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Fanatics and Fire-Eaters: Newspapers and the Coming of the Civil War

by Lorman A. Ratner & Dwight L. Teeter Jr.

During the years just before the Civil War, key newspapers in the United States became true mass media for the first time, reaching American society as never before. Ratner and Teeter examine how this newly...

Investigated Reporting: Muckrakers, Regulators, and the Struggle Over Television Documentary

by Chad Raphael

Investigated Reporting is Chad Raphael's ambitious exploration of the relationship between journalism and regulation during American television's first sustained period of muckraking, between 1960 and 1975....

Queering Gay and Lesbian Studies

by Thomas Piontek

Queering Gay and Lesbian Studies is a broadly interdisciplinary study that considers a key dilemma in gay and lesbian studies through the prism of identity and its discontents: the field studies has modeled...

Beyond the Gibson Girl: Reimagining the American New Woman, 1895-1915

by Martha H. Patterson

Challenging monolithic images of the New Woman as white, well-educated, and politically progressive, this study focuses on important regional, ethnic, and sociopolitical differences in the use of the New Woman...

The Prime-Time Presidency: The West Wing and U.S. Nationalism

by Trevor Parry-Giles & Shawn J. Parry-Giles

Contrasting strong women and multiculturalism with portrayals of a heroic white male leading the nation into battle, The Prime-Time Presidency explores the NBC drama The West Wing, paying particular attention...

James P. Cannon and the Origins of the American Revolutionary Left, 1890-1928

by Bryan D. Palmer

Bryan D. Palmer's award-winning study of James P. Cannon's early years (1890-1928) details how the life of a Wobbly hobo agitator gave way to leadership in the emerging communist underground of the 1919 era....

Music and Ideas in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

by Thomas J. Mathiesen

During the great upheavals in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, Europe was divided over ideas about religion, science, education, economy, and government. The Church fought the Reformation, scholars formed...

Too Small to Ignore: Why the Least of These Matters Most

by Dean Merrill & Wess Stafford

The time has come, argues Dr. Wess Stafford, for a major paradigm shift: Children are too important and too intensely loved by God to be left behind or left to chance. Children belong to all of us and we are...

Engaging Humor

by Elliott Oring

In this provocative book Oring asks essential questions concerning humorous expression in contemporary society, examining how humor works, why it is employed, and what its messages might be. Oring scrutinizes...

Israel in Exile: Jewish Writing and the Desert

by Ranen Omer-Sherman

Israel in Exile is a bold exploration of how the ancient desert of Exodus and Numbers, as archetypal site of human liberation, forms a template for modern political identities, radical skepticism, and questioning...

Songs for the Spirits: Music and Mediums in Modern Vietnam

by Barley Norton

Songs for the Spirits is the first in-depth study of the Vietnamese practice of communing with spirits through music and performance. During rituals dedicated to a large pantheon of indigenous spirits, a band...

Saying It's So: A Cultural History of the Black Sox Scandal

by Daniel A. Nathan

With baseball so closely linked to American values and ideals, the Black Sox Scandal of 1919 disenchanted baseball fans, changed the way Americans felt about the national pastime, and fostered changes in the...

PR Power: Inside Secrets From the World of Spin

by Amanda Barry-Hirst & Amanda Barry

Whether you're just starting out or have been in business for years, it's never too late to start harnessing the incredible power of public relations. PR Power offers advice on how to get the most from your...

The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health: Restore Your Health by Creating pH Balance in Your Diet

Winter In Volcano

by Gary Kissick

'Her name was Felicia, a name Cullen liked. He wondered as he sipped his beer, what ancestral dance had produced such impish racoon eyes -eyes she was fond of hiding behind oversized sunglasses that only served...

The Nation's Favourite

by Griff Rhys Jones

This lovely book of poetry brings together over 100 of the most celebrated and cherished poems of the 20th century. Including poets as diverse as John Betjeman and Ted Hughes, Siegfried Sassoon and Allan Ahlberg,...

Children Who Have Lived Before

by Trutz Hardo

In this book, children from all around the world remember their past lives, and eminent scientists explain how many of these children's stories have been followed up to verify whether their statements have any...

Teaching Children with Autism in the General Classroom

Bunker Man

by Duncan McLean

It is the North-west coast of Scotland and there's a stranger in town - a shambling silent hulk of a man, face hooded even at the height of summer. He hangs around school playgrounds, laughing; leers through...

Tomorrow Is Another Country

by Alliste Sparks & Allister Spakrs

Tomorrow is Another Country celebrates the miraculous social, moral and political transformation in South Africa signaled by the death of apartheid. For the first time, the true events which shaped history are...