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East Meets West

by John Adago

An account of how the philosophy of the East came to be so integrated into the everyday lives of millions in the West, this book focuses on a select group of men and women who endeavored tirelessly to inject...

Travels with My Harp: The Complete Autobiography

by Mary O'Hara

Inspirational and entertaining, this autobiography chronicles the life of a performing artist with a deeply devout outlook. Mary O’Hara won global acclaim as a singer and harpist, yet behind public success...

Shakespeare and the Rose of Love: A Study of the Early Plays in Relation to the Medieval Philosophy of Love

by John Vyvyan

Offering an unusual and exceptionally clear insight into Shakespeare’s philosophy and a viewpoint seldom considered, this book argues that his philosophy was consistent, consciously held, and profoundly Christian....

Shakespeare and Platonic Beauty

by John Vyvyan

Looking at some of the Shakespearean comedies, author John Vyvyan suggests they express a consistent, profoundly Christian philosophy of life based on the Platonic ideas of beauty and love. In A Midsummer Night’s...

The Science of Economics: The Economic Teaching of Leon MacLaren

by Raymond Makewell

Based on a three-year course prepared by Leon MacLaren for the School of Economic Science in London in the late 1960s, this book reassesses the first principles of economics. Leon MacLaren (1910–1994) was...

The Traumatised Society: How to Outlaw Cheating and Save Our Civilisation

by Fred Harrison

The author was the first to forecast (in 1997) the events that ruptured the global economy in 2008 by applying an analysis that exposes the fault lines in the structure of the market economy. Now, he extends...

Friend to Mankind: Marsilio Ficino (1433-1499)

by Michael Shepherd

Eighteen essays reexamine Ficino’s life and work focusing on three essential aspects: his significance in his own times, his spreading influence throughout Europe and over subsequent centuries in many areas...

A Philosophy for a Fair Society

by Michael Hudson, Kris Feder & G. J. Miller

With the eclipse of the New Right, politicians now admit that society is in crisis. Something must be done, but, explain the authors, governments will fail again unless they shake off the economic orthodoxy...

On the Nature of Poetry: An Appraisal and Investigation of the Art Which for 4000 Years Has Distilled the Spoken Thoughts of Mankind

by Kenneth Verity

The entire history of Western poetry is surveyed in this study, from the ancient world, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the modern period. Two hundred poems extracts are included, and 10 poets are covered...

Earth Is Our Business: Changing the Rules of the Game

by Polly Higgins

Advocating a new form of leadership that places the health and well-being of people and the planet first, this book proposes a new Earth law, a framework for sustainable development and international environmental...

The Shakespearean Ethic

by John Vyvyan

With modesty and conviction, this edition offers a viewpoint seldomly considered: an unusual and exceptionally clear insight into Shakespeare’s philosophy. Appreciating the danger Shakespeare faced in writing...

When Philosophers Rule: Ficino on Plato's Republic, Laws & Epinomis

by Arthur Farndell

Searching for a definition of good government, this commentary from Marsilio Ficino examines three Platonic dialogues that have had a profound effect on Western statesmen and jurists. A leading scholar of the...

No End to Snowdrops: A Biography of Kathleen Raine

by Philippa Bernard

Exploring the life of Kathleen Raine, who played an important role in the literary history of 20th-century England, this authorized biography tells how she developed from a small girl who only wanted to be...

Ricardo's Law: House Prices and the Great Tax Clawback Scam

by Fred Harrison

Presenting insights into how income and wealth are produced and distributed, this study analyzes how, despite two centuries of capital accumulation, poverty persists in rich nations. Relying on the theories...

The President: A  Novel

by John Stewart

Arguing that an efficient economic system can be compatible with a fair share for all, this novel centers on a United States president who changes his mind about his policies. A deliberate parable about today’s...

Language and Truth: A Study of the Sanskrit Language and Its Relationship with Principles of Truth

by Paul Douglas

This remarkable study explores how human language may be appreciated as a reflection of the natural laws of the universe. Describing how different philosophical premises lead to different views of language—including...

Imputed Rights: An Essay in Christian Social Theory

by Robert Andelson

Thoughtful and informative, this essay is an analysis of the basis and nature of human rights. Arguing that human rights is an issue that is often invoked but seldom intelligently considered, this record examines...

The Greatest Briton: Essays on Winston Churchill's Life and Political Philosophy

by Jeremy Havardi

Considered one of the most controversial figures in modern history—highly revered by some and heavily criticized by others—Winston Churchill is defended in this collection of essays covering a variety of topics...

John Clare: Voice of Freedom

by R. S. Attack

Providing a firsthand account of the land enclosure movement of the 19th century from a major English poet, this extensively researched study gives modern readers an appreciation of the divisive effects of such...

The Predator Culture: The Systemic Roots and Intent of Organised Violence

by Fred Harrison

Drawing on case studies of organized violence—ranging from territorial wars and colonial conquests to non-state variants such as organized crime—this record offers a general theory to account for the use of...