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Cyber Survival Manual

by Nick Selby & Heather Vescent

As we live more of our lives online and entrust personal information to the cloud, we need to be much more aware and proactive about protecting ourselves. Are you safe from hackers? Not without taking precautions....

Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Guide

by Rafay Baloch

Requiring no prior hacking experience, Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Guide supplies a complete introduction to the steps required to complete a penetration test, or ethical hack, from beginning to...

Puppet 5 Beginner's Guide - Third Edition

by John Arundel

Puppet 5 Beginner's Guide, Third Edition is a practical guide that gets you up and running with the very latest features of Puppet 5. About This Book • Develop skills to run Puppet 5 on single or multiple...

Implementing Modern DevOps

by David Gonzalez

Help your organization join the DevOps revolution About This Book • Helps you skill up your DevOps knowledge without a strong set of prerequisites • Deliver continuously improved software by showcasing the...

Manage Your SAP Projects With SAP Activate

by Vinay Singh

Explore and use the agile techniques of SAP Activate Framework in your SAP Projects. About This Book • Explore the three pillars of SAP Activate and see how it works in different scenario. • Understand and...

Police and Society in Brazil

by Vicente Riccio & Wesley G. Skogan

In Brazil, where crime is closely associated with social inequality and failure of the criminal justice system, the police are considered by most to be corrupt, inefficient, and violent, especially when occupying...

The Art of Capacity Planning: Scaling Web Resources in the Cloud

by Arun Kejariwal & John Allspaw

In their early days, Twitter, Flickr, Etsy, and many other companies experienced sudden spikes in activity that took their web services down in minutes. Today, determining how much capacity you need for handling...

JUNOS Automation Cookbook

by Adam Chappell

Administer, configure, and monitor Junos in your organization About This Book • Get well acquainted with security and routing policies to identify the use of firewall filters. • Learn to provide end-user...

Understanding the New European Data Protection Rules

by Paul Lambert

Compared to the US, European data and privacy protection rules seem Draconian. The European rules apply to any enterprise doing business in the EU. The new rules are far more stringent than the last set. This...

Python Digital Forensics Cookbook

by Preston Miller & Chapin Bryce

Over 60 recipes to help you learn digital forensics and leverage Python scripts to amplify your examinations About This Book • Develop code that extracts vital information from everyday forensic acquisitions....

ServiceNow Application Development

by Sagar Gupta

Develop and extend efficient cloud-native applications with ServiceNow About This Book • Build and customize your apps and workflows to suit your organization's requirements • Perform in-depth application...

Big Data Analytics in Cybersecurity

by Onur Savas & Julia Deng

Big data is presenting challenges to cybersecurity. For an example, the Internet of Things (IoT) will reportedly soon generate a staggering 400 zettabytes (ZB) of data a year. Self-driving cars are predicted...

Windows Server 2016 Automation with PowerShell Cookbook - Second Edition

by Thomas Lee

Over 100 recipes to help you leverage PowerShell to automate Windows Server 2016 manual tasks About This Book • Automate Windows server tasks with the powerful features of the PowerShell Language • Master...

Agile Application Security: Enabling Security in a Continuous Delivery Pipeline

by Laura Bell, Michael Brunton-Spall & Rich Smith

Agile continues to be the most adopted software development methodology among organizations worldwide, but it generally hasn't integrated well with traditional security management techniques. And most security...

Responsive Security: Be Ready to Be Secure

by Meng-Chow Kang

Responsive Security: Be Ready to Be Secure explores the challenges, issues, and dilemmas of managing information security risk, and introduces an approach for addressing concerns from both a practitioner and...

Network Security Through Data Analysis: From Data to Action

by Michael Collins

Traditional intrusion detection and logfile analysis are no longer enough to protect today’s complex networks. In the updated second edition of this practical guide, security researcher Michael Collins shows...

Building Hybrid Clouds with Azure Stack

by Markus Klein & Susan Roesner

Bring the power of Microsoft Azure Hybrid Cloud technology to your datacenter. About This Book • Build and deploy software-defined infrastructures and deliver Azure-based IaaS and Paas services in your datacenter...

Intelligence-Driven Incident Response: Outwitting the Adversary

by Scott J Roberts & Rebekah Brown

Using a well-conceived incident response plan in the aftermath of an online security breach enables your team to identify attackers and learn how they operate. But, only when you approach incident response with...

Azure Serverless Computing Cookbook

by Praveen Kumar Sreeram

Over 50 recipes to help you build applications hosted on Serverless architecture using Azure Functions. About This Book • Enhance Azure Functions with continuous deployment using Visual Studio Team Services...

Mastering AWS Lambda

by Yohan Wadia & Udita Gupta

Build cost-effective and highly scalable Serverless applications using AWS Lambda. About This Book • Leverage AWS Lambda to significantly lower your infrastructure costs and deploy out massively scalable,...