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by Joan Lowery Nixon

For fans of Gillian Flynn, Caroline Cooney, and R.L. Stine comes Shadowmaker from four-time Edgar Allen Poe Young Adult Mystery Award winner Joan Lowery Nixon.


        When Katie Gillian and her mother...

The Name of the Game Was Murder

by Joan Lowery Nixon

Novelist Augustus Trevor has written a manuscript that reveals the darkest secrets of his guests. Whoever can solve Trevor's clues can have his story removed from the book. But when Trevor is bludgeoned to death,...

Whispers from the Dead

by Joan Lowery Nixon

For fans of Gillian Flynn, Caroline Cooney, and R.L. Stine comes Whispers from the Dead from four-time Edgar Allen Poe Young Adult Mystery Award winner Joan Lowery Nixon.


        Only Sarah senses the...

The Specter

by Joan Lowery Nixon

Seventeen-year-old Dina is fighting cancer and is  angry at the whole world. But when Julie, a  nine-year-old survivor of a car accident, becomes Dina's  roommate at the hospital, there's no time for Dina  to...


by A.M. Gray

Warfighting is an authentic  American philosophy of action that will thrill the millions of fans of SunTzu's The Art of  War and Musashi's The Book of  Five Rings. This modern classic of strategy and philosophy...

And Babies Make Four: A Loveswept Classic Romance

by Ruth Owen

Ruth Owen weaves an irresistible story of unexpected passion in the steamy heat of an island paradise.


Dr. Noel Revere knows she’s asking for trouble when she volunteers to shepherd two very precious—and...

Body Heat: A Loveswept Classic Romance

by Ruth Owen

The heat never lets up as dangerous desires are rekindled in this sizzling tale of love, betrayal, and murder.


Never look back. Those are words Curt Brennermen lives by. He went from riches to rags, and now...

The Making of a Writer

by Joan Lowery Nixon

        Joan Lowery Nixon is the acclaimed author of more than a hundred books for young readers. Over the years, many of her readers have written to her to ask how they, too, can become published writers...

Mac's Angels: The Last Dance: A Loveswept Classic Romance

by Sandra Chastain

Bestselling author Sandra Chastain spins a breathless tale of dark menace and dangerous desire as two people with guarded hearts find themselves at the mercy of an intense mutual attraction.


Content to live...

Mac's Angels: Surrender the Shadow: A Loveswept Classic Romance

by Sandra Chastain

Fan favorite Sandra Chastain enthralls in this classic romance of secrets and suspense.


Some people call him the Shadow—an ex–special forces soldier with a gift for setting wrongs to right without leaving...

Alternative Medicine Magazine's Definitive Guide to Sleep Disorders: 7 Smart Ways to Help You Get a Good Night's Rest

by Herbert Ross & Keri Brenner

If you suffer from insomnia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, or other sleep disorders, you don'¬?t have to endure another long, sleepless night. This second edition of ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE MAGAZINE'¬?S...

The Great Tomato Book

by Joan Nielson

A vine-ripened, juicy delight of a book from Gary Ibsen, founder of the renowned TomatoFest celebration in Carmel, California. Heirloom tomatoes are hot right now, and Ibsen gives history and cultivation information...

The Woman's Guide to Hysterectomy: Expectations and Options

by Adelaide Haas & Susan L. Puretz

Hysterectomy is performed more than any other surgical procedure for women, with the exception of the cesarean section. Authors Adelaide Haas and Susan L. Puretz, both professors in the field of health, have...

Terra: Cooking from the Heart of Napa Valley

by Lissa Doumani, Hiro Sone & Wolfgang Puck

Just over a decade ago, Spago-trained chefs Hiro Sone and Lissa Doumani opened their award-winning Napa Valley restaurant, Terra, in a century-old fieldstone foundry in St. Helena. Their dream of running a world-class...

Richard III

by William Shakespeare

An exciting new edition of the complete works of Shakespeare with these features:  Illustrated with photographs from New York Shakespeare Festival productions, vivid readable readable introductions for each...

The Slightest Provocation

by Pam Rosenthal

Sensual historical romance from an award-winning author

Mary Penley and Kit Stansell were secret friends who became adolescent lovers and eloped. But the marriage didn't survive. Now nine years later, Mary...


by William Shakespeare, David Bevington & David Scott Kastan

No dramatist has ever seen with more frightening clarity into the heart and mind of a murderer than has Shakespeare in this compelling tragedy of evil. Taunted into asserting his “masculinity” by his ambitious...

Antony and Cleopatra

by William Shakespeare

A magnificent drama of love and war, this riveting tragedy presents one of Shakespeare's greatest female characters—the seductive, cunning Egyptian queen Cleopatra. The Roman leader Mark Antony, a virtual...

King Lear

by William Shakespeare, David Bevington & David Scott Kastan

A king foolishly divides his kingdom between his scheming two oldest daughters and estranges himself from the daughter who loves him. So begins this profoundly moving and disturbing tragedy that, perhaps more...

Claiming Your Self-Esteem: A Guide Out of Codependency, Addiction and Other Useless Habits

by Carolyn M. Ball

Through discussions of the dynamics of self-esteem, stories of successful life transformations, and powerful exercises that really work, psychotherapist and teacher Carolyn Ball shows that when we learn to love...