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Let’s Play Math Sampler

by Denise Gaskins

Do you want your children to enjoy learning math?

Teach them how to play!

In excerpts from author Denise Gaskins's most popular books, the Let's Play Math Sampler features ten kid-tested games covering math concepts...

Word Problems from Literature

by Denise Gaskins

You can help prevent math anxiety by giving your children the mental tools they need to conquer story problems.

Young children expect to look at a word problem and instantly see the answer. But as they get older,...

Multiplication & Fractions

by Denise Gaskins

Rescue your child from math phobia — by playing games!

You’ll love these math games because they give your child a sturdy foundation for understanding multiplication and fractions.

Help your child master the...

Math You Can Play Combo

by Denise Gaskins

Math Your Kids WANT to Do.

You’ll love these math games because they give your child a strong foundation for mathematical success.

By playing these games, you strengthen your child’s intuitive understanding...

Addition & Subtraction

by Denise Gaskins

Prevent math anxiety — by playing games!

You’ll love these math games because they give your child a sturdy foundation for understanding addition and subtraction.  

Help your child learn mental flexibility...

Counting & Number Bonds

by Denise Gaskins

Prepare your child for math success — by playing games!

You’ll love these math games because they give your child a sturdy foundation for understanding mathematics.

Young children play with counting and number...

Let's Play Math

by Denise Gaskins & Keith Devlin

Transform your child’s experience of math!

Even if you struggled with math in school, you can help your children enjoy learning and prepare them for academic success.

Author Denise Gaskins makes it easy with...

70+ Things to Do with a Hundred Chart

by Denise Gaskins

Are you looking for creative ways to help your child learn math?

You don’t need a special workbook, teacher’s manual, or lesson plans. All you need is an inquiring mind and something interesting to think...

Helping your Child Learn Math

by Patsy F. Kanter & Eric Reese

Do you have a child that does not understand math concepts the first time round? Do you see their potential and want to help them overcome their difficulties in math? This eBook provides excellent math tips...

A Connected Curriculum for Higher Education

by Professor Dilly Fung, Professor of Higher Education Development & Academic Director Ucl Centre for Advancing Learning and Teaching

Is it possible to bring university research and student education into a more connected, more symbiotic relationship? If so, can we develop programmes of study that enable faculty, students and ‘real world’...

Fun Plants & Seeds Math Games - Multiplication and Division for Kids

by Baby Professor

How about incorporating Mathematics to plants? Well, this book will teach your kids how to multiply and divide with the help of our ever trusted plants and seeds. This book was designed to remove the intimidating...

Money Lessons and Practicums -Children's Money & Saving Reference

by Baby Professor

It is so much better to teach today’s kids about how to manage wealth in their young age than in their teens. This Money and Saving Reference is a perfect guide to do just that. Your children will be introduced...

The Simplified Money Tree - Children's Money & Saving Reference

by Baby Professor

Money should not always be equated to spending. For young learners, money is about the ability to recognize numbers, value and skip counting too. It is a subject discussed as early as kindergarten but you can...

Adventures of Saving & Making Money -Children's Money & Saving Reference

by Baby Professor

This reference book is all about teaching children how to handle money, save and even earn some more. The book contains adventurous stories and illustrations to make your kids better understand the concepts...

The Great Guide to Children's Money & Saving Reference

by Baby Professor

Financial analysts would tell you that it’s always a good idea to start worrying about your finances the earliest time possible. Your kids are not exempted. The younger they start being knowledgeable about...

Making Sense with Money - Children's Money & Saving Reference

by Baby Professor

Being responsible and practical at a young age is a must and a plus for kids who already know about these two concepts. This book aims to teach young children to make sense with money – how to manage finances...

Everything a Kid Needs to Know about Money - Children's Money & Saving Reference

by Baby Professor

Teach your kids the basics about finances. There’s no such thing as too early when it comes to these things. Properly seal the deal about money and how to value them and other possessions by introducing this...

Adventures in Mathematical Reasoning

by Sherman Stein

Equally appealing to beginners and to the mathematically adept, this book bridges the humanities and sciences to explore applications behind computers, cell phones, measurement of astronomical distance, cell...

Teaching Mathematics at Secondary Level

by Tony Gardiner

Teaching Mathematics is nothing less than a mathematical manifesto. Arising in response to a limited National Curriculum, and engaged with secondary schooling for those aged 11-14 (Key Stage 3) in particular,...

Challenging Math Problems

by Terry Stickels

Two friends wish to meet for breakfast twice a month throughout the year. In how many ways can they choose those two days so that they never meet on consecutive days?

You want to measure 30 seconds and you have...