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British Interrogation Techniques in the Second World War

by Sophie Jackson

The British system of interrogation has always been distinctly different from other countries. Subtler, quieter and far more devious than its contemporaries, it has been admired by those who have inadvertently...

Evacuee Boys: Letters of a Family Separated by War

by John E Forbat

Although they had been living in England since 1936, John and Andrew Forbat's Hungarian family became Enemy Aliens at the onset of World War 2. Aged 11 and 14, the two brothers were evacuated  to a disadvantaged...

Arnhem Lift: A German Jew in the Glider Pilot Regiment

by Louis Hagen

Of the 10,000 men who landed at Arnhem, over nine days 1,400 were killed and more than 6,000 - about a third of them wounded - were captured. It was a bloody disaster. The remarkable Louis Hagen, an 'enemy alien'...

English Country House Eccentrics

by David Long

This is a lighthearted, witty but factual biographical account of one of the eccentric lifestyles of the builders and residents of one hundred of Britain's best-known country houses. Extraordinary buildings...

School Songs and Gymslips: Grammar Schools in the 1950s and 1960s

by Marilyn Yurdan

For anyone educated at a grammar school during their heyday in the 1950s and '60s, those days will always hold a very special place in their memory. They were more than just the years of being taught needlecraft...

Blitz Families: The Children Who Stayed Behind

by Penny Starns

 The mass evacuation of children and new and expectant mothers during the Second World War is well documented. But over fifty percent of children were not evacuated during the War, and it is these young people...

Medical Meddlers, Mediums and Magicians

by Keith Souter

The Victorians had a thirst for knowledge. This drove them to explore the unchartered corners of the world, plumb the unfathomable depths of science, discover evolution and create some of the engineering and...

UXB Malta The Most Bombed Place on Earth: Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal 1940-44

by S A M Hudson

As the Regia Aeronautica and the Luftwaffe unleashed their full might against the island of Malta, the civilian population was in the eye of the storm. Faced with the terror of the unexploded bomb, the Maltese...

Bosnia's Forgotten Battlefield: Bihac

by Dr. Brendan O'Shea

Based on the author's experiences as an EC Monitoring Mission Observer, this narrative account of the civil war in the former Yugoslavia combines material from a range of eyewitness and documentary sources....

With a Bended Bow: Archery in Medieval and Renaissance Europe

by Erik Roth

Through centuries of war in Europe, the English medieval archer was the most powerful force on the battlefield. In With a Bended Bow Erik Roth presents a comprehensive examination of the archer and his weapon...

Polly: Memories of an East End Girl

by Jeff Smith

Born in 1911 into a close-knit family, Mary Rebecca Chambers spent her formative years in the heart of the East End, in a truly multicultural community. This vivid account of life is told with passion and humour...

You've Never Had It So Good!: Recollections of Life in the 1950s

by Stephen F Kelly

The 1950s saw a major shift in the lifestyles of many in Britain. The austerity that had dogged the 1940s after the end of the Second World War began to give way to better times. Employment levels rose to new...

In Search of Britain's Haunted Castles

by Marc Alexander

It could easily be said that in the UK we are spoilt for choice when it comes to atmospheric historic buildings and certainly Britain's many castles are liberally scattered all over the country. The ninety or...

The Third Reich's Celluloid War: Propaganda in Nazi Feature Films, Documentaries and Television

by Ian Garden

This book exposes the myths surrounding the propaganda films produced during the Third Reich. One, that the Nazis were infallible masters in the use of film propaganda. Two, that everything the Nazis said was...

The Naga Queen: Ursula Graham Bower and her Jungle Warriors 1939-45

by Vicky Thomas

In 1937, Ursula Bower visited Nagaland at the invitation of a friend, and on a dispensary tour encountered the Naga people. She was so taken with their striking dignity, tribal pride and unique culture that...

The Palace and the Bunker

by Frank Millard

The part played by the many German and Austrian royal families in opposing Hitler has hitherto been overlooked. Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia was deeply involved in the German resistance movement and was...

Family History: Digging Deeper

by Simon Fowler

This exciting new addition to any family historian's library will take their research to the next level with clear advice and explanation of the processes involved from a crack team of Britain's top genealogists....

Ordinary Heroes: Untold Stories from the Falklands Campaign

by Christopher Hilton

In 1982, 8,000 miles from home, in a harsh environment and without the newest and most sophisticated equipment, the numerically inferior British Task Force defeated the Argentinian forces occupying the Falkland...

Titanic Valour: The Life of Fifth Officer Harold Lowe

by Inger Sheil

Harold Lowe, Fifth Officer of RMS Titanic, was described by another survivor as 'the real hero of the Titanic'. After taking an active role in the evacuation, Lowe took command of a raft of lifeboats, distributing...

Yesterday's Country Customs: A History of English Folk Traditions

by Hentry Buckton

In England today we enjoy a rich diversity of folk traditions, many of which can trace their beginnings back hundreds of years. They stem from every phase of our antiquity and embody all the peoples who have...