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Metaphysical Poetry: An Anthology

by Paul Negri

Includes such masterpieces as Donne's "Death, Be Not Proud"; Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress"; plus works by George Herbert, Henry Vaughan, Richard Crashaw, Francis Quarles, and others.

The Illustrated Book of Knights

by Jack Coggins

A celebration of all things chivalrous, this fascinating book features 127 colorful pictures of heroic knights, plus captivating true tales of Richard the Lionheart and the legends of Camelot.

The Marvelous Land of Oz

by L. Frank Baum

Second Oz book; Scarecrow and Tin Woodman are back with hero named Tip. 120 black-and-white, 16 full-color illustrations.

Household Stories by the Brothers Grimm

by Brothers Grimm

53 great Grimm stories: "Rumpelstiltskin," "Snow White," "Hansel and Gretel," and many more. 114 illustrations by Walter Crane.

The Political Thought of Plato and Aristotle

by E. Barker

Cogent exposition of Greek political thought offers a comprehensive exploration of the works of Plato and Aristotle and examines state power, nature of political organization, citizenship, justice, and related...

The Violet Fairy Book

by Andrew Lang

Japan, Serbia, Lithuania, Africa, and Russia are among the sources of 35 stories that tell of a haunted forest, chests of gold coins, a magical dog, and a man who outwits a dragon. 74 illustrations.

The Water Babies: A Fairy Tale for a Land-Baby

by Charles Kingsley & Warwick Goble

A young, ill-treated chimney sweep enters a magical waterworld where he meets creatures that teach him the difference between right and wrong. 32 illustrations.

The Green Fairy Book

by Andrew Lang

Giants, dwarfs, monsters, and magicians star in 42 classic stories from China, Russia, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Scotland, and England. Includes "The Three Little Pigs" and "The Half-Chick." 100 illustrations....

The Essential Nietzsche

by Friedrich Nietzsche & Heinrich Mann

An expert on Nietzsche presents highlights from The Birth of Tragedy, Thus Spake Zarathustra, Beyond Good and Evil, and other works, and explains their significance to modern readers.

The Play of Words

by Richard Lederer

Do you know the connection between the expression A HARROWING EXPERIENCE and agriculture, between BY AND LARGE and sailing, between GET YOUR GOAT and horses, or between STEAL YOUR THUNDER and show business?...

The Autobiography of Thérèse of Lisieux: The Story of a Soul

by Therese of Lisieux

One of the greatest spiritual classics ever written, this influential book has been translated into nearly every world language and has brought scores of people back to their religious beliefs.

The Confederate Reader: How the South Saw the War

by Richard B. Harwell

Carefully chosen and annotated selection of contemporary battle reports, general orders, letters, articles, sermons, songs, travel observations, much more. Wonderful self-portrait of the Confederacy. Illustrated....


by G. K. Chesterton

Focusing on "heretics" — those who pride themselves in their superiority to conservative views — Chesterton appraises prominent figures from the literary and art worlds such as Kipling, Shaw, Wells, and...

The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ

by Nicolas Notovitch

A visitor to a Tibetan monastery in the 1890s discovered this intriguing, controversial account of Christ's life from the ages of 13 to 29, when Jesus reputedly studied in Asia among Buddhists.

Jews and Arabs: A Concise History of Their Social and Cultural Relations

by S.D. Goitein

Fascinating study by eminent scholar explores 3,000 years of relations between Jews and Arabs. Topics include Jewish traditions in Islam, Islamic influence on Jewish philosophy, Jewish and Islamic mysticism...

On Christian Doctrine

by St. Augustine & J. F. Shaw

Since the dawn of the fifth century, theology students, religious scholars, and ordinary Christians have turned to this volume for guidance on how to read the Bible and understand the true meaning of scripture....

The Arcana of Freemasonry: A History of Masonic Symbolism

by Albert Churchward

Egyptian hieroglyphics, Mayan carvings, and Greek mathematical notations figure prominently in this spellbinding true story. Its illustrated insights reveal messages hidden in works of art, architecture, geometry,...

The Common Law

by Oliver Wendell Holmes

Only paperback edition of great legal classic. Lucid, accessible coverage of liability, criminal law, torts, contracts, more, from historical perspective. New introduction by Sheldon M. Novick. Table of Cases....

The Celtic Twilight: Faerie and Folklore

by W. B. Yeats

Rooted in myth, occult mysteries, and belief in magic, these enchanting stories from the great Irish poet are populated by a lively cast of sorcerers, fairies, ghosts, and nature spirits.

The Problems of Philosophy

by Bertrand Russell

Accessible, thought-provoking study by Nobel Prize-winner considers distinction between appearance and reality, existence and nature of matter, idealism, inductive logic, intuitive knowledge, many other stimulating...