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Games for Hallow-e'en

by Mary F. Blain

Hallow-e'en or Hallow-Even is the last night of October, being the eve or vigil of All-Hallow's or All Saint's Day, and no holiday in all the year is so informal or so marked by fun both for grown-ups as well...


by Brian Clegg

The ultimate trial of knowledge and cunning, Enigma features 200 cryptic puzzles and ciphers. The solutions link throughout the book – so you need to solve them all to get to the final round.

With a focus...

Money Games

by Anthony J. Pickles

Gambling in Papua New Guinea, despite being completely absent prior to the Colonial era, has come to supersede storytelling as the region’s main nighttime activity. Money Games is an ethnographic monograph...

Poker Satellite Strategy

by Dara O'Kearney & Barry Carter

The best way for small stakes players to win life-changing amounts of money is to win a satellite into a bigger tournament. Yet there is surprisingly little written about how to win satellite tournaments, until...

Online Poker - Winning Strategies Revealed

by Alex Master

More and more people are talking about their bad beats, their great hands, and their prowess for play.  Popular on college campuses, fraternal clubs, and even retirement homes, poker has become our new game...

Magic trick compilation

by Alex Master

Table of contents

Why Do You Want to Learn Magic Tricks?

What are the Easiest Tricks to Learn?

The Key to Magic – Sleight of Hand

What is an Illusion?

Easy Money Tricks Using Bills

Easy Money Tricks Using Coins


Become a successful magician

by Alex Master

Table of contents:Should you become an amateur or professional magician? Do you need an agent? The business side of magic shows: Microphones and other sound equipment The business side of magic shows: Promotional...

1001 Chess Exercises for Beginners

by Franco Masetti & Roberto Messa

Chess is 99% tactics. If this celebrated observation is true for the master, how much more so for beginners and casual players! If you want to win more games, nothing works better than training combinations....

Cultures and Byeond

by Randy Ellefson

Creating a unique, immersive setting one place at a time

Written to help fantasy and science fiction storytellers, game designers, gamers, and hobbyists, CULTURES AND BEYOND (THE ART OF WORLD BUILDING, #3) is...

How to Play Spades

by Tim Ander

Did you know that Spades is a trick-taking card game devised in the United States in the 30’s? It’s a fun, friendly and versatile game that can be played as either a partnership or solo / “cutthroat”...

How To Play Omaha Poker

by Tim Ander

Want To Learn How To Play Omaha Poker Like A Pro? Here’s Your Ultimate Omaha Guide!

Every watched an Omaha card game and wondered what’s going on? Do you want to play Omaha with your friends but are not sure...

How To Play Hearts

by Tim Ander

Are you an “all or nothing” type of person? Then, perhaps Hearts is a game that was designed just for you!

In fact, Hearts is a trick-taking game but it’s nothing like other trick-taking games. That’s...

Card Games

by Tim Ander

Here’s How You Can Spend Your Rainy Afternoons & Midsummer Nights Playing Card Games With Your Friends!

Looking for a fun and engaging way to spend quality time with your kids or friends? Want to learn how...

Brain Training

by Dwayne Johnsen

Are you ready to learn more about the human brain? Check out these topics as you consider getting this book:

- The types of brain training.

- How you can supercharge your brain anytime.

- Which exercises can help...

Brain Training

by Adam Fondey

A bundle of 3 books.

Book 1: You are about to learn more about your brain, your capacity for learning, and some of the best ways to do it. This book includes fascinating topics such as:

- Different types of brain...

Brain Training

by Adam Fondey

You are about to learn more about your brain, your capacity for learning, and some of the best ways to do it. This book includes fascinating topics such as:

- Different types of brain training.

- How to become...

Woke Gaming

by Kishonna L. Gray & David J. Leonard

From #Gamergate to the 2016 election, to the daily experiences of marginalized perspectives, gaming is entangled with mainstream cultures of systematic exploitation and oppression. Whether visible in the persistent...

The Little Book of Welsh Landmarks

by Mark Rees

From the snowy peaks of Snowdonia to the glorious Wales Coastal Path, this compelling compendium is a fact-filled journey through Wales’ most iconic landmarks and popular tourist attractions. Experience the...

Practical Chess Endings

by Paul Keres

An essential practical book, for all chess players, from one of the world's greatest grandmasters. Rather than attempting to cover every theoretical possible endgame position, Paul Keres deals with the basic...

Origami Games for Kids Ebook

by Joel Stern

Kids will love to fold the papers in this kit and decorate them with stickers.

But that's just the beginning! The paper models can be used to play 15 simple but highly entertaining games that will keep them...