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The Expendables: The Deathworms of Kratos: The Expendables Book 1

by Edmund Cooper

The Expendables were criminals, offered pardons in exchange for exploring alien worlds. But their mission takes them to Kratos, where the local lifeform is giant, slimy and hostile!

Stand Alone Stan: A Land Fit for Heroes 2

by Philip Mann

Britannia, 1993.

In a world where the Roman legionaries never left Britain a man can walk from the walls of York - or Eburacum - to the southern seas without leaving the shade of the greenwood, inhabited by...

The Eye of the Queen

by Philip Mann

An extra-terrestrial way of death. When legendary linguist Marius Thorndyke visits the bizarre planet of Pe-Ellia, he is inexorably sucked into the local way of life of sex of death. Nearly twice our size, powerful,...

The Beloved of My Beloved

by Ian Watson & Roberto Quaglia

Tattooed on a woman-sized tumour, these tales, told to it as bedtime stories, are by turns surreal, satiric, erotic, obscene, ingenious, hilarious, and quite, quite brilliant. Together, they combine to create...

The Great Escape

by Ian Watson

Predictably unpredictable, normally abnormal.

Watson combines science fiction and fantasy into an eclectic mix that includes stories about fallen angels in Hell rebelling and mounting a breakout, about the inconvenience...

Salvage Rites: And Other Stories: And Other Stories

by Ian Watson

Ian Watson's latest collection shows the same range and apparently inexhaustible fund of ideas that have characterized all his previous books. No other contemporary figure in SF is so prolific or inventive a...

Evil Water: And Other Stories

by Ian Watson

In his fourth short-story collection, Watson again demonstrates the extraordinary scope of his imagination. The title story has ancient witchcraft meeting complacent modern suburbia in a tale of spine-chilling...

Slow Birds: And Other Stories

by Ian Watson

Where do the metal death gliders come from? To the glass-sailors of the five villages the slow birds that inched over the Earth at shoulder height, appearing and vanishing, were a mystery - until young Daniel...

Black Butterfly: A Lucifer Box Novel

by Mark Gatiss

Knave. Joker. Queen. Lucifer Box is back!

The hero of The Vesuvius Club and The Devil in Amber returns with an artistic licence to kill, and the deadliest mission of his career. A new Queen has been crowned,...

Sunstroke: And Other Stories

by Ian Watson

This second collection of Watson's short stories further demonstrates his seemingly inexhaustible imagination. In 'The Thousand Cuts' the entire human race finds its consciousness blanked out for varying periods,...


by Ian Watson

When Tom Ryan stops his car late at night on a dark road for a man dressed as a Roman centurion, his first thought is that he's picked up one of those amateur re-enactors but the man, Marcus Appius Silvanus...

The Flies of Memory

by Ian Watson

Charles Spark is an expert on body language, a bestselling author and a consultant (or walking lie detector) much in demand with industry and government. So when the aliens arrive, who better to join the team...


by Ian Watson

When Saul and Diane save a wild rabbit from a hungry weasel in a quiet country lane, they inadvertently unleash the vengeance of a bloodthirsty, carnivorous force.

Soon their sanity and their lives are at risk...

Queenmagic, Kingmagic

by Ian Watson

In another world, somewhere in space and time, two countries - Bellogard and Chorny - are locked in perpetual war, conducted by magic. Each of the main members of the two countries' courts - king, queen, prince,...


by Ian Watson

The regions that have survived the holocaust in Watson's new novel have largely transformed themselves from prewar violence into a peaceful utopia, without either conflict or art. In place of belief in a religious...

Alien Embassy

by Ian Watson

Lila Makindi grows up in East Africa in a peaceful and harmonious 22nd century world, which has succeeded our own age of extravagance, environmental damage, and warfare.

Its citizens know that the Space Communications...

The Martian Inca

by Ian Watson

The Mars Probe has crashed.

A triumph of Soviet technology, the first two-way interplanetary probe performed brilliantly until the final stage of its return. Then something went wrong: rather than following...

The Embedding

by Ian Watson

Ian Watson's brilliant debut novel was one of the most significant publications in British sf in the 1970s. Intellectually bracing and grippingly written, it is the story of three experiments in linguistics,...

The Fallen Moon: Mana Book 2

by Ian Watson

The second and concluding volume of Ian Watson's extraordinary epic, The Book of Mana. Kaleva is Earth's first and only interstellar colony, discovered by Lucky Sariola who was transported there by an Ukko,...

The Eye of Jade: A Mei Wang Mystery

Mei Wang: Private Detective #1

by Diane Wei Liang

"Having her own detective agency would give her

the independence she had always longed for. It

would also give her the chance to show those people

who shunned her that she could be successful. People

were getting...