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100 Bowling Advices

by R Smith

Bowling is a popular sport nowadays around the world. There are plenty of leagues and competitions around the world. Here's 100 advice to become a great bowler.

Lead Like a Lion: Leadership Lessons from East-African Animal Stories

by Abdi Osman Jama, Jaak Treiman & Liisa Välikangas

Can stories about a lion provide inspiration for leadership? We believe so. In this book, stories about a lion, fox, sheep, cows, and hyenas with occasional giraffes are told to teach us about the behavior of...

A Blur of Snow and Amber

by James Ferace

"A young girl with severe burns covering her body is relentlessly pursued by a man, also burn victim, who blames her for the fire which scarred them both."

The Beautiful Bald Princess

by Brianne Banning

Who has ever heard of A Beautiful Bald Princess? How would a princess deal with losing all her lovely hair? By running away angry and upset, of course! Along with a very special helper, she will begin to realize...

Poetry - Volume Three

by Dakota-Luise Wolf

A collection of various poetry from K - O about different emotions and feelings that I have felt at different times in my life. (3 of 5)

An Open Window

by Sara Whitley

A traumatic attack. An unexpected twist in her perfectly manicured plans. One fatal mistake that flips her entire world upside down. Three permanent events that Molly Taylor simply cannot run away from, although...

All of My Animals

by Educational Consultant/Autho Carmitchel

Book of wonderful read-aloud poems for children ages 2 and up. Adults and their children will be delighted by the humor!

The New Love and Sex After 60

by Robert N. Butler & Myrna I. Lewis


You may be getting older but love and sex are still a vital part of your life. Here is the book that speaks to your concerns about sex beyond the middle years. Two leading...


by Robert Burwell & Andrea Cau

This version of Crossbow is beautifully illustrated by Andrea Cau. It is the same inspiring tale of a young Native American boy, who although small in stature, learns to use his smarts to overcome bullying and...

Suite 69: Black Lesbian Erotica Volume I.

by Billie Simone

Suite 69: Black Lesbian Erotica is a series created by Billie Simone. The collection is small glimpse into the world of a Black lesbian coming out, and learning what love has to offer; the bitter and the sweet....

Uncle Jake's Hat

by John-Pierre M. Hannam

Uncle Jake's Hat is a heartwarming and wholesome tale for young children and early readers. It is a story of a two little girls and their cats and dogs, as told by their older brother, and the fun and adventure...

Penny Ann and Patches

by K. Love

This is a story about a young girl that does not like change. She eats only one thing everyday for lunch, and that is spaghetti. One day Penny Ann looks down at her plate to find a vegetable was added to her...

Thinline Reference Bible: Modern English Version (MEV)

by Passio Faith

The MEV Thinline Reference Bible heralds a new day for Bibles with the most modern translation ever produced in the King James tradition, providing fresh clarity for Bible readers everywhere with an updated...

The Nights and Times of Ned Clery

by Nancy Guild Bendall

For ages 9 to 99 ... From the instant he spies that green-growing alien 'thingy' in his back garden from his third storey bedroom window, Ned Clery is caught up in a curiosity and daring that begins a series...

The Emerald Eye: Travelling in Time is Endless

by Rob Lambert

Craig and Hollie were moving from the city to rural Malvern, they expected a more quiet life that was to be boring ... not! The new home was an old one, with an even older summerhouse at the bottom of the garden....

Live Girls

by Beth Nugent

Following her critically acclaimed collection of short stories, City of Boys, Beth Nugent brings her dark and eerie vision to a powerful first novel.

Live Girls is the story of Catherine, in her twenties, who...

Imogene in New Orleans

by Hunter Murphy

Imogene Deal McGregor has lived nearly three-quarters of a century in Alabama. She has a penchant for following her own instincts, as well as more grit and spunk than her hypochondriac son, Billy McGregor, and...

Adventures of a Lifetime: Travel Tales from Around the World

by Janna Graber

From the frozen tundra of Manitoba to the humid jungles of Indonesia, the 24 true adventure tales in this unique travel anthology will transport you to remote corners of the globe - and inspire you to create...


by Christopher McDonald

Dr. Lacy Miller is the Chief Medical Examiner for New York City. She sees many murders go unsolved and her need to find the persons responsible for the crimes leads her to develop a serum. A serum that will...

Mornings With the Holy Spirit: Listening Daily to the Still, Small Voice of God

by Jennifer LeClaire

Inspiring daily devotionals—prophetic words from the Holy Spirit—to strengthen, comfort, and counsel you.