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Last Flight

by Amelia Earhart

Earhart's account of her ill-fated last flight around the world, begun in 1937, remains one of the most moving and absorbing adventure stories of all time. Compiled here are dispatches, letters, diary entries...

Waste Not Want Not: The Production and Dumping of Toxic Waste

by Robert Allen

No-one wants toxic waste dumped in their back yard. Dioxins and furans from incinerators, dangerous chemicals leaching from landfill sites and the apparently random dumping of nuclear waste are all clear threats...

The Earthscan Action Handbook for People and Planet

by Miles Litvinoff

We have poisoned the air and water on which our lives depend. Poor countries exhaust their land in the struggle to survive while rich countries demand more and more.

The Earthscan Action Handbook spells out...

Environmental Law and Citizen Action

by Alan Murdie

Never before have people been so aware of the importance of sound environmental law, as every week stories of controversial planning developments and prosecutions for the release of toxic substances feature...

British Politics and the Environment

by John McCormick

Britain has an immense range of environmental law and the reputation for largely ignoring it. John McCormick describes the fascinating story of the political growth of that law, and the pressures, the compromises,...

Fax: Messages from a Near Future

by Jorge Wilheim


World Who Is Who and Does What in Environment and Conservation

by Nicholas Polunin

This text contains A-Z biographical listings of 1300 individuals worldwide, setting out their qualifications, affiliations, academic background, work experience, awards and distinctions, specialist interests...

From the Earth Summit to Local Agenda 21: Working Towards Sustainable Development

by William M. Lafferty & Katarina Eckerberg

This collection of in-depth case studies emphasizes the diversity and inventiveness of local initiatives since the Rio 'Earth Summit' within different national settings. From the Earth Summit to Local Agenda...

Dirty Words: Writings on the History and Culture of Pollution

by Hannah Bradby

Did dinosaurs contribute to global warming? What is rubbish theory and what indeed is rubbish? And how did the whale become a cuddly toy? And why did we decide to saturate our land and food with pesticides?...

Protecting the Atmosphere: The Climate Change Convention and Its Context

by Sten Nilsson & David Pitt

'The authors take us into less-known corridors of climate Realpolitik and energy power play. We are provided with the essential vocabulary to understand what is at stake and how the challenge should be tackled'...

Yearbook of International Cooperation on Environment and Development 2002-03

by Olav Schram Stokke & Oystein B. Thommessen

'An important tool for researchers and decision-makers alike' Gro Harlem Brundtland, Director-General, World Health Organization (WHO) 'An invaluable source for everyone who needs to be up-to-date on international...

Town In a Lobster Stew

Candy Holliday #2

by B.B. Haywood

Things start to boil over at the annual Lobster Stew Cook-Off when an award-winning recipe is stolen and a seven-time contest champion mysteriously disappears-leaving Candy no choice but to find out who in Cape...

Yearbook of International Cooperation on Environment and Development 1999-2000

by Helge Ole Bergesen, Georg Parmann & Oystein B. Thommessen

List of Contents � Current Issues and Key Themes � Agreements on Environment and Development Systematically listed key data and illustrations concerning the most important international agreements presented...

A Guide to EC Environmental Law

by Dorothy Gillies

This volume provides a simple and practical explanation of the most important aspects of EC environment law. It introduces the EC and its institutions, explains the main environmental laws - air and noise, chemicals...

Fair Weather: Equity Concerns in Climate Change

by Ferenc L. Tóth

How should responsibility for adapting to climate change be distributed? Who should bear the costs of mitigating its imports and how should these costs be measured? Answers to these questions differ, often according...

Earth Summit II: Outcomes and Analysis

by Derek Osborn & Tom Bigg

In June 1997, heads of government and senior representatives from over 130 countries met in New York to consider what progress had been made since the first Earth Summit in 1992, and la decide upon priorities...

Acid Earth: The Global Threat of Acid Pollution

by John McCormick

Acid rain was one of the major environmental issues of the 1980s. But while industrialized countries have taken measures to reduce the emissions that lead to acidification, the problems have not gone away. Trees...

The Global Politics of Pesticides: Forging Consensus from Conflicting Interests

by Peter Hough

The Global Politics of Pesticides explores the varied, and often conflicting, interests involved in the formulation of international policies on chemical pesticide manufacture and use - in each of the main areas...

Transport Policy and the Environment: Six Case Studies

by Kenneth Button & Jean-Philippe Barde

Transport, in particular the motor vehicle, is a major source of environmental disruption and, in the developed world, accounts for thirty percent of energy consumption. In most countries, transport policy...

Personal Transport and the Greenhouse Effect

by Peter Hughes

The issue of 'sustainability' in the developed world is nowhere more critical than in the field of personal travel, which in many countries has become the fastest-growing contributor to global warming. Unless...