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I Served the King of England (New Directions Classic)

by Bohumil Hrabal & Paul Wilson

In a comic masterpiece following the misadventures of a simple but hugely ambitious waiter in pre-World War II Prague, who rises to wealth only to lose everything with the onset of Communism, Bohumil Hrabal...

American Stories: Tales of Hope and Anger

by Michael Brissenden

From the desolate coal-mining hollers of West Virginia to Washington, DC’s ghettos and the Mormon communities of Utah, this engrossing journalistic account travels the country with unprecedented scope to grapple...

Double Native: A Moving Memoir About Living Across Two Cultures

by Fiona Wirrer-George Oochunyung

Growing up on the west coast of Queensland’s Cape York Peninsula in the 1970s and 1980s, Fiona Wirrer-George Oochunyung had an idyllic traditional life. At the age of 16, she moved to Sydney to attend the...

Larrikins: A History

by Melissa Bellanta

Australia has often been said to possess a “larrikin streak,” from the Stiffy and Mo cartoons and the true-blue Crocodile Hunter to the characters in the silent film The Sentimental Bloke. When it first...


Croak #2

by Gina Damico

In the second high-stakes installment in this morbidly funny series about a teenage grim reaper, Lex tries to track down a renegade grim who is indiscriminately damning souls. But how can Lex be a hero when...

Panorama City

by Antoine Wilson

Heir to A Confederacy of Dunces and Being There, Panorama City is a wildly entertaining and surreptitiously moving novel about a self-described "slow absorber" named Oppen Porter, who records everything he...

In Sunlight and In Shadow

by Mark Helprin

An epic love story set in post-war New York, by the bestselling author of Winter's Tale.

The Suburban Strange

by Nathan Kotecki

A supernatural coming of age novel--the first book in a dynamic and dramatic new series--about the shy Celia Balaustine and a mysterious group of misfits at her new high school, Suburban High.

The Journey From Fear To Love Is Shorter Than YOU think

by Susan Dora Goudy

The Journey From Fear to Love is Shorter than You Think is a memoir intended to describe the awakening into life which occurred for Susan after her horrific childhood experience. Born in Chicago in 1964, the...

Gangster Redemption: How America's Most Notorious Jewel Robber Got Rich, Got Caught, and Got His Life Back on Track

by Larry Lawton & Peter Golenbock


Written in collaboration with New York Times bestselling author Peter Golenbock, Larry Lawton's true-life story is a Hollywood producer's dream. Larry and Peter show the world a life of a straightforward,...

Acting Lions: Unleash Your Craft In Today's Lightning Fast World of Film, Television and Theatre

by Penny Templeton

Acting has drastically changed from the days of Stanislavsky and the Group Theatre, when techniques were geared for the actor who would rehearse for 5 or 6 months, or more. Gradually, the business began speeding...

The Battle of the Casbah: Terrorism and Counterterrorism in Algeria 1955-1957

by General Paul Aussaresses

This book is particularly relevant to the current debate on terrorism. That story constitutes the main part of this book. It details the methods used, including torture and summary executions, and the results...

Welcome to the Music Business: You're F**ked!

by Martin Atkins, Ryan Lykken & Eric McNary

Unlike most music-industry books, this guide is a gritty, punky, and irreverent real-life look at what goes into being a musician. Removing the rose-colored glasses, Martin Atkins—a lifelong music-industry...

Gem Identification Made Easy, 4th Edition: A Hands-On Guide to More Confident Buying & Selling

by Antoinette Matlins & A. C. Bonanno

The first and only book that explains in non-technical terms how to identify diamonds and colored gems, and how to separate natural gems from imitations, treated stones, synthetics, and look-alikes. The book's...

Jesus Christus

by Romano Guardini & Robert Krieg

Romano Guardini, widely recognized as the theological mentor of Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI), and the author of The Lord, offers a series of meditations on the life of Christ in a similar vein to the...

John Burnet of Barns

by John Buchan

Tells the story of two young noblemen - John Burnet, heir to the ancient house of Barns the last in a long line of Border reivers, and his cousin, Captain Gilbert Burnet, a dashing, ruthless soldier. Their lifelong...

Hamish Henderson: The Making of the Poet

by Timothy Neat

A biography of Hamish Henderson, well-known as a songwriter, a poet, and a pioneer in the field of Scottish folksong. This book assesses his place in the context of the twentieth century. It is based on interviews...

Disaster Nursing and Emergency Preparedness: for Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Terrorism and Other Hazards, for Chemical, Biological, and Rad

by Tener Goodwin Veenema


The new edition of this AJN Book of the Year continues to provide nurses with the most comprehensive, current, and reliable information available so they can develop the skills to efficiently and effectively...

Compact Clinical Guide to Cancer Pain Management: An Evidence-Based Approach for Nurses

by Pamela Davies & Yvonne D'Arcy


This concise, comprehensive, evidence-based guide to managing cancer pain will enable nurses on the front lines of pain management to incorporate effective strategies into their daily practice. It is designed...

Rural Communities: Legacy and Change

by Cornelia Butler Flora & Jan L Flora

This integrative textbook provides students with a framework for understanding rural society based on the concepts and explanations of social science.