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Desert Fish

by Cherise Saywell

How far will Gilly go to become someone new?'Gilly. You know we'll die here, don't you?' Pete's eyes are glazed and red-rimmed. 'Yes.' 'Aren't you afraid?' 'No, I'm not,' I tell him. 'I can't believe you,' he...

Bindi Wildlife Adventures 10: Monkey Mayhem

by Bindi Irwin & Chris Kunz

Come and join Bindi Irwin on her next wildlife adventure! At very short notice, the Irwins are called on to run an ecolodge in Madagascar for a fortnight. They arrive to find the place deserted, and realise...

Pig Boy

by J.C. Burke

An unmissable novel from the award-winning author of The Story of Tom Brennan. On Damon Styles's eighteenth birthday, he is expelled from school. But it's what happens afterwards that changes everything. Now...

Star League 6: Robot Reboot

by H. J. Harper & Nahum Ziersch

S.A.M. the robot stars in ... Robot Reboot! Sam is one of the smartest kids on earth, but there are a lot of things he doesn't quite get. When Sam gets to be too much of a know-it-all for his friends, he accepts...

Star League 2: Curse Of The Werewolf

by H. J. Harper & Nahum Ziersch

Connor Lowe stars in . . . Curse of the Werewolf Connor's having trouble fitting in with the rest of the Star League, and when the group suspects a werewolf might be behind a savage attack, it only makes matters...

Star League 7: Box Office Smash

by H. J. Harper & Nahum Ziersch

The final two Star League books promise a thrilling cliffhanger story and an explosive finale! The Star League are at the premiere for one of their films, but the occasion turns disastrous when Professor Pestilence's...

Romeo Of The Underworld

by Venero Armanno

'Armanno writes with such intensity, his words detonate off the page...The real surprise is the unfolding humanity of the novel. Armanno writes of people with a deep and loving opera, full-blown...

My Beautiful Friend

by Venero Armanno

A dark, brooding and erotic ghost story.Can you imagine what it must be like to take the souls of others? Marcello Mansini has been dead for more than two months, his body lost in the icy depths of Lac Leman....

Star League 4: The Ninja Code

by H. J. Harper & Nahum Ziersch

Asuka Kuro stars in . . . The Ninja Code! Asuka is finding the constant attention of being a movie star a real drain. So when all the ninja clans are called to a secret location, Asuka welcomes the chance to...

Star League 3: Raising The Dead

by H. J. Harper & Nahum Ziersch

Roger Romero stars in . . . Raising the Dead! Roger is having a great time in the Star League, pulling pranks on his friends. But when someone steals formulas for his magic potions, it's no joke. Roger needs...


by Venero Armanno

Love, blood and pasta over three decades in Brisbane. She used to sell her kisses for caramels; her lips went for long licks of liquorice and her touch for tangerines and tutti frutti. She looked as Irish as...

Candle Life

by Venero Armanno

Dealing with the nature of reality and dreams, of love, identity, despair and salvation, this is a truly brilliant and startlingly original novel.An Australian novelist is living in an arts community in Paris,...

Star League 5: Monkey Business

by H. J. Harper & Nahum Ziersch

Leigh Faunus the animancer stars in ... Monkey Business! 'Le Nice Pets' is all the rage among the rich and famous - Aunt Petunia promises to turn your misbehaving pets into perfect angels. But Leigh suspects...

The Volcano

by Venero Armanno

Sweeping from Sicily to Australia, spanning generations and very different worlds, The Volcano is a novel of power, passion and sheer blazing brilliance from one of our most talented and original writers.A fiercely...

Mastering Pharmacy Technician Math: A Certification Review: A Certification Review.

by Lynn M. Egler & Kathryn Booth

The review you need to excel on the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Examination!

Mastering Pharmacy Technician Math: A Certification Review is a super-effective way for students preparing for the Pharmacy...

Point-of-Care Ultrasound Fundamentals: Principles, Devices, and Patient Safety

by Paul R. Wagner & Wayne R. Hedrick

Introducing the first definitive training guide to point-of-care ultrasound

Whether you're a medical student or other health professional, this complete, one-stop tutorial takes you through everything you need...

Handbook of Craniomaxillofacial Surgery

by James E Zins & Chad R Gordon

This concise handbook covers a diversity of subjects encompassing the broad spectrum of craniofacial surgery. As a quick reference guide intended for the less experienced craniofacial audience (i.e., the medical...

Crystal Symmetry, Lattice Vibrations and Optical Spectroscopy of Solids: A Group Theoretical Approach

by Baldassare Di Bartolo & Richard C Powell

This book provides a comprehensive treatment of the two fundamental aspects of a solid that determine its physical properties: lattice structure and atomic vibrations (phonons). The elements of group theory...

Finance for Nonfinancial Managers, Second Edition (Briefcase Books Series)

by Gene Siciliano


Financial decisions impact virtually every area of your company. As a manager, it's up to you to understand...

Warrior Goddess Training: Become the Woman You Are Meant to Be

by HeatherAsh Amara & Don Miguel Ruiz

The Path to Your Inner Warrior Goddess

It’s no secret that women today are juggling a lot. We now make up more than half the workforce in the United States and are busier than ever with partners, children,...