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Upping the Ante

by K.C. Cave

Buoyed by her sexual exploits with a strap-on vibrator, Alison is proud of her sluttiness. She's a sex junkie and needs more. Then she brags to her old sex buddy, Tommy, who's not impressed: "You call that,...

The Secret Change (Complete)

by Allyson Emshaw

This contains all three parts of the Secret Change series. Follow Sammy and her crew around as they try to stay safe and protect the catalyst that will cause humans to evolve.

The Treehugger and the Gillie

by Stephen Elder

The Treehugger and the Gillie is just another silly love story. What's wrong with that? When construction worker Dan Warden is ordered to cut down some large old trees, there are unintended consequences. He's...

Our Bulgarian Adventure

by Matt Bruno

An insight into the challenges and adventures of relocating from Western Europe to Eastern Europe.In 2008, after ten years of being an ex-pat family living in Spain, we decided to up sticks and take the plunge...

Co-Ed Found Cheating: Sara Makes Tina Serve as Her Personal Slave Girl Volume 2

by Candy Kross

The girls have now arrived home and Sara informed Tina to take a shower and clean up because they were going out tonight to ladies night out. Tina was sticky from her pussy juices and welcomed the shower and...

Silent Killer Disease: Dash Diet Cookbook: For Hypertension: And Diabetes

by Michael Gabriel

'Silent killer disease' are diseases that produces minimum or no symptoms and are capable of causing death if not treated.Heart disease, hypertension and diabetes are major silent killer diseases. Most people...

Pizza Cookbook: Yummy and Easy Recipes for Pizza Lovers

by Larry Anderson

Everyone loves pizza. This cookbook includes over 350 pizza recipes. It gives you step by step instructions for making your favorite pizza. Whether cooking for your family or preparing for a gathering, this...

Initiative Psychic Energy

by Warren Hilton

Are you an unusually persevering and persistent person? Or, like most of us, do you sometimes find it difficult to stick to the job until it is done? Suppose that by a determined effort of the will you force...

Burning, Hell

by J. F. Dwight

At first Sam and Flora aren't even afraid. They live in a future so deep it may as well be the past. They greet neighbors in the marketplace. And the town enjoys a respite from winter. But the warm spell turns...

We Love Spurs

by Don Gilligan

We Love Spurs, this book includes the funniest Laugh Out Loud songs, chants and jokes about football and our rivals. The perfect gift for Tottenham Hotspur fans.

Ascent of Mount Carmel

by St John Of The Cross

St John has done what few others before or have since accomplished. He not only achieved but also accomplished, ascending Jacob's ladder. He has provided directions for those who are behind him. The search to...

The Empty Plains

by Down The Hole Sally Six

World War II is past. The fight to relearn the old ways is a continuing fight. Roving gangs and slavers are still a never ending plague on the land. Duke and Lottie Stanley have done their best to be off the...

Seven Short Stories

by Carlie Mae & Lilly Sherman

Seven short stories of individuals who experience important events. Some of the stories are fiction, while others are true experiences.

Dark Night of the Soul

by St John Of The Cross

This is part II of the Ascent of Mount Carmel, St John has done what few others before or have since accomplished. He not only achieved but also accomplished, ascending Jacob's ladder. He has provided directions...

E Brilliant and the Legend of Little City

by John Gilliams

Who's your hero? African American child hero? E.Brilliant is the greatest child adventure regardless of his color. E.Brilliant invites you to enjoy his first epic adventure. Children now have a hero they can...

Bulk Up: Simple & Practical Ways to Effective Weight Lifting

by Sven Hyltén-Cavallius

"Get All The Support And Guidance You Need To Be A Success At Weight Lifting And Bulking Up!" This Book Is One Of The Most Valuable Resources In The World When It Comes To Simple & Practical Ways To Effective...

Wedding Night with a Stranger

by Anna Cleary

Ariadne Giorgias has been set up! Instead of being welcomed in Australia by family friends, she's picked up from the airport by a strikingly gorgeous stranger....

Sebastian Nikosto doesn't know what to expect...

Follow Your Twinkle Fairy

by Sabrina Sargent

Twinkle Fairy is a guardian fairy. She graduated from The Guardian Fairy School and is now in charge of secretly keeping the Truble family safe. When Sugar, the Trubles' new puppy, goes missing, Twinkle Fairy...

Temple Run Guide

by Voltage Guides

Temple Run is a great game where you can run, escape, and collect coins. Travel through the jungle ruins and collect tons of treasure. Run until you get caught! This guide will teach you how to utilize every...

Subway Surfers Guide

by Voltage Guides

Subway Surfers is a fun game where you can cruise through the subway and unlock various characters. With this guide, you will gain access to the ultimate collection of the ultimate tips, tricks, and cheats....