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How to Get the Family You Want by Peony Pinker

by Jenny Alexander

Peony Pinker is fed up with her annoying, argumentative family. Her Gran tells her you can choose your

friends but not your family; as you can't have the family you want, you have to

learn to want the family you've...

The Illustrated Guide to Chickens: How to choose them - How to keep them

by Celia Lewis

The Illustrated Guide to Chickens covers the 100 most familiar breeds of

chickens in Europe and North America. The breed profiles are written in engaging text that covers the history

of each breed, its main


Blast Off!

by Tom Bradman

When the space colony finally finds an earth-like planet to land on,

Luke, Yasmin and Yuri can't believe their luck. But when the trio of

friends accidentally stumble across an abandoned alien city, tripping


Bug Wars

by Tom Bradman

Trapped on a colony spaceship, Luke whiles away his time playing

computer games. But when an alien battleship

arrives demanding that Luke comes aboard, it seems that his

computer-whizz gaming skills have been mistaken...

Crash Course

by Tom Bradman

Luke is stuck on spaceship Buzz Aldrin, his mum is the stressed-out captain, Planet Earth is dead from pollution and he's failing at school. Can things get worse? Well, if you accidentally infect the mainframe...

Put Out the Light

by Terry Deary

Put Out The Light is a thrilling tale following the adventures of two groups of children during World War II.

Ice Breaker

by Tom Bradman

What do you do when you're stuck in an ice cave underneath an avalanche

on an ice planet in the darkest depths of space? Strike that - what do you do when the 'ice cave' turns out to be a giant alien


Futurescaping: Using Business Insight to Plan Your Life

by Tamar Kasriel

Refreshing and wise, Futurescaping helps readers use corporate lessons for personal development. It explainss how resilient companies use to plan and make decisions, and shows how individuals can exploit these...

Talking Back to Dr. Phil: Alternatives to Mainstream Psychology

by David Bedrick & Arnold Mindell

Utilizing in-depth research and analysis, this volume debunks the quick fixes and simplistic explanations of Dr. Phil McGraw. While he’s watched and revered by millions, no critique exists for his daytime...

Moments of Us

by S. Jarvine Campbell

On the surface, Rachel's life seems very complete. She is a successful business woman, with a loving husband and a beautiful teenage daughter but her world is thrown into chaos when her daughter discovers the...

Native Plants for Your Maine Garden

by Maureen Heffernan

There are several good reasons why savvy gardeners cherish native plants in their landscapes. In this book, Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens executive director Maureen Heffernan provides information and inspiration...

Sharks of New England

by Alessandrao De Maddalena

Those who think sharks are a predominantly tropical species will be in for quite a surprise when they learn that the cold waters of New England are home to 33 different species. The aim of this book is to provide...

Good Maine Food: Ancient and Modern New England Food & Drink

by Kenneth Roberts, Marjorie Mosser & Sandy Oliver

Old recipes, like old friends, are usually most dependable, observes noted author Kenneth Roberts in his pithy introduction to this classic recipe compendium put together by his niece, Marjorie Mosser, in the...

Red's Eats: World's Best Lobster Shack

by Virginia Wright & Debbie Cronk

The first and only book about the tiny red phenomenon Red's Eats, where loyal patrons will wait for an hour or more for a rich, succulent lobster roll. Debbie Cronk, whose family has owned Red's Eats for more...

How to Sparkle at Nursery Rhymes

by Jo Laurence

The rhythm of nursery rhymes helps children to remember the words which, in turn, helps to develop their auditory memory skills. When they have learned the words and then see them in print, they can 'read' them,...

Two Planks and a Passion: The Dramatic History of Skiing

by Roland Huntford

Roland Huntford's brilliant history begins 20,000 years ago in the last ice age on the icy tundra of an unformed earth. Man is a travelling animal, and on these icy slopes skiing began as a means of survival....

Protecting Yellowstone: Science and the Politics of National Park Management

by Michael J. Yochim

In Protecting Yellowstone, Michael Yochim considers how park managers may best work within the contemporary policy-making context to preserve national parks.

That Every Man Be Armed: The Evolution of a Constitutional Right. Revised and Updated Edition.

by Stephen P. Halbrook

That Every Man Be Armed, the first scholarly book on the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, has played a significant role in constitutional debate and litigation since it was first published in 1984....

49 Trout Streams of Southern Colorado

by W. Chad McPhail & Mark D. Williams

Anyone planning a fishing trip to beautiful southern Colorado needs this book to locate the best fly-fishing streams.

Bartleby & Co.

by Enrique Vila-Matas & Jonathan Dunne

A marvelous novel by one of Spain's most important contemporary authors, in which a clerk in a Barcelona office takes us on a romping tour of world literature.In Bartleby & Co., an enormously enjoyable novel,...