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Buddhism: The Basics

by Cathy Cantwell

Buddhism: The Basics examines the historical development of Buddhism and its presence today, from its key religious texts to practices and beliefs. With helpful features including a detailed map of the Buddhist...

Tourism, Performance and the Everyday

by Michael Haldrup & Jonas Larsen

Traditionally social and cultural accounts of tourism have limited their analytical gaze to the spaces and places where tourism is performed. This book scrutinizes the multiple ways in which tourism emerges...

Designing Central Banks

by Heinz Herrmann & David Mayes

This book looks at independence, how central banks can actually influence their respective economies, goals responsibilities and governance with contributions from such scholars as Anne Sibert and Forrest Capie....

Education in Political Science

by Anja P Jakobi & Kerstin Martens

This pioneering volume is devoted to the analysis of education from the perspective of political science, applying the full range of its analytical perspectives and methodological tools.

East German Foreign Intelligence

by Kristie Macrakis & Thomas Wegener Friis

This edited book examines the East German foreign intelligence service (Hauptverwaltung Aufklärung, or HVA) as a historical problem, covering politics, scientific-technical and military intelligence and counterintelligence....

China and Europe

by Klaus Kunzmann & Willy A Schmid

China and Europe address the challenges for the cities and regions of Europe that may be the consequences of such development trends. Contributions by policy-makers and academic observers will prepare the ground...


by Angela Davis-Gardner

In a remote convent school in Nova Scotia, an aging nun has a miraculous vision; a mute, injured man washes up on the nearby shore; and a group of girls is busily creating a reckless drama of excitements real...

From Orientalism to Postcolonialism

by Sucheta Mazumdar & Vasant Kaiwar

An intervention in one of the most fundamental debates confronting the social science and humanities, namely how to understand global and local historical processes as interconnected developments affecting human...

Irregular Migration from the Former Soviet Union to the United States

by Saltanat Liebert

This is the first book in English to examine irregular migration from former Soviet states to the United States. It discusses reasons for migration; the profile of migrants; how the process works, how migrants...

Corporate Power and Ownership in Contemporary Capitalism

by Susanne Soederberg

This book examines neoliberal corporate power within the context of the American political economy and its relationship to emerging market economies in order to understand the global dimensions of the corporate-financial...

Global Social Economy: Development,, Work and Policy

by John B Davis

This volume expands on the standard economic framework of 'global economy' by looking at the way in which economic life is framed by society and social relationships and investigates how social values influence...

The Rise of Regionalism

by Rune Dahl Fitjar

This book examines why regional identities are stronger in some regions than in others, and discusses the underlying causes of the mobilization of sub-state regions in Western Europe over the past fifty years....

The Transformation of UN Conflict Management

by Touko Piiparinen

The book provides a structural analysis of the transformation of UN conflict management, from the failure to prevent genocide in Rwanda to Darfur, and moves on to examine the development of Responsibility to...

Nuclear Weapons and Cooperative Security in the 21st Century: The New Disorder

by Stephen J Cimbala

This book looks at the prospects for international cooperation over nuclear weapons proliferation in the 21st century.

US Counter-terrorism Strategy and al-Qaeda

by Joshua Geltzer

This book examines the communicative aspects and implications of US counter-terrorist policies towards al-Qaeda.

Developing and Evaluating Multi-Agency Partnerships

by Rita Cheminais

Developing and Evaluating Multi-Agency Partnerships provides advice and guidance for managers and leaders responsible for overseeing multi-agency working in a range of settings.

The Korean War

by Keith D McFarland

The Korean War is the most comprehensive and detailed bibliography compiled to date on the American involvement in "The Forgotten War." In this revised and expanded second edition, Keith D. McFarland's clearly...

Skilled Interpersonal Communication

by Owen Hargie

This thoroughly revised edition of the foremost textbook on communication provides an up-to-date review of the current research, theory and practice in this burgeoning field of study. Written by an international...

Global Political Islam

by Peter Mandaville

An accessible and comprehensive account of the international and global dimensions of political Islam in the twenty-first century, explaining political Islam, nationalism and globalisation and providing a detailed...

Temptation, Responsibility and Loss in Tha'labi's

by Marianna Klar

Klar presents a compelling examination of the prophets Job, Saul, David, Noah and Solomon as portrayed in Tha'labi's 'Arais al-majalis' and questions its efficacy as a tool for the exploration for the human...