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Riding Outside The Lines: International Incidents and Other Misadventures with the Metal Cowboy

by Joe Kurmaskie

Like a modern-day Don Quixote, Joe Kurmaskie—bike adventurer, writer, and twelve-year-old boy trapped in a man’s body—wanders the world on two wheels, often with hilarious results, in Riding Outside the...

Tromp's Last Stand

by Tim Keegan

A hilarious and fast-moving romp through the Cape Town underworld, in which a range of unlikely characters find themselves caught up in a web of deception and intrigue of their own making.

Touch My Blood

by Fred Khumalo

Coming of age in a township in the 1980s

The Griqua's Apprentice

by Antoinette Pienaar

Now in English after runaway success of the Afrikaans original. A popular cabaret artist becomes the apprentice of a Griqua master, and in the Karoo learns the secrets of herbal healing, of life and of much...

People I Made Music with

by David Tidboald

An unusual musical memoir in that it tells of the fascinating people with whom the conductor have made music while he himself remains a rather enigmatic personality, outspoken yet not revealing much about himself....

Of Loss, Hope and Healing

by Estelle Neethling

One woman's quest to find lost families of the displaced and deal with her own emotional displacement

More than a Casual Contact

by Jeremy Cronin

A new collection from one of the country's foremost poets.

Leaving Home

by Anita Brookner

At twenty-six, Emma Roberts comes to the painful realization that if she is ever to become truly independent, she must leave her comfortable London flat and venture into the wider world. This entails not only...

The Hidden Star

by K. Sello Duiker

A township quest story with elements of Tolkien-like magic, African myth and everyday township life.

For the Sake of Silence

by Michael Cawood-Green

The confession of a Trappist monk of the sin committed against the vow of silence and for the sake of that silence in the rapid expansion of the Mariannhill missions

Emily Green and Me

by Kathryn White

A subtle and beautifully written novel that follows the trials of a young girl who has had a heart transplant. A challenging exploration that is sometimes disturbing but always convincing.

Fine Lines from the Box

by Njabulo Ndebele & Sam Raditlhalo

A journey of the mind. An eloquent and evocative tracing of the trajectory of thinking of one of South Africa's foremost intellectuals.

Dancing with the Customer

by Paul Dorrian

Using customer service as a strategic weapon to achieve market supremacy.


by Leon De Kock

Seductive and powerful new poems by a distinctive poetic voice.

A Sailor's Honour

by Chris Marnewick

From the Third Reich to the Third Force: a bizarre plan to thwart the birth of the new South Africa

Kitchen Boy

by Jenny Hobbs

Richly plotted saga about war and rugby

The Soldier Who Said No

by Chris Marnewick

Old injustices neither die nor respect international boundaries

The Lazarus Funeral Parlour

by Pamela Oberem

A small-town farce where a mobile church ­- and certain mobile corpses - may or may not have the last word on the resurrection of the dead

Shepherds & Butchers

by Chris Marnewick

A powerful courtroom drama with unflinching non-fictional material on legal execution that creates a massive condemnation of the violence on both sides of the noose

Reports Before Daybreak

by Brent Meersman

Epic story of four young people in the turmoil of the 1980s