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When I Grow Up I Want to Be a List of Further Possibilities

by Chen Chen & Jericho Brown

In this ferocious and tender debut, Chen Chen investigates inherited forms of love and family—the strained relationship between a mother and son, the cost of necessary goodbyes—all from Asian American, immigrant,...

The Words Are In My Soul

by Nicole Wilson

The Words Are In My Soul is a semi-annual literary journal intended to promote art in the church as well as the authors themselves. The pieces range over a vareity of topics. Every issue sold donates a portion...

A Gathering Sense of Light

by Maggie Slattery

These short poems celebrate the enigmatic, sometimes comical, often disappointing and always exquisite movement between dark and light in every human encounter.

Maggie Slattery received awards from the Fellowship...

The Autistic Alice

by Joanne Limburg

There are two acts of recovery in this book – one of a lost brother, and another of a lost self. Joanne Limburg commemorates both in her third collection, The Autistic Alice. In its title-sequence she uses...

Portobello Sonnets

by Harry Clifton

Portobello, the district in Dublin where the Irish poet Harry Clifton lives, is a microcosm of a changing, cosmopolitan Ireland. These sonnets, written on his return from sixteen years in continental Europe,...

Eat This Poem: A Literary Feast of Recipes Inspired by Poetry

by Nicole Gulotta

A literary cookbook that celebrates food and poetry, two of life's essential ingredients.

In the same way that salt seasons ingredients to bring out their flavors, poetry seasons our lives; when celebrated together,...

Moonbeams in the Bitter Rain

by Jayne Linke

‘Through her poetry in Moonbeams in the Bitter Rain Jayne Linke invites understanding of what it is to come through harsh and life-changing events. Crisp, raw and achingly honest, her writing at times gives...

Beach Reads

by Amy Francis Dechary, Rina Palumbo & Cecile Sarruf

This anthology of thirty short stories, personal essays, and poetry explores the sun as an agent of transformation. An ill-fated sunset swim. A weekend rendezvous with a childhood idol. A cliffside life-and-death...

Für Dich - For You

by Horst Wüst

Gedichtband über die Liebe und das Leben Horst Wüst wurde 1955 in Hörstein, Unterfranken, geboren. Früh begab er sich nach München und studierte dort neben Wirtschaft die Schauspielerei. Etliche Jahre verbrachte...

The Essential Space of Play

by George Genovese

Reflections on love, loss and the play of poetic imagination recur in this collection. In one of the two free verse works, ‘The Passing Poem’, these unite. This poem was something I felt compelled to write...

Time Steals Softer

by George Genovese

George Genovese was born in Malta in 1962 and immigrated to Australia in 1967. In 1985 he graduated from La Trobe University with a major in philosophy. He has since read his poetry at various venues in Victoria....

Urban Transparencies

by Mark Willing

See, in the places of our lives, in the lands of our childhood, in the rooms with strange laughter and conversation; how we look back upon those simpler days with their self-styled skills and their innocent...

Skies of My Dreams

by Kathy Abrahams

Kathy Abrahams was born in Fremantle, Western Australia, and then moved to Busselton in the south-west of the state, about three hours from Perth. She is a member of the Society of Women Writers WA and edits...

On Bunyah

by Les Murray

‘Bunyah has been my refuge and home place all my life. This book concentrates on the smallest habitats of community, the scattered village and the lone house, where space makes the isolated dwelling into an...

Raking Light

by Eric Langley

Raking Light is Eric Langley’s début collection of poems. Characterised by his rigorous fascination with language’s latent etymologies and semantic layers, Langley’s poems take their cue from the artconservation...

Gorée's Unwavering Songs Poetry

by Femi Ojo-Ade

Femi Ojo-Ade’s new poetry collection, Gorée’s Unwavering Songs comes a few years after his first, the honourably mentioned Exile at Home. The wait, one daresay, is worth it. This collection is poignant...


by C.D. Wright

"Through more than a dozen collections, C.D. Wright pushed the bounds of imagination as she explored desire, loss and physical sensation. Her posthumously published book, ShallCross features seven poem sequences...

Rudyard Kipling: Complete Poems (Eireann Press)

by Rudyard Kipling & Eireann Press

CONTENTS: Departmental Ditties (1886) Barrack-Room Ballads (1892) The Seven Seas (1896) The Five Nations (1903) The Muse among the Motors (1904) The Years Between (1919) + 136 Uncollected Poems

Edgar Allan Poe: Complete Poems (Eireann Press)

by Edgar Allan Poe & Eireann Press


Brontë Sisters: Complete Poems (Eireann Press)

by Emily Brontë, Eireann Press, Charlotte Brontë & Anne Brontë

CONTENTS Pilate's Wife's Dream. Faith and Despondency. A Reminiscence. Mementos. Stars. The Philosopher. The Arbour. Home. The Wife's Will. Remembrance. Vanitas Vanitatum, Omnia Vanitas. The Wood. A Death-Scene....