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A Cup of Comfort Devotional Stories for Mothers: Celebrating Christian Moms of Faith and Strength

by James Stuart Bell

In A Cup of Comfort Devotional Stories for Mothers, you'll find three touching, biblical-themed stories written by devoted mothers who have welcomed the Lord into their daily lives. Celebrating the God-given...

A Cup of Comfort Devotional Stories: Celebrating God's Love and Mercy

by James Stuart

In A Cup of Comfort Devotional Stories, you'll find three stories that provide a devout dose of comfort, strength and inspiration. These stories combine biblical passages and commentary with touching, heartfelt...

A Cup of Comfort Stories for Inspiration: Celebrating the People and Places That Lift Our Spirits

by Colleen Sell

Like a cup of hot tea or coffee on a cold morning, the three stories in A Cup of Comfort Stories for Inspiration will warm your heart, lighten your mood, and rouse you to move mountains. In each of these stories,...

A Cup of Comfort Stories for Sisters: Celebrating the Special Bonds of Sisterhood

by Colleen Sell

No one knows you as a woman quite like your sister does-no matter your differences, rivalries, or how far apart you may drift over time. You confide in each other, share your most intimate secrets, and depend...

A Cup of Comfort Stories for Weddings: Celebrating the Most Romantic Day of Our Lives

by Helen Kay

A Cup of Comfort Stories for Weddings pays tribute to that most important of days when you and your soul mate make your everlasting love for each other "official." You'll share in both the excitement of new...

A Cup of Comfort Stories for Couples: Celebrating What It Means to Be in Love

by Colleen Sell

Every couple has a story to tell. In A Cup of Comfort for Couples, you'll find three true love stories capture the bitter, the sweet, and every moment in between. You'll fall head over heels for the laughter,...

A Cup of Comfort Stories for Nurses: Celebrating Compassion, Kindness, and Caring

by Colleen Sell

The kindness and skill of a good nurse is critical to the healing process. Every day, nurses help us when we are at our most vulnerable-and every day they make enormous differences in our lives. These three...

A Cup of Comfort Stories for Courage: Celebrating Everyday Heroism, Strength, and Triumph

by Colleen Sell

In A Cup of Comfort Stories for Courage, you'll find the heroines and heroes who have transformed the lives of everyone who knows them. These three stories will kindle your spirit and offer you hope whenever...

A Cup of Comfort Stories for Friends: Celebrating the Special People in Our Lives

by Colleen Sell

There are few things that should be cherished more than your friendships. Lifelong friends can turn joyous occasions into priceless memories that last forever-and friends can provide you with much-needed comfort...

A Cup of Comfort Stories for Cat Lovers: Celebrating Our Feline Friends

by Colleen Sell

You know how much joy your furry friend adds to your life, and in A Cup of Comfort Stories for Cat Lovers, you'll find cats that will steal your heart-one meow at a time. These stories celebrate the courage,...

A Cup of Comfort Stories for Mothers and Daughters: Celebrating a Very Special Bond

by Colleen Sell

Mothers and daughters share more than just life, death and love; they exchange wisdom, advice and intimate secrets unlike that of any other relationship. The three stories in A Cup of Comfort Stories for Mothers...

A Cup of Comfort Stories for New Mothers: Celebrating the Miracle of Life

by Colleen Sell

There's a new baby in the house and it's not the only one crying. New moms cry happy tears, tired tears, and overwhelmed tears and that's when the wisdom, sensitivity, and empathy of women who've been there...

A Cup of Comfort Stories for Mothers: Celebrating the Women Who Gave Us Everything

by Colleen Sell

Is your mom your best friend? Or your biggest fan? Your loyal confidante? No matter what she means to you, Mom is always the one you turn to when you need a shoulder to cry on, sound advice, and unconditional...

Your Guide to Health: Vitamins: "Boost Your Energy and Enhance Your Body"

by M.S., R.D., Maureen Ternus

Your Guide to Health: Vitamins is an essential handbook packed with dietary information you need to know to stay healthy, strong, and full of energy. The book includes concise, easy-to-understand descriptions...

The Everything Small Dogs Book: Choose the Perfect Dog to Fit Your Living Space

by Kathy Salzberg

If you live in a compact apartment or don't have much of a yard, a small dog may be just right for you. Weighing in at under 25 pounds and no taller than 16 inches at the shoulders, these smaller breeds are...

Your Guide to Health: Anti-Aging: "Secrets to Help You Slow Down the Aging Process"

by Donald Vaughn

While none of us wants to get older, the journey can be a healthier and happier one if we have critical information at our fingertips. Your Guide to Health: Anti-Aging is an essential reference for managing...

Your Guide to Health: Stress Management: "Practical Ways to Relax and Be Healthy"

by Eve Adamson

No one is immune to stress. But instead of letting it stall your productivity, affect your health, and leave you frantic-learn how to manage it with the Your Guide to Health: Stress Management. Inside, you'll...

Your Guide to Health: Nutrition: "Better Ways to Boost Energy and Live Longer"

by M.D., M.S., Kimberly A. Tessmer

With today's busy lifestyles, eating healthy can be a challenge. But we all know that a sensible diet goes a long way to ensuring great health, high energy levels, and overall wellbeing. Your Guide to Health:...

Simply Organized: "The All-In-One Guide to Organizing Your Home, Office, Children, and More!"

by Iyna Bort Caruso

Are you living in cramped quarters with no space to breathe? Do you feel overwhelmed by all that clutter? You're not alone. Inside you'll find page after page of hints, tips, and strategies that help you set...

Rightsizing Your Business: Breakthrough Strategies to Create a Flexible and Profitable Business in Any Economy

by Bill Welter

Ever since the recession hit, "downsizing" has been the corporate mantra. Cut overhead, increase profitability, and the future will take care of itself. Most pundits agree that this is a shortsighted approach,...