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James II and English Politics 1678-1688

by Michael Mullett

Michael Mullett reconsiders, in the light of recent r attlee's* and of altering perceptions of the English past, the events of the crucial years 1678-1688; from the Restoration era through the exclusion crisis,...

The Challenge of English in the National Curriculum

by Peter King & Robert Protherough

The Challenge of English in the National Curriculum considers how particular aspects of a national curriculum can be reconciled with the best practice of the English teaching tradition. The authors are all practising...

Trade, Aid and Global Interdependence

by George Cho

There are complex interrelationships between trade, aid and development, and with the move to a greater integration of economies throughout the world, trade has become a vital factor in the economic, social...

A Survey of English Spelling

by Edward Carney

Published at a time when literacy and spelling are issues of topical concern, A Survey of English Spelling offers an authoritative, comprehensive, and up-to-date overview of this important but hitherto neglected...

Mediterranean Tradition in Economic Thought

by Louis Baeck

The Mediterranean Tradition in Economic Thought surveys the legacy of thinking on economic affairs from the countries in the Mediterraean basin over four millenia. It considers the economic content of the scriptures...

Foundations of Speech ACT Theory: Philosophical and Linguistic Perspectives

by S. L. Tsohatzidis

Foundations of Speech Act Theory investigates the importance of speech act theory to the problem of meaning in linguistics and philosophy. The papers in this volume, written by respected philosophers and linguists,...

Underground Humour in Nazi Germany, 1933-1945

by Dr F K M Hillenbrand & F. K. M. Hillenbrand

Not all Germans living under Hitler succumbed passively to the rhetoric and horror of the Nazi regime. Covert popular opposition in the form of humorous resistance was wider spread than is commonly thought....

Modelling the City: Performance, Policy and Planning

by C S Bertuglia, C. S. Bertuglia & G. P. Clarke

Examines the changing role of urban models in relation to urban well-being and planning problems and offers a `new geography of performance indicators' for the public and private sector based on principles of...

Themes in Modern European History 1780-1830

by Pamela Pilbeam

Themes in Modern European History 1780-1830 is an authoritative and lively exploration of a period dominated by events which have shaped modern Europe. In a series of articles, six leading academics present...

Reading the New Testament

by John Court

Reading the New Testament is the lead volume to the successful New Testament Readings Series. It analyzes the many ways in which the New Testament can be read and interpreted.

Rather than prescribing one 'correct'...

The Second Reform ACT

by John K. Walton

The Reform Act of 1867 was highly controversial at the time and has remained so. Was it an inevitable step on the road to full democracy or an irresponsible gamble by a politician desperate to win a tactical...

England Without a King 1649-60

by Austin Woolrych

Professor Woolrych surveys the establishment and history if the Commonwealth and Protectorate, first explaining how the country lost its king, and how Oliver Cromwell became Lord Protector. Professor Woolrych...

Keywords in Language and Literacy

by Ronald Carter

Just what is Standard English? Is it correct English? Should grammar be taught?

The answers to such questions invariably provoke controversy. In this handy A to Z guide to language and literacy, Ronald Carter...

The Aegean from Bronze Age to Iron Age: Continuity and Change Between the Twelfth and Eighth Centuries BC

by Oliver Dickinson

Following Oliver Dickinson's successful The Aegean Bronze Age, this textbook is a synthesis of the period between the collapse of the Bronze Age civilization in the thirteenth and twelfth centuries BC, and...

The New Bloomsday Book: A Guide Through Ulysses

by Harry Blamires

Since 1966 readers new to James Joyce have depended upon this essential guide to Ulysses. Harry Blamires helps readers to negotiate their way through this formidable, remarkable novel and gain an understanding...

Questioning Technology

by Andrew Feenberg

In this extraordinary introduction to the study of the philosophy of technology, Andrew Feenberg argues that techonological design is central to the social and political structure of modern societies. Environmentalism,...

Gun Culture or Gun Control?: Firearms and Violence: Safety and Society

by Peter Squires

n 1996 the shooting and killing of 16 young children in a Dunblane primary school provoked wide reaching parliamentary reform to British gun laws. Within months virtually all privately owned handguns had been...


by Lloyd P. Gerson

This major study brings Plotinus, the most important philosopher in the centuries between Aristotle and Augustine, into current philosophical discussions. Once neglected among contemporary philosophers, Plotinus'...

Malay Fishermen

by Raymond Firth

The social, economic and political impact of the decline of the old colonial powers in Africa, India and the Middle East are still areas of vast research and debate. Much of the key issues concerning this area...

A Private Hotel for Gentle Ladies

by Ellen Cooney

Charlotte Heath, a lively, independent redhead of humble beginnings, is married to the scion of the powerful Heath family. When, on her first outing after a long illness, she spies her husband, Hays, bending...