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Invisible Effects

by Chris Mays

Invisible Effects directly engages systems and complexity theory to reveal how the effects of writing and writing instruction work in deferred, disguised, and unexpected ways. The book explains how writing and...

Socially Distanced Activism

by Katy Goldstraw & Tracey Herrington

How would your experience of the COVID-19 pandemic have been different if you had no access to the internet? The APLE Collective - a group seeking to eradicate poverty – rooted their pandemic activism in expertise...

Writing Resistance

by Sarah J. Young

  • Brings to light a ‘forgotten’ group of Russian revolutionaries, featuring three memoirs translated into English for the first time.
  • Provides new insight into the role of prison experience in shaping the Russian...

We of the Never Never

by Jeannie Gunn & Mint Editions

We of the Never Never (1908) is an autobiographical novel by Jeannie Gunn. Based on her experience accompanying her husband Aeneas to the remote cattle station of Elsey, Gunn’s novel is a fascinating masterpiece...

The Power of Darkness

by Leo Tolstoy & Mint Editions

The Power of Darkness (1886) is a play by Leo Tolstoy. Forbidden for decades in Tolstoy’s native Russia, the five-act play was first staged in Paris, where it earned praise from some of France’s leading...

The Playboy of the Western World

by John Millington Synge & Mint Editions

When young Christy Mahon flees from his family’s farm and tells the townspeople he killed his father, they respond in a way he did not expect. After an intense fight with his father, young Christy Mahon flees...

Clients, Consumers or Citizens?

by Bob Hudson

Adult social care was the first major social policy domain in England to be transferred from the state to the market. There is now a forty-year period to look back at to consider the thinking behind the strategy,...

Martin Eden

by Jack London & Mint Editions

“[Jack London was] a great gobbler-up of the world, physically and intellectually, the kind of writer who went to a place and wrote his dreams into it, the kind of writer who found an Idea and spun his psyche...


by Jude Jennison

Is your senior leadership team fully aligned and ready for fast-paced change?

Even the most cohesive teams can find themselves derailed by the uncertainty of change. High workloads increase stress, changing priorities...

Strategies for Child Welfare Professionals Working with Transgender and Gender Expansive Youth

by Gerald Mallon

Expert guidance for child welfare and youth care professionals looking to increase their knowledge about, and skills in, working with transgender and gender expansive youth and their families. Many professionals...

An Expressive Arts Approach to Healing Loss and Grief

by Irene Renzenbrink & Stephen K. Levine

Drawing on expertise in both expressive arts and grief counselling, this book highlights the use of expressive arts therapeutic methods in confronting and healing grief and bereavement. Establishing a link between...

The Ultimate Anxiety Toolkit

by Risa Williams, Jennifer Whitney & Amanda Way

Anxiety can feel like a huge number of different things to a huge variety of people. No matter the experience, they all have one thing in common: feeling anxiety is never fun. If you're looking to manage your...

100 Ways Your Child Can Learn Through Play

by Georgina Durrant & Christopher Barnes

Packed full of 100 creative and engaging activities for young children with special educational needs, this book enables you to have fun and enjoy developing your child's skill-based learning with them.


Treating Children with Chinese Dietary Therapy

by Sandra Robertson

Chinese Dietary Therapy is one of the pillars of Chinese medicine and has a large role to play in health. This comprehensive book allows practitioners to add this important element to their paediatric practice...

Qigong in Yoga Teaching and Practice

by Joo Teoh & Mimi Kuo-Deemer

This book inspires yoga teachers to explore the synergy between qigong and yoga sequencing through an exploration of how qigong principles, postures and themes can be incorporated into yoga. It allows yoga teachers...


by Various Authors, Sabah Choudrey, Meg-John Barker & Juno Roche

A visionary, moving and one-of-a-kind anthology of writing on what it means to be trans today and every day.

From the daily bite of anxiety as you go to leave the house, to the freedom found swimming in the wild,...

Life on Autopilot

by Joe Perkins

Drawing on the author's experience of depersonalization disorder (DPD), this book aims to provide support, understanding and advice on how to manage everyday life with DPD.

With insight from respected figures...

The Sibling Survival Guide

by Dawn Huebner & Kara McHale

Having a brother or sister can be tough. It can also be great, but it's hard to see the great parts with so many bad parts getting in the way. Problems like fighting and bossing. Teasing and jealousy. Tattling....

The Christian’s Secret to a Happy Life

by Hannah Whitall Smith

Originally published in 1883, Hannah Whitall Smith’s book The Christian’s Secret to a Happy Life is an extremely popular book of Christian mysticism and practical Holiness theology. She explains that life...

Your Chinese Name

by Zeno Casti

“In order to guide Italian companies that intend to make this qualitative leap forward towards Chinese consumer, we have developed an unconventional linguistic approach which focuses on the fundamental aspects...