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Searching for Nell

by Harriet Cliff

When 9-year-old Tom spends the summer at his grandparents' new house in the country he finds himself at the centre of a mystery that spans centuries. Tom discovers that he is able to communicate with the ghosts...

The Agrarian Vision: Sustainability and Environmental Ethics

by Paul Thompson

As industry and technology proliferate in modern society, sustainability has jumped to the forefront of contemporary political and environmental discussions. The balance between progress and the earth's ability...

The Best Way Out

by Craig Love

James 'Jem' Buchanan should have everything going for him, a new relationship with a beautiful woman, and a good job as a manager of a large Estate Agency in London. Unfortunately the unresolved traumas and...

Law and Practice for Security Professionals

by Damien Buckland

Essential reading for all UK Security Professionals. Law & Practice for Security Professionals is designed to teach an understanding of the law surrounding offences we will all deal with, the prosecution and...

John's Progression

by Clive Hoad

John had helped Cath through a testing time of disturbing dreams when she regressed to a distant past. Having gone through a grueling session of hypnosis with her, Cath's trauma had finally concluded but at...

May Contain Nuts...

by Adam Gill

A collection of modern poetry, prose and vignettes reflecting love, loss, life, laughter, advice, anecdotes and recollections. I have been writing all of my life, in one form or another. From my childhood on...

The Seduction Series

by Don Savant

This is an excerpt of my 10th collection of poetry entitled A Look Inside My Mind...Vol. 10: Intimate Moments

A Journey to Self Love: Memoirs of a Butterfly

by Armetria M. Charles

"A Journey to Self Love" is a memoir to a path from self-hatred to a path of self love. Readers will experience with Armetria a journey through their hardships that they don't have to be endowed with guilt and...


by Timothy Doersam

Krieger Sankari awakened to find himself with no memory of where he is or how he came to be there. Setting out to find the truth about his past, Krieger meets a beautiful woman who engages his help in searching...

Keres' Eyes

by Michael Curtis

Deep in a secret, underground laboratory, a group of scientists find themselves in danger. Achieving cutting-edge breakthroughs in genetic engineering, they have created powerful viruses, the likes of which...

Nirvash, a Vampire's Tale

by Trisha Jones

Supernatural creatures exist; they face discrimination and fear of annihilation. Nirvash along with her friends and lovers must team up with every supernatural creature to stop the were-bear, Bert Xavier, who...

Tawny PaPawny and the Messy Room

by T. P. McKinnon

Today is chore day and Tawny has alot of work to do. Her room is a mess and nothing is where it should be. To make things worst Momma is on a war path through the house making sure that everything is in its...

Reconstructing Appalachia: The Civil War's Aftermath

by Andrew Slap

Families, communities, and the nation itself were irretrievably altered by the Civil War and the subsequent societal transformations of the nineteenth century. The repercussions of the war incited a broad range...

Lost Years: The Quest for Avalon

by Richard Monaco

Lost Years, the Quest for Avalon explores the tangled and forbidden loves of Parsival, his son, wife, Gawain and others amidst the dark magical power-plots of Morgana the witch in a terroristic, plague-struck...

Tawny PaPawny and the Nasty Cold Bug

by T. P. McKinnon

Tawny was ready for the big audition in Ms. Ransal's class. She studied all of the lines and made sure that she learned how to cry and laugh hysterically all at the same time. Not to mention she got stuck waiting...

Tawny PaPawny and the Late Late School Bus

by T. P. Mckinnon

Tawny Lynn Brown is a six year old African - American girl who lives in the City of Lackawanna. She lives with her mom Tamara, her dad Randy, her brother Sam and her pet turtle Duke. Tawny's day is not turning...

Tawny PaPawny and the No Good Miserable Low Down Rainy Day

by T. P. McKinnon

Tawny Lynn Brown is a six year old African - American girl who lives in the City of Lackawanna. She lives with her mom Tamara, her dad Randy, her brother Sam and her pet turtle Duke. She loves flowers and hates...

Homosexuality: Dispel the Myth, Mend the Broken Pieces

by Mya C. Huff

Homosexuality: Dispel the Myth, Mend the Broken Pieces is a book about encouragement, redemption, and hope. As a body we are called to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in compassion, truth, and in love. Truth...

Lady-Fame; Or, the Fluke

by Peter Santino

On Christmas Eve, 1972, the commercial fishing vessel, LADY-FAME was struck and capsized by a fifty foot rogue wave while crossing the Humboldt Bay bar. Contemporary artist, Peter Santino was a crew member and...

The Soul Journey: How Shamanism, Santeria, Wicca, and Charisma Are Connected

by Kent A Philpott & Katie LC Philpott

Shamanism, Santería, Wicca, and Charisma are connected via the trance state or ecstasy. Philpotts detail the theology and practices of shamanism, Santería, and Wicca, and then regretfully demonstrate why the...