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The future of banking (Flash Ensayo)

by Miguel Á. Fernández Ordóñez

A reflection on the fragile banking sector nowadays and the possibility of progressing towards a system of public and safe money, issued by the Central Bank.

Miguel A. Fernández Ordóñez introduces his text...

The Crying Season

by D.K. Hood

The light fades as she runs for her life, the forest now becoming quieter around her. The only noise she hears is the sound of footsteps following her...


It’s hiking season in Black Rock Falls and the small...

The Cotton Lass & other stories

by Anna Jacobs

This collection of stand-alone short stories is a treat for new readers and dedicated fans alike. In each of these 17 stories, an ordinary person takes on an extraordinary journey to a new life, discovering...

Ghost Trees

by Bob Gilbert

The story of a city landscape told through its trees, both past and present.

When Bob Gilbert moved to London’s East End, he began to record the natural world of his new inner city patch. Especially the trees:...

Maths Learning Difficulties, Dyslexia and Dyscalculia

by Steve Chinn

Written by a world authority on maths difficulties in children, this accessible guide provides tried and tested visual strategies and tailored techniques to help teachers and parents support children with SpLDs...

The Big Book of Dyslexia Activities for Kids and Teens

by Gavin Reid, Nick Guise & Jennie Guise

Packed with fun, creative and multi-sensory activities, this resource will help children and teenagers with dyslexia become successful learners across the curriculum. The authors provide over one hundred tried-and-tested...

The Simple Guide to Understanding Shame in Children

by Betsy de Thierry & Emma Reeves

· What is shame? · How does it affect children? · How can adults help? The perfect starting point for any adult or carer working with children who have experienced shame, this guide provides straightforward...

Teen Mental Health in an Online World

An Introduction to Autism for Adoptive and Foster Families

by Katie Hunt & Helen Rodwell

Written for busy foster carers and adoptive parents, this book provides a concise introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and how to support a child with a diagnosis. It emphasises the common strengths...

Safety and Consent for Kids and Teens with Autism or Special Needs

by Debra Jacobs

The developmental challenges of children with special needs means they are often more at risk of physical or emotional exploitation. This book provides invaluable tools to help parents, carers and teachers protect...

Extraordinary Chinese Medicine

by Thomas Richardson & William R. Morris

Exploring the relationship between the eight extraordinary vessels, and the zangfu and extraordinary organs, this ground-breaking book provides a new way of looking at the deep connection between the flow of...

Improving the Psychological Wellbeing of Children and Young People

by Amanda Laffan, Katie Hunt, Julia Faulconbridge & Ruth Butterworth et al.

Written for professionals spanning children's services, this must-read guide provides an authoritative overview of what shapes the psychological wellbeing of children and young people - from perinatal care and...

Unlocking Your Self-Healing Potential

by Josef Ulrich

Our bodies have an amazing capacity for repair and regeneration, healing a broken ankle or grazed knee. The power to heal exists within all of us, but few people learn how to support it and harness it in our...

The Truth Pixie

by Matt Haig & Chris Mould

From number one bestselling author Matt Haig comes a hilarious and heartwarming story, brilliantly illustrated throughout by Chris Mould Wherever she is, whatever the day, She only has one kind of thing to say....

Points of Danger

by Edward Marston

1861, East Anglia. Alone in a first-class carriage, the Swarbricks are robbed at gunpoint, but when the universally-admired Swarbrick fights back, the train robber takes more than money and jewellery, killing...

Head Wind

by Judith Cutler

While Jane waits for renovations to be completed on her new permanent home, she remains in temporary accommodation under the watchful eye of her landlord Brian Dawes, chair of the governors at Wrayford School....

Fish Cookbook - Simple and Easy Fish Recipes

by Dennis Adams

We are presenting delicious and beautiful fish and seafood dishes that can be cooked at home. Exquisite light salads and appetizers, fragrant soups, extraordinary pastes and fragrant pastries - from all this...

FaceBook  My  Business   Training Guide

by Laura Maya

It’s a globe-straddling social network, it’s your go-to social advertising platform – and now it’s a marketplace too! On October 3rd, Facebook announced the arrival of Facebook Marketplace, a new feature...


by Anon E. Mouse & Narrated by Baba Indaba

ISSN: 2397-9607 Issue 464

In this 464th issue of the Baba Indaba’s Children's Stories series, Baba Indaba narrates a Maori Legend - "Tiki – The Ancestor or Mankind”.

ONCE, UPON A TIME, a long, long time...

Steam Trade in a Flash

by Gavin Rockhard

Roger loves two things: straight guys and bathhouses! Today he gets to hang out in a shower with two whole wrestling squads, giving him an opportunity to service one wrestler in particular, in this, Roger's...