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The Resistance of African States to the Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court

by Alexandre Guerreiro

This book suggests an analysis in depth of ICC's historical background as well as of what motivates each African State to accept, reject or adopt a midway position towards the Rome Statute. Simultaneously, it...

Macktown: Callin' Shots

by Colin Royce

Shots are called from the top, and from the top one mind rules the rackets of the sister cities, Macktown and Banglewood. The struggle intensifies in this sequel to the tri-drama Macktown series of players,...

100 Priceless Quotes

by Success Emmanuel

Quotes that can truly transform your life. It will inspire you to live eternally with joy, bliss and fulfillment.

Toeic Practice Tests With Audio - 2 Tests - Series 2

by John Griff

Toeic Practice Tests With Audio - 2 Tests - Series 2 - Second Edition Two full-length practice tests identical in format and question types to the current TOEIC test. Topics and vocabulary frequently seen on...

Ethics Embodied: Rethinking Selfhood through Continental, Japanese, and Feminist Philosophies

by Erin McCarthy

Ethics Embodied: Rethinking Selfhood through Continental, Japanese and Feminist Philosophies explores the importance of the body to ethical selfhood. Through her comparative feminist approach to ethics, the...

Forty-three Grandparents - A Novelette By Angie Tonucci

by Angie Tonucci

Whenever anyone asks 13-year-old Kayla Green about her family, she creates elaborate stories. Other than temporary foster families and group homes, she's never had a family who was committed to keeping her and...

His Majesty King Infinite Well Wisher: A Street Play

by Drama World

A person beating drum appears on the stage. He is beating his drum to call the attention of the people. The announcer: Listen! Listen! Listen carefully! The citizens of the town listen very carefully. The representative...

Two Ghost Stories

by Robert F. (Bob) Turpin

This book contains two ghost stories: 1) "The Ghost of Gray Robe," a story about a guardian angel of the Navajo, who has helped many Indians in their time of need. The eye-witness accounts of his appearances...

Csr Racing Game Guide

by Josh Abbott

With My CSR Racing Game Guide you will learn exactly what you need to know in order to become an expert player and beat every level! This is a complete guide with everything you need to know about the game PLUS...

Kevin Gibson's Legal Malpractice Avoidance Guide

by Kevin Gibson

Attorney Kevin William Gibson (Pennsylvania, Delaware) has been suing lawyers for over thirty years because of one very simple fact: lawyers make mistakes, too. His Legal Malpractice Avoidance Guide provides...

Apache Moon

by Bren Yarbrough Bruhn

New Mexico in the 1700's is a dangerous place. Warring tribes of Native Americans struggle to keep their homeland, which is fast becoming the domain of Spanish invaders. En route to the home of her betrothed,...

An Arc of Time

by Andrew James Pritchard

Liam Colreavy having developed his paranormal abilities to some degree soon discovers a new talent of his when he tried to rid a house full of ghosts. Will he solve the mystery behind the spirits, or will he...

Numbers Are Fun

by Sandra Staines

'Numbers Are Fun' is a fun way to teach your young children their one, two and three times multiplication tables. By using fun verse and weird illustrations this book aims to help parents teach their tots to...

Living Histories: Native Americans and Southwestern Archaeology

by Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh

Southwestern archaeology represents the intersection of countless peoples, interests, ideas, and events. Much as archaeologists working in the Southwest have shaped the lives and histories of Native Americans,...

The Travelers

by Michael Yager

This story is about a group of animals that must find their way in the wild, which means find a home and learn how to survive. Along the way they not only learn how to survive in the unknown but they also discover...

Rustic Acceptance

by Rajkumar Sharma

Paras was not sure whether she would have changed her mind had she heard him. She seemed to have made up her mind and no amount of pleading could change her decision. He knew that she was not easily persuaded...

Feeling Around In the Dark

by Chris Hickey

A benevolent god-machine. A magician making deal with things worse than the Devil. A man torn in half by grief. The Weird now fits in the palm of your hand with this ebook edition.

Orbbelgguren Series: Book IX Child of the Shard

by Stephen Christiansen

Dar Axenhammer the second, a male dwarf, volunteers to help with the mines of a small village. His journey leads him on an adventure beyond his comprehension. Elemmiire, a female dark elf, struggles to find...

Sikkim Itinerary

by Students' Academy

The bus had been running along the Tista River. The valley is green and teeming with plants and trees. The bus stopped at a place for about half an hour. We walked along the bank of the river for a few minute....

Playing With Fire

by Chelsie Nikol

What would you do if the only world you knew was burned to the ground...and you were the one to blame. Not all accidents can be forgiven. In Maggie "Sparks" Cabot's case forgiveness died in the fire along with...