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The Bone Roses

by Kathryn Lee Martin

#1 Amazon Bestseller in Steampunk

Sixteen-year-old Rags is the most feared Rustler in the world, and for good reason...

When she’s not raiding the post-Yellowstone Kingdom’s established settlements for supplies...

Grizzly Bears & Beaver Pelts

Hideout Kids #3

by Mike Gleason & Victoria Taylor

Join in a Wild West adventure with the Hideout Kids!

Tuff and Sadie travel back in time to help Mountain Man Jedediah Smith. Jedediah and his crew are pinned down in the Rocky Mountains by outlaw Indian Chief...

Chip of the Flying U (Serapis Classics)

by B. M. Bower

B. M. (Bertha Muzzy) Bower was the first woman to make a career of writing popular westerns. And what a career it was—more than sixty novels published from 1904 to 1940, the year of her death, and still more...

Above the Law (Serapis Classics)

by Max Brand

HER eyes were like the sky on a summer night, a color to be dreamed of but never reproduced. From the golden hair to the delicate hands which cupped her chin a flower-like loveliness kept her aloof from her...

General Muster & No-Trees Town

Hideout Kids #2

by Mike Gleason & Victoria Taylor

Join in a Wild West adventure with the Hideout Kids!

Sheriff Tuff Brunson and his sidekick Deputy Sadie Marcus are sent by Judge June on a dangerous job in the Sand Hills of Texas. They must bring General Buster...

The Seventh Man

by Max Brand

The Seventh Man by Max Brand, tells part of the story of the larger-than-life western character, Dan Barry, known as “Whistling Dan,” and his alter-ego companions, Black Bart, the wolf-dog, and Satan, the...

In a Hollow of the Hills

by Bret Harte

"It was past midnight when he was awakened by the familiar clatter of boulders down the grade, the usual simulation of a wild rush from without that encompassed the whole mill, even to that heavy impact against...

The Last of the Plainsmen

by Zane Grey

This is the record of a trip which the author took with Buffalo Jones, known as the preserver of the American bison, across the Arizona desert and of a hunt in “that wonderful country of deep cañons and giant...

Tuff, Sadie & the Wild West

Hideout Kids #1

by Mike Gleason & Christine Harrison

Tuff, Sadie & the Wild West

Join in a Wild West adventure with the Hideout Kids!

After they have to leave New York best friends Tuff and Sadie dash across America in search of a mysterious town named Muleshoe. ...

The Lone Star Ranger

by Zane Grey

The Lone Star Ranger is a Western novel published by Zane Grey in 1915. It follows the life of Buck Duane, a man who becomes an outlaw and then redeems himself in the eyes of the law.

Buck Duane is the son of...

The Man of the Forest

by Zane Grey

The Man of the Forest by Zane Grey.

Accidentally overhearing a plot to kidnap the niece of a prominent rancher as she arrives from the East, Milt Dale springs into action. He comes out of his splendid isolation...

The Log of a Cowboy

by Andy Adams

You probably haven't read many books written by an actual cowboy who wrote about his experience on a trail drive during the era. Andy Adams participated in a cattle drive much like that described in the book...

The Rainbow Trail

by Zane Grey

The story of a young clergyman who becomes a wanderer in the great western uplands—until at last love and faith awake.

The Rainbow Trail, also known as The Desert Crucible, is Western author Zane Grey's sequel...

Bull Hunter

by Max Brand

Bull Hunter by Max Brand.

In the old West, laws were often loosely and arbitrarily applied, so many gunslingers and cowboys took the law into their own hands and applied eye-for-an-eye justice on their own terms....

Whispering Smith

by Frank H. Spearman & N. C. Wyeth

Legendary railroad detective Whispering Smith becomes convinced that old friend and colleague Murray Sinclair has joined a criminal band to loot the railroad.  


Spearman became fascinated by railroad lore...

Riders of the Purple Sage

by Zane Grey

Riders of the Purple Sage is a Western novel by Zane Grey, first published in 1912. Considered to have played a significant role in shaping the formula of the popular Western genre, the novel has been called...

Cassie and Jasper: Kidnapped Cattle

by Bryn Fleming

Book Three in theRange Riders Series is the most exciting yet, as Cassie and Jasper conquer the elements, outwit rustlers, and rope, ride, and rescue like never before.

Nellie and the Bandit

by Eileen Ross & Erin E. Kono

A feisty sheriff's daughter must save the day

When Desperado Dan, the meanest bandit in the West, breaks out of jail, Nellie knows exactly what to do. She has to warn her pa, who is the local sheriff. Along the...

Miss Willow and the Great Fish Mystery

by Erin Kinsella & Ashley Dadoun

Miss Willow, the extraordinary sheriff of Mousepaw, loves making sure the kitties in her care are happy and their tummies full of fish. But now she is facing a challenging problem. All the fish are disappearing!...

Revenge and the Wild

by Michelle Modesto

True Grit meets True Blood in this delightfully dark and fantastical Western perfect for fans of Gail Carriger, Cassandra Clare, and Holly Black. This thrilling novel is a remarkable tale of danger and discovery,...