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Visiting the Sick: The Mitzvah of Bikur Cholim

by Sharon Selib Epstein

Visiting the Sick provides readers with a practical and inspirational introduction to the ethical obligation of the mitzvah of visiting the sick and dying in order to provide comfort and help. It offers insights...

Managing the Big Picture in Colleges and Universities: From Tactics to Strategy

by Richard L. Alfred

In the past, colleges and universities relied on 'small picture' tactics to determine insititutional direction. Even now, many institutions are missing a 'big picture' approach to leadership and management....

Of Mikes and Men: From Ray Scott to Curt Gowdy: Tales from the Pro Football Booth

by Curt Smith

Drawing fans to the stadium, person or by radio/TV, the Voices in this book shaped the way generations experience the game. This book shares their recollections many todl expressly for this book-about subjects...

The Story of Fake Books: Bootlegging Songs to Musicians

by Barry Kernfeld

Bootleg fake books - unauthorized anthologies of songs notated in a musical shorthand - have been used for decades by countless pop, jazz, and country musicians. Drawing from FBI files, newspaper accounts, court...

Earthly Delights: Gardening by the Seasons the Easy Way

by Margot Rochester

Written conversationally and embroidered with gentle wit, Earthly Delights is essential for the gardener who;s desperate to create the garden they've always dreamed about--without the endless hassles and expense...

We All Want to Change the World: Rock and Politics from Elvis to Eminem

by Tom Waldman

We All Want to Change the World provides a cogent and fascinating evaluation of post-World War II American commercial music and its complex, multi-faceted impact on the world of politics.

The Spatial Logic of Social Struggle: A Bourdieuian Topology

by Nikolaus Fogle

This is the first work to explicitly target Bourdieu's philosophy of space as a basic organizing force for his social theory. It draws together his work on both social space and physical space, and it applies...

The Instructor

by Ann Ireland

When nineteen-year-old Simone Paris followed her art instructor/ lover Otto Guest to Mexico, she had no idea of the impact the decision will have on the formation of her personal identity. When Otto reappears,...

Paper Crafts for Thanksgiving

by Randel McGee

Do you want to make your own turkey pop-up card? Turkeys are very important to Thanksgiving. Follow storyteller Randel McGee as he explores Thanksgiving in PAPER CRAFTS FOR THANKSGIVING. Learn to make Pilgrim...

Paper Crafts for St. Patrick's Day

by Randel McGee

Make your own leprechaun hat, pot o' gold and rainbow pop-up card, Celtic knot chain necklace, and more! Join the St. Patrick's Day celebration as storyteller Randel McGee explores the history behind this famous...

Paper Crafts for Presidents' Day

by Randel McGee

Can you imagine yourself as the future president of the United States? Create your own presidential portrait and presidential seal! Build a log cabin coin bank and make presidents' busts using eggshells and...

Paper Crafts for Mardi Gras

by Randel McGee

Dress up as a jester or a king or queen and lead a Mardi Gras parade! Follow storyteller Randel McGee as he explores the history and symbols of Mardi Gras in PAPER CRAFTS FOR MARDI GRAS. Create a Columbina mask,...

Paper Crafts for Easter

by Randel McGee

Coloring eggs are a fun thing to do for Easter. Make your own Easter egg stands to show them off! Join storyteller Randel McGee as he explores Easter in PAPER CRAFTS FOR EASTER. He will show you how to create...

Weather Science Fair Projects, Revised and Expanded Using the Scientific Method

by Robert Gardner, Tom LaBaff & Stephanie LaBaff

How is a cloud formed? What is thunder and lightning, really? Why is summer hot and winter cold? There are so many things to discover about the weather! This book will give young scientists a great start in...

I Refuse to Raise a Brat

by Marilu Henner & Ruth Velikovsky Sharon

Parents often confuse love with overindulgence, afraid to subject their children to a moment of frustration or deprive them of anything they might desire. But in order to become resilient and responsible adults,...

Plant and Animal Science Fair Projects, Revised and Expanded Using the Scientific Method

by Yael Calhoun

How do land and aquatic plants differ? How do birds mark their territories and attract mates? How are seeds protected from being eaten by animals? Using easy-to-find materials and the scientific method, you...

Genetics and Evolution Science Fair Projects, Revised and Expanded Using the Scientific Method

by Robert Gardner & Stephanie LaBaff

Why do some humans have curved thumbs while others have straight thumbs? What is DNA? What happens during cell division? Using easy-to-find materials, young scientists will explore genetics, evolution, and classification,...

Ecosystem Science Fair Projects, Revised and Expanded Using the Scientific Method

by Pam Walker & Elaine Wood

How do cool temperatures affect the activity of a fish? Do earthworms prefer to live in light or darkness? Do weeds interfere with the growth of other plants? Find the answers by doing the fun and simple experiments...

Planet Earth Science Fair Projects, Revised and Expanded Using the Scientific Method

by Robert Gardner, Tom LaBaff & Stephanie LaBaff

Does Earth turn? How does the Moon's appearance change? How can you accurately map an outdoor area? Our planet is a great place to start experimenting! The simple projects in this book will help young scientists...

Earth Science Fair Projects, Revised and Expanded Using the Scientific Method

by Yael Calhoun, Tom LaBaff & Stephanie LaBaff

Volcanoes, mountains, and earthquakes! Fossils, glaciers, and crystals! Earth science has so many fun topics to explore, and this book is the best place to start understanding geology. Young scientists will...