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Lettering for Planners

by Jillian Reece & Jordan Truster

An easy guide to modern calligraphy and hand lettering

Fans of Creative Lettering and Beyond and The Complete Book of Lettering will love Lettering for Planners

Calligraphy for your journal aesthetic: Beautiful...

Kalidasa’s Nayikas

by Harsha V. Dehejia

To enter the mind of Kalidasa is to enter a world of colour and music, a world of beauty, of regal spaces and mythic narratives, of sensuous nayikas and sonorous sounds, of evocative words and ornamented phrases,...

Fun and Fearless Flourishing

by Alissa Chojnacki

  • Hand lettering books continue to sell well, with intermediate-level skill books on the rise
  • Author is a hand lettering blogger and instructor with over 50k Instagram followers
  • The book includes over 200 colorful,...

  • Gustav Klimt

    by 50MINUTES.Com

    Keen to learn but short on time? Find out everything you need to know about the life and work of Gustav Klimt in just 50 minutes with this straightforward and engaging guide!

    Gustav Klimt was one of the most...

    Fast and Fun Watercolor

    by Gina Lee Kim

    Take a journey through Gina Lee Kim's watercolor palette--with each chapter representing one of the standard colors found in the color wheel. Learn how to merge watercolor and mixed media together without the...

    Watercolor Lettering

    by Jessica Park

  • Hand lettering books continue to sell well, and watercolor is an increasingly popular niche
  • Author is a modern calligrapher with an Instagram following of over 150,000
  • Features over 200 full color, step-by-step...

  • Watercolour Workshop

    by Ann Blockley

    An inspirational and practical art manual, packed with step-by-step projects.

    Artist Ann Blockley is renowned for her innovative approach to watercolour painting. Her highly anticipated new book provides a series...

    Brush Pen Lettering Practice Book

    by Grace Song

    Practice til you’re perfect with expert drills, tips, and exercises!

    There's only one way to take your hand lettering to the next level...practice, practice, practice. Now this handy workbook provides the smart...

    Drawing Fantastic Dragons

    by Sandra Staple

    Create and Customize the Dragon of Your Dreams!

    In easy-to-follow, step-by-step detail, Drawing Fantastic Dragons teaches you all the tricks and techniques you’ll need to create your own amazing dragons. You’ll...

    Botanical Illustration

    by Leigh Ann Gale

    Botanical Illustration - the complete guide explains the processes and methods behind this beautiful art genre. It highlights the importance of the requisite skills of close observation, accurate drawing and...

    Paint Watercolor Flowers

    by Birgit O'Connor

    You can paint beautiful blooms, step by step!


    Sunflowers, orchids, daffodils, lilies...your brush can bring these and more to life with Paint Watercolor Flowers. Master watercolorist Birgit O'Connor guides...

    Dracopedia Legends

    by William O'Connor

    Learn to draw colossal dragons and legendary heroes!

    It was a stormy night in Northern Wales when I and my apprentice, Conceil, had to take shelter in an old stalkers cottage along Caernarfon Bay. A peat fire...

    Making Frames

    by A. Linnette Bell

    Making Frames is an essential and practical guide to the process of framing artwork of all types. It explains how to measure the artwork, cut a window mount, attach the image, cut the moulding and make the frame...

    Spencerian Penmanship Practice Book: The Declaration of Independence

    by Schin Loong

  • Spencerian Handwriting averages about 80 copies a week on Bookscan alone
  • This would be the first, original Spencerian practice book on the market
  • Includes sample sentences, practice pages and a lay-flat binding...

  • Guerrilla Kindness and Other Acts of Creative Resistance

    by Sayraphim Lothian

    #1 Amazon New Release ? Resistance Crafts

    Craftivism can be your voice of resistance: Craftivism is a non-threatening form of activism that gives people a voice when they feel voiceless and power where they...

    Botanical Art with Scientific Illustration

    by Sarah Jane Humphrey

    Botanical and scientific illustration share many common themes - the meticulous observation, the crucial composition, the precision of rendering and the accuracy of colour are all intrinsic to this niche genre...

    Miranda Butterfly

    by Marta Del Gaudio

    Miranda Butterfly is a richly illustrated children's book. Discover Mirandas adventures reading and painting!

    How to Draw People

    by Jeff Mellem

    The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Drawing Figures!

    To draw an anatomical figure, you don't need a stack of weighty anatomy books. Just take it step by step!

    In How to Draw People, author Jeff Mellem teaches beginning...


    by Nathalia Brodskaïa

    The Post-Impressionist period was one of solitary painters; Gauguin, Sisley, Cézanne, Van Gogh etc… “There is no longer a unique school. There are a few groups, but even they break up constantly. All these...


    by Nathalia Brodskaïa

    Just before his death, Claude Monet wrote: “I’m still sorry to have been the cause of the name given to this group, most of whom were not in the least bit impressionistic”. Starting with this paradox –...