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The art of singing

by Enrico Caruso

The historical revelations of the vocal technique of the Greatest Tenor, the “world’s first popstar” Enrico Caruso

In this book, Caruso himself analyzes and describes his phenomenal breathing technique...

Serving the Servant

by Danny Goldberg

On the twenty-fifth anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death comes a new perspective on one of the most compelling icons of our time—and the only book written by someone who knew him

In early 1991, top music manager...

Why Bob Dylan Matters, Revised Edition

by Richard F. Thomas

“The coolest class on campus” – The New York Times

When the Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to Bob Dylan in 2016, a debate raged. Some celebrated, while many others questioned the choice.  How could...

Conversations with Michael Jackson

by Ronald Ritter & Sussan Evermore

Michael Jackson is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable and iconic figures of the twentieth century. A musical genius of song, sound and dance with each period of his life identifiable by its own creative...

Another Planet

by Tracey Thorn

In a 1970s commuter town, Tracey Thorn's teenage life was forged from what failed to happen. Her diaries were packed with entries about not buying things, not going to the disco, the school coach not arriving....

David Bowie Conversations

by Ronald Ritter & Sussan Evermore

David Jones (Bowie), is arguably the most influential pop icon of our times. He was not just music, words and lyrics but a work of art displayed as David Bowie. His profound effect reverberated out through all...

The Organist

by Mark Abley

Harry Abley was a nightmare of a father: depressive, self-absorbed, unpredictable, emotionally unstable. He was also a dream of a father: gentle, courageous, artistically gifted. Mark Abley, his only child,...

6 Chaves Para o Sucesso

by Dan Van Casteele

Mesmo que a maioria das pessoas pense que a fama depende da sorte, as melhores bandas seguem uma mentalidade e um caminho completamente diferente das massas ao moldar seu destino. Suas regras são tão comuns...

Best Seat in the House

by Tom Stephen & Keith Elliot Greenberg

For 15 years, Tom Stephen had the unique distinction of being both drummer and manager of the Jeff Healey Band. The dual role was fraught with conflicts of interest. One minute, he was leading the debauched...

Stone Free

by Jas Obrecht

A compelling portrait of rock's greatest guitarist at the moment of his ascendance, Stone Free is the first book to focus exclusively on the happiest and most productive period of Jimi Hendrix's life. As it...

Rory Gallagher

by Julian Vignoles

Rory Gallagher is revered as one of the world's greatest guitarists. He bounded across the stage with the swagger of a rock star, but offstage he was a shy, unassuming man. There were no wild parties, no marriages...

Vincent Persichetti

by Andrea Olmstead

Vincent Persichetti: Grazioso, Grit, and Gold is the first critical biography of this esteemed American composer, bringing together thorough scholarship by Andrea Olmstead and contributions by prominent performers....

Boho Days

by J. Collis

“I’m writing one great song before I…”

When Jonathan Larson died, he left behind a musical poised to become a world-spanning phenomenon. When RENT struck, Larson became a legend - and his work legendary....


by Gary Barlow

Coming soon.

The Invention and Reinvention of Big Bill Broonzy

by Kevin D. Greene

Over the course of his long career, legendary bluesman William "Big Bill" Broonzy (1893@–1958) helped shape the trajectory of the genre, from its roots in the rural Mississippi River Delta, through its rise...

Buffy Sainte-Marie

by Andrea Warner & Joni Mitchell

"Buffy Sainte-Marie is an icon and inspiration. This book is necessary—an authorized insight into the making of a legend." —Terese Marie Mailhot, author of Heart Berries

A powerful, intimate look at the...

Crooked River City

by Terry Wait Klefstad

A pianist, arranger, and composer, William Pursell is a mainstay of the Nashville music scene. He has played jazz in Nashville's Printer's Alley with Chet Atkins and Harold Bradley, recorded with Johnny Cash...


by Edward J. Dent

George Frideric (or Frederick) Handel was a German, later British, Baroque composer who spent the bulk of his career in London, becoming well-known for his operas, oratorios, anthems, and organ concertos. Handel...

The Quintessential Hit Man (Second Edition)

by Larry Russell Brown, Sandy Linzer & Larry Edward Wacholtz

He’s been slapped by Frank Sinatra, hugged by John Lennon, and ridiculed by The Beatles’ record label. It all happened over his song Tie a Yellow Ribbon ‘round the Ole Oak Tree that ignited emotions of...


by Terry J Mitchell & Rita Reali

This is a compelling memoir detailing the life and military service of the author who served dual careers with the U.S. Courts and the U.S. Army. It chronicles his journey starting with the disappearance of...