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No Cash? No Problem!: Learn How To Get Everything You Want in Business and Life, Without Using Cash

by Dave Wagenvoord & Ali Pervez

In today's economy, one of the biggest problems people have is that they don't have cash. Most people think that there are only three types of currency, cash, plastic and checks. But Barter is also a form of...

Christian Social Teachings: A reader in Christian Social Ethics from the Bible to the Present

Using Social Media in Libraries: Best Practices

by Charles Harmon & Michael Messina

The eight best practices presented here will help your library both actually do social media in a way that matters and do it well. The successful strategies presented here range from the Vancouver Public Library’s...

Rethinking Teaching: Classroom Teachers as Collaborative Leaders in Making Learning Relevant

by Mickey Kolis

Veteran teacher Mickey Kolis invites you to reflect on how you “do learning” in your classroom. From making assignments meaningful to students to assessing the results, Rethinking Teaching explores key ideas...

The Cosby Cohort: Blessings and Burdens of Growing Up Black Middle Class

by Cherise A. Harris

The Cosby Cohort examines the now-grown children who were raised in the black middle class. This probing book studies how their parents established their middle class position, how they interact with white America,...

An American Stand: Senator Margaret Chase Smith and the Communist Menace, 1948-1972

by Eric R. Crouse

An American Stand: Senator Margaret Chase Smith and the Communist Menace, 1948-1972 focuses on the unique perspective of a female Cold Warrior fascinated with the 'masculine' issue of national security. Avoiding...

Customer Service in Libraries: Best Practices

by Charles Harmon & Michael Messina

In this book, nine librarians from across the country describe their libraries’ best practices in this key area. Their contributions range from all-encompassing customer service policies and models any library...

The Handbook of Environmental Health

by Frank R. Spellman & Melissa L. Stoudt

Environmental issues, global warming, pollution, and chemical dumping, are ever present in the news. But what about the health problems these issues pose? Frank Spellman and Melissa Stoudt identify the hazardous...

Mobile Library Services: Best Practices

by Charles Harmon & Michael Messina

Mobile Library Services provides 11 proven ways to reach out to mobile users and increase your library’s relevance to their day-to-day lives. Librarians detail how they created mobile apps to how they went...

Modernity, Complex Societies, and the Alphorn

by Charlotte Vignau

This easily accessible book offers a pioneering study about the alphorn, its music, and its performance, based on extensive field research in Switzerland and other countries. It also offers new insights about...

Shanghai Gone: Domicide and Defiance in a Chinese Megacity

by Qin Shao

Shanghai has been demolished and rebuilt into a gleaming megacity in recent decades, but that transformation has come at a grave human cost. This compelling book is the first to apply the concept of domicide—the...

Chris Crutcher: A Stotan for Young Adults

by Bryan Gillis & Pam B. Cole

Chris Crutcher is a literary icon in the field of young adult literature. In this book, Gillis and Cole examine the life, career, and works of this young adult advocate. This volume opens with a never-before-published...

All in the Family: A Practical Guide to Successful Multigenerational Living

by Sharon Graham Niederhaus & John L. Graham

Many families are creating multigenerational households to consolidate resources and save money. This book covers the financial and emotional benefits of living together, proximity and privacy, designing and...

Working Scared (Or Not at All): The Lost Decade, Great Recession, and Restoring the Shattered American Dream

by Carl E. Van Horn

Working Scared tells the story of the American workforce during a period of wrenching economic change and two recessions. By tracing the experiences of workers in times of economic prosperity and economic recession,...

Nations in Transit 2004: Democratization in East Central Europe and Eurasia

by Freedom House

Nations in Transit is Freedom House's incisive and authoritative assessment of post-Communist reform in 27 countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. In this annual research effort,...

Earth Resistance for Archaeologists

by Armin Schmidt

Earth Resistance for Archaeologists, written by the foremost expert in the field, provides archaeologists with the know-how required to exploit the significant potential of earth resistance and gain archaeological...

E-Learning in Libraries: Best Practices

by Charles Harmon & Michael Messina

If libraries are to remain centers for lifelong learning, then that learning must increasingly be e-learning. But, where can librarians turn for the best ideas and inspiration on how to implement e-learning...

Music and the Creative Spirit: Innovators in Jazz, Improvisation, and the Avant Garde

by Lloyd Peterson

Music and the Creative Spirit is a book of interviews with today's innovators in Jazz, Improvisation, and the Avant Garde, including Pat Metheny, Regina Carter, Fred Anderson, John Zorn, Joshua Redman, and others....

Manatees: Our Vanishing Mermaids

by Timothy O'Keefe

Manatees are among nature’s strangest-looking, gentlest animals. They’re among America’s most endangered mammals and were the basis for ancient tales of mermaids, legendary creatures that were half-fish...

The Last Laugh: The World of Stand-Up Comics

by Phil Berger

The first and only book to take readers fully into the bizarre universe of the stand-up comic, from its earliest origins in the antics of Milton Berle and Sid Caesar to today's hottest acts.