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Rethinking Orient

by Magdalena Kubarek, Adam Bednarczyk & Maciej Szatkowski

The contributions in this book address a vast variety of questions concerning the sources and mutual inspirations in Oriental and European literatures. The authors discuss selected texts from both historical...

Innovations in Languages for Specific Purposes - Innovations en Langues sur Objectifs Spécifiques

by Magdalena Sowa & Jaroslaw Krajka

The papers collected in this book present diverse views and experiences on teaching English and French for specific and academic purposes. The scope of reflection covers a wide spectrum of cognitive areas of...

Handbook for Foreign Language Learning in Online Tandems and Educational Settings

by Hermann Funk, Manja Gerlach & Dorothea Spaniel-Weise

This book is about foreign language learning in non-formal Online Tandems. The collected papers by contributors who have expertise in the field of Language Pedagogy and Foreign Language Acquisition gather information...

Preparing Modern Languages Students for 'Difference'

by Sandra Salin & Ruth Whittle

This book informs and encourages aspiring lecturers and teaching staff in Modern Languages who prepare students for using their language skills in and out of the classroom. Drawing on pedagogical, psychological...

Uncovering English-Medium Instruction

by Branka Drljaca Margic & Irena Vodopija-Krstanovic

English-medium instruction (EMI) is a complex educational innovation and a prerequisite for active participation in the process of internationalizing academia. Given its impact on today’s universities, it...

Environnements numériques et interactions en langue étrangère : du formel à l’informel, du réel à la réalité virtuelle

by Dominique Bechmann, Mickaël Roy, Gérald Schlemminger & Meryl Kusyk

Le présent ouvrage regroupe des articles issus de deux manifestations qui ont eu lieu en 2014 dans la Région métropolitaine trinationale du Rhin supérieur : le colloque « Eurographics 2014 – Immersion...

1st International Symposium of Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language

by Ismail Gu¨lec¸ & Bekir Ince

This book consists of papers presented at the 1st International Symposium of Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language. The Symposium was held at Het Pand Culture and Congress Center of Ghent University in April...

The Foreign Language Appropriation Conundrum

by Thomas Szende

This monograph’s title reflects the need to articulate the classroom actions and strategies of an increasingly efficient technological environment with symbolic, cultural, and political issues, namely the...

Corpus-based Approaches to Translation and Interpreting

by Miriam Seghiri & Gloria Corpas Pastor

Corpus-based translation studies have come a long way since they were introduced in the last decade of the 20th century. This volume offers a balanced collection of theoretical and application-orientated contributions...

Vietnam's Ethnic and Religious Minorities:

by Jörg Thomas Engelbert

The book deals with Vietnam’s ethnic and religious minorities in a historical perspective. The time frame stretches from the pre-colonial era to contemporary times. Except for one paper on the situation of...

Multilingualism and English in Twenty-First-Century Europe

by Clive W. Earls

This book aims to tackle one of the most controversial and important linguistic, educational and societal debates in contemporary Europe. English is growing rapidly within, and spreading across, an increasing...

Integration Processes in the Circulation of Knowledge

by Florian Pölking & Marion Eggert

Korea, geographically situated at cultural crossroads, has a long history of creative engagement with knowledge from outside sources. This volume discusses processes of knowledge integration – of interpretive...

Current Issues in Italian, Romance and Germanic Non-canonical Word Orders

by Davide Garassino & Anna-Maria De Cesare

This volume aims at offering an up-to-date survey on non-canonical word orders and their interplay with information structure and discourse organization. The contributions analyze different non-canonical syntactic...

The Rise and Fall of the Aramaeans in the Ancient Near East, from Their First Appearance until 732 BCE

by Gotthard G. G. Reinhold

In the early nineties, after Reinholds first publication »Die Beziehungen Altisraels zu den aramäischen Staaten in der israelitisch-judäischen Königszeit« an archaeological find came to light with the broken...

Sociolinguistic Transition in Former Eastern Bloc Countries

by Petteri Laihonen, Marián Sloboda & Anastassia Zabrodskaja

This volume offers empirical perspectives on the current sociolinguistic situations in former Eastern Bloc countries. Its seventeen chapters analyse phenomena such as language choice, hierarchies and ideologies...

The Politics of Dubbing

by Carla Mereu Keating

During the late 1920s and the 1930s, the Italian government sought various commercial and politically oriented solutions to cope with the advent of new sound technologies in cinema. The translation of foreign-language...

Expat-ing Democracy

by Nir T. Boms

Taking Syria and Iran as case studies, this book explores how expatriate groups have used tools such as technology and new media to influence political discourse and to irrevocably alter the political dynamics...

Indian and Chinese Philosophy

by Adrián Slavkovský

This textbook offers a brief overview of the main philosophical schools of the two most significant cultures in ancient Asia, from where these thoughts have spread widely – it concerns ancient India and China....

«I turned back my feet to your decrees» (Psalm 119, 59)

by Michael Kodzo Mensah

Scholars have described Psalm 119 as the «crux criticorum» of the Fifth Book of the Psalter (Pss 107-150). While the length of the psalm and its insistence on the question of YHWH’s Torah are basic indices...

Grammar of Biblical Hebrew

by Wolfgang Schneider & Randall L. McKinion

Although Wolfgang Schneider’s Grammatik des biblischen Hebräisch: Ein Lehrbuch serves primarily as an introductory textbook to biblical Hebrew, it makes an invaluable contribution to the text-linguistic study...