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Land of the Reed Plains: Ancient Japanese Lyrics from the Manyoshu

by Sanko Inoue & Kenneth Yasuda

To an Envoy bound for China

Land of the Reed Plains,

this Land and Fruitful Rice–ears—

it is a land where

all things are as will the Gods,

and unvailing

then are lifted–swords of men.

Yet must I lift words to...

The Merchant of Death

by Paul Doherty

It is nearly Christmas, and snowstorms have blanketed the city of 15th-century Canterbury. Physician Kathryn Swinbrooke and her cook Thomasina are busily preparing for the holiday, when terrible news arrives:...

Malaysia Travel Atlas: includes Singapore & Brunei

by Periplus Editors

Finding your way around Malaysia (and also the island nation of Singapore and the kingdom of Brunei Darussalam) is a breeze with this handy Tuttle Travel Atlas.

Designed for adventurous travelers and containing...

Heroes of the Skies

by Michael Ashcroft

Since the dawn of aerial combat in the First World War, the heroism of the men who put their lives at risk in the air has known no bounds. There were no more heroic airmen than the fighter pilots and bomber...

The Hundred Thousand Songs: Selections from Milarepa Poet-Saint of Tibet

by Antoinnette K. Gordon

Tibet, remote and inaccessible, is less known to the western world for its literary than its artistic contributions to Oriental culture. Nevertheless, it has produced a literature of enduring beauty and significance,...

A Shirt Box Full of Songs

by Barbara Dickson

From singing to the postman when she was two years old to her annual sell-out tours in the 2000s, Barbara Dickson has been captivating her fans for the best part of sixty years. In her autobiography she describes...

Instant Korean: How to Express 1,000 Different Ideas with Just 100 Key Words and Phrases! (Korean Phrasebook)

by Boye Lafayette De Mente

It's amazing how 100 key words and phrases provide instant communication!

Do you want to speak simple Korean but are too busy to study it? Are you visiting Korea for a short time and want a Korean phrase book...

Cracking the Common Core: Choosing and Using Texts in Grades 6-12

by William E. Lewis, Sharon Walpole & Michael C. McKenna

This book guides teachers in grades 6-12 to strategically combine a variety of texts--including literature, informational texts, and digital sources--to meet their content-area goals and the demands of the Common...

99 Dead Snowmen

by Tony DeSaulles

Stan the Snowman does not have the best of luck. In fact, it seems like everyone is out to get him. Beset by enemies on all sides, he is viciously attacked by an extraordinary array of things - old ladies, robins,...

Honest: My Story So Far (The Official Autobiography)

by Tulisa Contostavlos

Tulisa Contostavlos is one of the most talented and high-profile recording artists working in the UK today. She has three platinum N-Dubz albums, four MOBO awards, a groundbreaking drama series, two documentaries,...

Hollywood Car Wash: A Novel

by Lori Culwell

College drama student Amy Spencer dreams of starring in independent films. When her roommate signs her up for a mysterious "television project" audition, she blows away the competition with her girl-next-door...

Storm Warning

by Dinah McCall

The phone rings. She picks up, but no one is there. She hears music and the sound of thunder. She hangs up in a trance. Minutes later, she is dead.

Ginny Shapiro stares at the photograph of seven smiling schoolgirls...

Unexpected Father

by Carolyne Aarsen

Newfound Family 


Denny Norquest has a plan. Lease a ranch in Hartley Creek and raise cattle. But the baby dropped in his lap changes everything. Soon he's deep in diaper duty—with no end in sight! Bookseller...


by Duncan Falconer

In Afghanistan, elite operative John Stratton leads a raid on a remote compound, leaving no survivors. Days later, in London, Stratton is contacted by an old friend in military intelligence with a curious message...

The Cowboy's Reunited Family

by Brenda Minton

A Wife's Homecoming 


Blake Cooper thought he'd never see his daughter again. Then his former wife, Jana Cooper, shows up on his doorstep with Lindsay asking for help. Blake can't deny his ill child anything....

It Happened In Venice

by Molly Hopkins

He cheated, but only once!

Evie Dexter has promised to forgive and forget her fiancé Rob - and her efforts to absolve his sins are paying off: in the past ten days she's only called him a two-timing love rat...

Armed and Famous

by Jennifer Morey

The guy next door turns into the sultry bodyguard in Jennifer Morey's Ivy Avengers miniseries 


Experience has taught bounty hunter Lincoln Ivy when someone is in trouble. He's fairly sure the gorgeous redhead...

Death in St James's Park: 8

by Susanna Gregory

Five years after Charles II's triumphant return to London there is growing mistrust of his extravagant court and of corruption among his officials - and when a cart laden with gunpowder explodes outside the...

The Summer Wedding

by Fiona Walker

The hotly anticipated wedding of Iris Devonshire, ravishing teenage daughter of celebrity couple Mia and Leo, is to be held in the gardens of their grand Palladian pile alongside the Thames. But Mia and Leo...

Cavanaugh Hero

by Marie Ferrarella

Aurora's finest become walking targets in USA TODAY bestselling author Marie Ferrarella's Cavanaugh Justice miniseries 


A serial cop killer has Aurora's police force up in arms. And when the former chief gets...