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The Witch of Salem (Annotated)

by John R. Musick

This version include a reading note at the end of chapter

A group of young girls in Salem Village, Massachusetts, claimed to be possessed by the devil and accused several local women of witchcraft. As a wave...

Synthetic Approaches to Nonaromatic Nitrogen Heterocycles

by Ana Maria Faisca Phillips

A comprehensive overview of synthetic strategies for nonaromatic nitrogen heterocycles

Nitrogen heterocycles are extremely widely distributed in nature, as well as in synthetic substances found in pharmaceuticals,...

Which Country Has the World's Best Health Care? by Ezekiel J. Emanuel: Summary by Fireside Reads

by Fireside Reads

Learn the Invaluable Lessons from Which Country Has the World's Best Health Care? by Ezekiel J. Emanuel and Apply it into Your Life Without Missing Out!

What's it worth to you to have just ONE good idea applied...

Jesus’s Broken Church

by Peter DeHaan

Do you have a nagging feeling that something’s missing from your church experience?


You’re not alone. And it’s time to discover a better way.


Church-reform advocate and Bible scholar Peter DeHaan, PhD...


by Eny Lestari Widarni & Suryaning Bawono

This book teaches how to manage Human Resources from basic to advanced in the three-book series The Basic of Human Resource Management.

There are three books published in stages in the trilogy series The Basic...

Perspective Made Easy

by Ernest R. Norling

This is the classic manual for learning perspective drawing and drawing in general. All the information is easy-to-understand and illustrated, with over 250 simple line drawings, 256 illustrations, and it perfectly...

Tunnel Jumping

by Denis Stokes

A compelling native voice from Ontario, Canada, Denis Stokes remembers the province and the city of Toronto in verses. His verses portray an age, a city, a province, and the people inhabiting them.

Though the...

Pause - A Sketch Book

by Emily Carr

While studying art in London, Emily Carr seriously undermined her health and was sent to a sanatorium for a complete rest cure. Bridling at the hospital’s rules, which prohibited excitement of any kind, the...

John Carter 1 : A Princes of Mars (Annotated)

by Edgar R. Burroughs

This version include a literary review at the end of chapter

John Carter, a Confederate veteran of the American Civil War, goes prospecting in Arizona immediately after the war's end. Having struck a rich vein...

Scientific Exposition and Ethics

by Iliyasa Maulana

This booklet explains an ethical dilemma scenario dealing with tissues and paired blood samples from patients. It is an exploration of a topic provided by the University of Toronto Scientific Exposition and...

Glorious Apollo

by Elizabeth Louisa Moresby

In writing the life of Byron in the form of a novel I have endeavoured, as in The Divine Lady and in my other books, to touch biography with imagination and to present the essential truth as I see it, clothing...

Grow Your Confidence, Assertiveness & Self-Esteem

by Michelle Gates

The 2021 updated version of the best selling solution to grow your confidence, assertiveness & self-esteem.

"Finally, a simple-to-follow methodlogy for growing your confidence and self esteem - and one that actually...

Lesbians' Futa Wish

by Alana Church

Judy and Pam are lesbians who have a naughty desire. Pam wants to be taken like a man. But the strap-on they bought isn't doing the job.

Enter Gene! The magical genie turns Judy into a sexy futa-woman! But can...


by Joseph R. Meister

Lilith has been kidnapped by the forces of evil and dragged to the underworld, where the Elohim have a horrible destiny in store for her. Although the circle has been broken, and the elements are incomplete,...


by Nanáh Zoti

Maya Pyjeve thought she would be safe in São Paulo. A successful photographer, she knows she is challenging the teachings of her people and the will of the gods by trying to choose her own path. Maya thinks...

The Chaldæan Oracles of ZOROASTER

by W. Wynn Westcott

William Wynn Westcott was the co-founder of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. He was a very influential Freemason, theosophist, he took on Pythagoras’ theories and studied the Kabbalah. This book is a...

The Romance of Freemasonry

by Joseph Fort Newton

The Romance of Freemasonry, which we have the honor of republishing today, is the text of an illuminating speech that Brother Joseph Fort Newton addressed to twelve hundred members of the Grand Lodge of Canada,...

One Hundred Years of Solitude

by Gabriel Garcia Márquez

One Hundred Years of Solitude is a landmark novel by Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez that tells the multi-generational story of the Buendía family, whose patriarch, José Arcadio Buendía, founded...

Love in the Time of Cholera

by Gabriel Garcia Márquez

Love in the Time of Cholera is a novel by Colombian Nobel prize winning author Gabriel García Márquez.

Brave New World

by Aldous Leonard Huxley

Brave New World is a dystopian social science fiction novel by English author Aldous Huxley, written in 1931 and published in 1932.