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Annual Reports in Medicinal Chemistry

by John E. Macor

Annual Reports in Medicinal Chemistry provides timely and critical reviews of important topics in medicinal chemistry together with an emphasis on emerging topics in the biological sciences, which are expected...

Biosynthesis of Vitamins in Plants Part B: Vitamins B6, B8, B9, C, E, K

by Fabrice Rebeille & Roland Douce

Edited by Jean-Claude Kader and Michel Delseny and supported by an international Editorial Board, Advances in Botanical Research publishes in-depth and up-to-date reviews on a wide range of topics in plant sciences. The...

Geometric Morphometrics for Biologists: A Primer

by Miriam Leah Zelditch, Donald L. Swiderski & H. David Sheets

The first edition of Geometric Morphometrics for Biologists has been the primary resource for teaching modern geometric methods of shape analysis to biologists who have a stronger background in biology than...

One Nation Under God: The History of Prayer in America

by James P. Jr Moore

In this highly original approach to the history of the United States, James Moore focuses on the extraordinary role that prayer has played in every area of American life, from the time of the first settlers...

The Girl's Guide to Kicking Your Career Into Gear: Valuable Lessons, True Stories, and Tips For Using What You've Got (A Brain!) to Make Your Worklife

by Caitlin Friedman & Kimberly Yorio

Be the girl who makes it happen!

Guess what? If you’re not looking out for your career then nobody is. If you want to be both passionate about what you do and successful, then you must take control of your...

Practical Problem-Solving Skills in the Workplace: EBook Edition

by Judith Combes, Ph.D. Taylor, Rebekah Lashman & Pamela Helling

Problem-solving skills to identify and resolve work-related problems and improve job performance. With the increasing emphasis on initiative in the workplace, it's essential to know how to recognize, define,...

The Legal Side of HR Practice: EBook Edition


Human resource law is a complex, confusing compilation of federal, state, county and city laws and ordinances cured in the crucible of the courtroom.  The Legal Side of HR Practice leads human resources professionals,...

Managing Multiple Projects: EBook Edition

by Michael S., PMP Dobson & Deborah Singer, M.Ed. Dobson

Let's face it - who among us has only a single project? Multiple projects are the norm, not the exception, and there are very good reasons why this is so. A lot of projects simply aren't big enough to justify...

God's Got This

by Dennis Dunn II

Have you ever thought about how our Lord uses the most unusual circumstances to let us know that He is up to something? Sometimes, as it was in Elijah's experience, our brook dries up and we must move to a new...

Beyond Recall

by Robert Goddard

On a bright autumn afternoon in Truro, the Napier family celebrates one couple’s golden wedding anniversary and another’s marriage. But for one member of the clan, the day turns dark. Chris Napier, prodigal...

Dark Angels: A Novel

by Karleen Koen

Alice Verney is a young woman intent on achieving her dreams. Having left Restoration England in the midst of a messy scandal, she has been living in Louis XIV’s Baroque, mannered France for two years. Now...

Run Your Business Like a Fortune 100: 7 Principles for Boosting Profits

by Rosalie Lober


Your business is profitable. Though you sweat every detail, it'stoo easy for customers and employees to slip away. Meanwhile,you're tempted...

Counterfeit Road

by Kirk Russell

Twenty-two years to the day, a videotape of an unsolved 1989 murder arrives at the San Francisco Homicide Detail. So starts Counterfeit Road, second of the series and San Francisco homicide inspector Ben Raveneau's...

The Constant Lovers

by Chris Nickson

A tale of greed, ambition and thwarted love in eighteenth-century Leeds -July, 1732. On a hot summer morning, Richard Nottingham, Constable of Leeds, is called out when a young woman is found stabbed to death...

Death's Door

Peter Shaw & George Valentine #4

by Jim Kelly

An idyllic island holds a dark secret . . . - On a hot August day in 1994, 76 holidaymakers travel to an island off the North Norfolk coast. Only 75 return alive - a young man is murdered, the case left unsolved....

Tall Poppies

by Janet Woods

One woman - two loves . . . - Dorset, 1917. If it's not enough that a girl from a good background is forced to work as a maid, Livia Carr is then violated by her master and falls pregnant. But help unexpectedly...

Silent Court

by M.J. Trow

Second in the thrilling new Kit Marlowe historical mystery series - November, 1583. Desperate not to let the Netherlands fall into the hands of Catholic Spain, the Queen's spymaster orders Cambridge scholar...

Husband and Wives

by Susan Rogers Cooper

Husbands and wives, secrets and lies . . . The brilliant new Milt Kovak mystery - When Mary Hudson is discovered on her kitchen floor, bludgeoned to death with a meat tenderizer, Sheriff Milt Kovak of Prophesy...

No Holds Barred

by Lyndon Stacey

The second in the exciting new mystery series featuring ex-police dog handler Daniel Whelan - When ex-police dog handler Daniel Whelan is asked by his former boss to help a friend who is struggling to run her...

Magic Line

by Elizabeth Gunn

The new Sarah Burke mystery - Detective Sarah Burke is called to a mass shooting in a quiet residential street; it looks like a 'home invasion' gone very wrong. There are several dead bodies but the crime scene...