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by David W. Lesch

When Syrian President Bashar al-Assad came to power upon his father's death in 2000, many in- and outside Syria held high hopes that the popular young doctor would bring long-awaited reform, that he would be...

Patterns of Democracy

by Arend Lijphart

In this updated and expanded edition of his classic text, Arend Lijphart offers a broader and deeper analysis of worldwide democratic institutions than ever before. Examining thirty-six democracies during the...

A Sensory Curriculum for Very Special People

by Flo Longhorn

This book was developed from the author’s work with profoundly disabled children, their sensory impairment meant that traditional teaching was unsuccessful as they were unaware of the world around them. Flo...

The Last Viking: The Life of Roald Amundsen

by Stephen Bown

The first full-scale biography of the greatest of all polar explorers and a conqueror of the Northwest Passage as well

Dynomite!: Good Times, Bad Times, Our Times--A Memoir

by Jimmie Walker & Sal Manna

A hilarious and politically charged memoir from immensely popular comedian Jimmie “J. J.” Walker, best known for playing J.J. Evans on the classic sitcom Good Times

The Letters of T. S. Eliot: Volume 3: 1926¿28

by T. S. Eliot & Valerie Eliot


In the period covered by this richly detailed collection, T. S. Eliot was to set a new course for his life and work. The demands of his professional life as writer and editor became more complex and exacting....

Class Act: The Jazz Life of Choreographer Cholly Atkins

by Cholly Atkins & Jacqui Malone

Cholly Atkins's career has spanned an extraordinary era of American dance. He began performing during Prohibition and continued his apprenticeship in vaudeville, in nightclubs, and in the army during World War...

Bailouts: Public Money, Private Profit

by Robert E. Wright

Today's financial crisis is the result of dismal failures on the part of regulators, market analysts, and corporate executives. Yet the response of the American government has been to bail out the very institutions...

Film Noir: From Berlin to Sin City

by Mark Bould

Film Noir explores the murky world of a genre responsible for many of film’s most enduring images. Mark Bould discusses problems of definition and the often ambiguous nature of film noir and looks at modern...

Gender, Globalization, and Postsocialism: The Czech Republic After Communism

The Forms of Youth: Twentieth-Century Poetry and Adolescence

by Stephen Burt

Early in the twentieth century, Americans and other English-speaking nations began to regard adolescence as a separate phase of life. Associated with uncertainty, inwardness, instability, and sexual energy,...

Covering Globalization: A Handbook for Reporters

by Anya Schiffrin & Amer Bisat

The first journalism textbook for reporters who cover finance and economics in developing and transitional countries, Covering Globalization is an essential guide to the pressing topics of our times. Written...

The Power and Limits of NGOs: A Critical Look at Building Democracy in Eastern Europe and Eurasia

Public Speech and the Culture of Public Life in the Age of Gladstone

Hear Us Out: Conversations with Gay Novelists

by Richard Canning

The author of the acclaimed Gay Fiction Speaks brings us new interviews with twelve prominent gay writers who have emerged in the last decade. Hear Us Out demonstrates how in recent decades the canon of gay...

Transforming the Legacy: Couple Therapy with Survivors of Childhood Trauma

by Kathryn Karusaitis Basham & Dennis Miehls

-- Janet R. Johnston, San Jose State University and executive director of Protecting Children from Conflict, an affiliate of the Judith Wallerstein Center for the Family in Transition

Coparticipant Psychoanalysis: Toward a New Theory of Clinical Inquiry

by John Fiscalini

-- Elizabeth Goren, Ph.D., chair, Interpersonal Orientation, New York University Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

Animal Rights Without Liberation: Applied Ethics and Human Obligations

by Alasdair Cochrane

Alasdair Cochrane provides an entirely new theory of animal rights grounded in their interests as sentient beings. He applies this theory to a whole range of different and under-explored policy areas, such as...

Eastern Sentiments

by T'aejun Yi & Janet Poole

The Confucian gentleman scholars of the Choson dynasty (1392-1910) often published short anecdotes exemplifying their values and aesthetic concerns. In modern Seoul one scholar in particular would excel at adapting...

The Seismogenic Zone of Subduction Thrust Faults

by Timothy H Dixon & Casey Moore

Subduction zones, one of the three types of plate boundaries, return Earth's surface to its deep interior. Because subduction zones are gently inclined at shallow depths and depress Earth's temperature gradient,...