalism," historical formalism is one of the most rapidly growing and important movements in early modern studies, addressing at once the theoretical...

The Literary Protégées of the Lake Poets

by Dennis Low

Dennis Low's re-evaluation of the Lake Poets as mentors begins with the controversial premise that Robert Southey, together with Wordsworth and Coleridge, nurtured the talents of many exceptional women writers....

The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde

by Jarlath Killeen

Oscar Wilde's two collections of children's literature, The Happy Prince and Other Stories (1888) and A House of Pomegranates (1891), have often been relegated to the margins in studies of his work. In this,...

Moulding the Female Body in Victorian Fairy Tales and Sensation Novels

by Laurence Talairach-Vielmas

Laurence Talairach-Vielmas explores Victorian representations of femininity in fairy tales and sensation novels by authors such as George MacDonald, Lewis Carroll, Christina Rossetti, Wilkie Collins, Mary Elizabeth...

Romanticism, Medicine, and the Poet's Body

by James Robert Allard

James Allard's book restores the physical body to its proper place in Romantic studies by exploring the status of the human body during the stunning historical moment that witnessed the emergence of Romantic...

Medea, Magic, and Modernity in France: Stages and Histories, 1553-1797

by Amy Wygant

Revealing the surprising trajectory of our contemporary obsession with magic, Amy Wygant here follows the figure of Medea, the great antique witch and child-murderess, through her appearances on the early modern...

A Tiger's Heart: The Story of a Modern Chinese Woman

by Aisling Juanjuan Shen

"Like a suspense novel, this book is impossible to put down. All readers interested in China, as well as memoir fans (especially of success stories), must read this astonishing title."--Library Journal (Starred...

The Ashgate Research Companion to Thomas Lovell Beddoes

by Ute Berns & Michael Bradshaw

Bringing together eminent scholars and emerging critics, this collection sets a new standard in Beddoes criticism. The contributors assess Beddoes's German context, read his plays in light of recent work on...

The Romance of the Holy Land in American Travel Writing, 1790-1876

by Brian Yothers

Brian Yothers puts American travel writing about the Holy Land by major writers like Twain and Melville in dialogue with missionary accounts, captivity narratives, chronicles of religious pilgrimages, and travel...