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My Neighbor's A What?

by Alana Church

The new neighbors have a secret. Five gorgeous women have moved in next door. When Clark Fowler takes a summer job as a handyman, he never expected to find out that the sexy cougar who owns the house is running...

Secret Mistress

by Mistress Daria

I know I shouldn't be cheating on my wife. But I know that only she will be able to satisfy that need deep inside me. She is my Secret Mistress. 

I haven’t earned my collar yet, However, for today I will act...

Raped By Daddy & Uncle - At The Same Time!

by Amber FoxFire

“You’re a proper little whore. I wonder what your dad would think if he knew his good little Catholic girl was sucking off guys behind the liquor store.”

“Get out!” I snapped. Just as I went to rush...

Kazek The Cossack

by Théo Trifard

KAZEK THE COSSACK by Theo Trifard, translated from French by Jill Trifard and Nicky Rebelo, is a romance and also a naughty book, embellished with a tablespoon of humour and a pinch of French touch. This novel...

Mounted By A Mongrel

by Kelly Addams

Slutty teen Sadie has had one hell of a night! Following a drunken gang bang she finds herself naked, penniless and abandoned on the wrong side of town. She has to get home without being acosted by perverts,...

Insult Me!

by Anna Mann

Researcher Patience has been asked to discover what readers want in a romance story, but the ebony BBW's mind drifts from safe tales to much spicier stories, and one theme sets her on fire... so much so that...

Use My Wife

by Ginny Watson

Ebony wife Akinyi doesn't mind that her middle aged husband has dreams of sharing her because the thought of it really turns her on. Always hungry for sex the chubby black girl is open to all his kinky ideas,...

Dirty Uncle Loves DubCon Incest 10-Pack Volume One Niece Bundle

by Deedee Zee

Once these horny uncles find the means to get with their hot nieces, nothing will stop them from getting off.

Blackmail Made Niece an Anal Slut (01)

Once his niece revealed a blackmail-worthy secret, he had all...

My Daughter's A What?

by Alana Church

Jim's marriage is failing and his step-daughter won't talk to him. But when he goes to the strip club one night, he gets one hell of a surprise! Will Allison's forbidden desire for her father finally bear fruit?...

I turned my Boss the Alpha male into a submissive Women

by Mindy Transform

Ryan was always messing with me in the office, but when he put his job before my feelings, I begged to the universe to learn what it's like to be a woman, I got my wish alright!

Read for some sexy gender swapping...

Serving Her Betters

by Anna Austin

Penny is a young maidservant. Once innocent and pure, she has been corrupted by her Master, the devilishly handsome Lord Wiltshire, and his wife, the sinful and seductive Lady Wiltshire.

The two aristocratic...

Hypnosis Made Niece Thankful for Dick: Dirty Uncle Loves DubCon Incest

by Deedee Zee

It’s the weekend. Instead of spending the time jerking off to his favorite porn, Uncle Alex is stuck with his niece crashing at his place to escape the college campus. He’s not letting her stay for free...

Birthday Bondage Made Niece Addicted to Sex: Dirty Uncle Loves DubCon Incest

by Deedee Zee

For her daughter’s eighteenth birthday present, Mom has prepared a very special that involves bondage, orgasms, and giving her first time to her uncle. But Mom doesn’t expect her daughter to just go along...

Hard Sleeping Made Niece an Anal Fuck Doll: Dirty Uncle Loves DubCon Incest

by Deedee Zee

Being the dependable uncle means he’s also the trusted uncle, which is exactly what he wants. Everyone thinks he’s a great guy who is always there when needed. Even his niece gives him a spare key to her...

Serving Her Master

by Anna Austin

Penny is a young maidservant, innocent and pure. But her innocence is soon to be corrupted...

Her Master, Lord Wiltshire is a known rake and scoundrel, and when it comes to sweet little maids like Penny, he simply...

Rebecca's Erotic Magic

by Houston Cei

Rebecca takes over the estate of Danica who has passed on to a spiritual world. As a resident and caretaker of the eerily Gothic house and land, she honors its traditions and adds innovations of her own. After...

Ayumi - Dub-Con Flash Fiction

by Anna Mann

*** Please Note *** This is a work of Flash Fiction and is less than 2000 words!

Teen Ayumi knows that she'll get touched and groped as she travels in crowded underground train carriages, that's a daily fact...

Spread 'Em Wide

by Ginny Watson

Sexy Ebony Sales Manager Clara has a kinky fetish, she is an exhibitionist & loves nothing better than letting horny guys look at her hot naked body. From bukkake on a nudist beach to cruising topless in her...

Angel Abused

by Ginny Watson

Ebony BBW Angel was told it could be dangerous to cross the urban central wastelands alone, but she is determind to make her journey to a cultural festival on the other side of the city. What she doesn't know...

Pleasing Bosses

by Daisy Rose

Marie is in a lot of trouble when her lover finds her in the arms of black man, wearing nothing except her shame. She is punished and humiliated in more ways than one as the powerful alpha male shows her just...