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Where Things Touch

by Bahar Orang

To devote oneself to the study of beauty is to offer footnotes to the universe for all the places and all the moments that one observes beauty. I can no longer grab beauty by her wrists and demand articulation...

Read Me a Story, Stella

by Marie-Louise Gay

In the first new Stella book in four years — in a series that has sold two million copies in ten languages — Stella introduces little brother Sam to the pleasures of reading. Sam is as busy and worried as...


by Marie-Louise Gay

Marie-Louise Gay published Stella, Star of the Sea more than ten years ago. It was an immediate hit, and since then she has written and illustrated four more books featuring the engaging, red-headed heroine,...

Stella, Queen of the Snow

by Marie-Louise Gay

Winner of the Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award

Stella and her little brother, Sam, are spending the day playing in the snow. The forest, snowballs, snow angels and the mysterious white stuff itself provide fuel...

Stella, Star of the Sea

by Marie-Louise Gay

Stella and her little brother are spending the day at the sea. Stella has been to the sea before and knows all its secrets, but Sam has many questions: "Does a catfish purr? Does a seahorse gallop?" Stella has...

Stella, Princess of the Sky

by Marie-Louise Gay

Another adventure begins in this book in the Stella and Sam series as the pair explores the wonders of the natural world. A vast luminous sky, the sun, the stars and the rising moon form the backdrop for their...

Stella, Fairy of the Forest

by Marie-Louise Gay

Stella's little brother Sam wonders whether fairies are invisible. Stella assures him that she has seen hundreds of them and that if she and Sam venture across the meadow and into the forest, they are likely...

When Stella was Very, Very Small

by Marie-Louise Gay

In this book in the Stella and Sam series, Marie-Louise Gay has gone back in time to answer the questions often asked by the children who read and love the books.

Where does Stella get her wild ideas? How big...

How to brings love back into your relationship

by Pharable

Due to negative emotions and stress, you are probably counting on your spouse and the circumstances to make you happy now. The only person who can make you happy and valued is you.

 Yes, it would be nice if...

99 Ma?uki Nida

by Mehmet Ali Eroğlu

En güzel isimler kainat? yoktan var eden yüce yarat?c?n?nd?r. Varl???n yegane sahibi de O'dur. ?nsano?lunun f?trat?nda ihtiyaç duyma ve isteme vard?r. Dua, f?trattaki isteme arzusunun ortaya ç?k???d?r. Allah...

How To Make A Girl Date You In Few Minutes

by Miss Tyres Gate

Getting a girl is a task that some men find difficult. This is usually because they are not sure of their social skills or are aware of their appearance. What men need to recognize is that women don't judge...

Destroying Diabetes

by Saintkenz

 All ??u need ?? a proper diet of fresh fruits ?nd vegetables ?nd get plenty of exercises ?nd you'll b? fine.”

Ev?r heard those words fr?m ??ur doctor?

If that's all he/she recommends then you're missing ?ut...

Practical Steps To Save Your Marriage From Divorce

by John Alexandra

When you are on your way to divorce, the last watt you just want to do. That chance is great if words like "red is marriage by divorce" continues the reverberation in your head, and you are worst off about finding...

What to Know Before Saying "I DO"

by Ryan DaJohns

The big day is approaching. There are a hundred and one events to manage, honeymoon plans, living conditions, not to mention the table plan always controversial at the wedding party! But what am I forgetting?...

Crushing Your Addictions

by Saintkenz

 This ?? f?r people who want t? unleash th? power t? crush ANY addiction... 


I'm going t? get right down t? it... 


If you've found this page, either ??u ?r someone ??u know has some sort of addiction...

Revive It back

by Tony Paul

Nobody likes to admit it, but the truth is that many relationships do not go away after a few years. Whenever you have a serious relationship with someone, you want the relationship to be as strong after five...

Of Roses and Kings

by Melissa Marr

In this dark, skewed take on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Alice is now the Red Queen, and her maid must tread the fine line between favor and blame in this strange world.

At the Publisher's request, this...

The Tourist

by Alex Sherman

In Alex Sherman's novella of space exploration The Tourist, a young academic travels to a mining outpost on a small planetoid, far from their sun

There he studies the culture and music of a small squatter population...

A Dark Secret On How To Stop Masturbating And porn addiction Fast And Easily – EXPOSED”

by Matt O. Wilson

You are about to stop masturbating, wasting hours digging for online porn, and wasting your precious time on porn when there are other relevant things to tackle in life.

There is a level of pornography were damaging...

Love the Root of Success

by Toni Best

The fragmentation is incredible. It cannot be measured by space and time. It triggers change, and end wars. Love helps help us transform energy in terms of money, opportunities and relationships. Love can refresh...