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Classic Mystery Short Stories

by Rudyard Kipling, Arthur Conan Doyle, Robert Louis Stevenson & Wilkie Collins

A fantastic collection of Classic Mystery Short Stories! Featuring some of the masters of the genre, including Rudyard Kipling, Arthur Conan Doyle and Wilkie Collins, this small collection is a page-turner built...

Federal Bank Holding Company Law

by Melanie L. Fein

The new third edition of Federal Bank Holding Company Law by Melanie Fein is a comprehensive revision of a work already hailed as the definitive treatise on the subject. Building on and updating the previous...

Indonesian Law

by Tim Lindsey & Simon Butt

Indonesia has a growing population of almost 300 million people, it is increasingly involved in world affairs, and has a booming economy. The need to better understand its unique, complex, and often obscure...

The Dynamic Free Speech Clause

by Timothy Zick

The right to free speech intersects with many other constitutional rights. Those intersections have significantly influenced the recognition, scope, and meaning of rights, ranging from freedom of the press to...

Wildlife Law & Ethics

by Yolanda Eisenstein & Bruce Wagman

Exploring how the law can be used to influence the lives of the billions of individual animals we call wildlife, the approach that Wildlife Law & Ethics takes is first to present the law as a solid background...

Fundamentals of Insurance Regulation

by Raymond A. Guenter & Elisabeth Ditomassi

All regulatory systems are shaped by the subject matter they regulate, and insurance is certainly no exception. Providing a clear explanation and analysis of the complex state-based regulatory system that governs...


by Lynn L. Bergeson & Charles M. Auer

Congress’s substantial revisions to the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) in 2016 marked the end of a decades-long quest to remedy that which ailed the country’s domestic industrial chemical management...

Cultural Property Law

by Sherry Hutt, Caroline Meredith Blanco & Stan N. Harris

Crossing into many disciplines, cultural property law continues to grow as an established area of practice and study. Now completely updated, Cultural Property Law: A Practitioner's Guide to the Management,...

The Israeli Constitution

by Gideon Sapir

Israeli constitutional law is a sphere of many contradictions and traditions. Growing out of British law absorbed by the legal system of Mandate Palestine, Israeli constitutional law has followed the path of...

Realms of Legal Interpretation

by Kent Greenawalt

Legal norms may forbid, require, or authorize a particular form of behavior. The law of contracts, for example, informs people how to enter into agreements that will bind both sides, and from this we establish...

Judicial Fortitude

by Peter J. Wallison

The central concern of the book is that the administrative agencies of the Executive Branch are gradually taking over the legislative role of Congress. The courts bear the major responsibility for this, because...

Get the Heck out of Our Way!

by Dale W. Cox

Government regulations are increasingly holding back economic development, inflating the prices of most consumer goods, and reducing our freedoms.

Dale W. Cox, and his wife, LeAnne, know that firsthand as they...

The Iowa State Constitution

by Todd E. Pettys

The Iowa State Constitution provides the most comprehensive analysis of Iowa's constitutional history and the development of its individual provisions. Todd E. Pettys presents a completely revised second edition...

Habeas Corpus in Wartime

by Amanda L. Tyler

Habeas Corpus in Wartimeunearths and presents a comprehensive account of the legal and political history of habeas corpus in wartime in the Anglo-American legal tradition. The book begins by tracing the origins...

Federal Tax Litigation

by Susan A. Berson

Tax lawyers across the country have at least one thing in common — the feeling of frustration when trying to figure out the hows and whys of IRS action or inaction. Federal Tax Litigation helps to lift the...

Fund Governance: Legal Duties of Investment Company Directors

by Robert A. Robertson

Fund Governance: Legal Duties of Investment Company Directors is a comprehensive, authoritative and practical treatment of the legal obligations of mutual fund and closed-end fund directors, the special duties...

Incest Within the Criminal Justice Family

by J. B. Simms

Our criminal justice system is not broken. Our criminal justice system works; but the way it works is a family secret, known only to those in the family but not discussed publicly, as is incest within a family....

Health Care Benefits Law

by Jeffrey D. Mamorsky

Making sense of the nonstop parade of federal and state legislation, regulation and decisional law governing health care benefits is not an easy task. For professionals in the field, however, it is an essential...

Commitment and Cooperation on High Courts

by Benjamin Alarie & Andrew J. Green

Judicial decision-making may ideally be impartial, but in reality it is influenced by many different factors, including institutional context, ideological commitment, fellow justices on a panel, and personal...

The Constitution of European Democracy

by Dieter Grimm & Justin Collings

Europe is in crisis. With rising unrest among citizens of EU member states exemplified by the UK's decision to leave the EU, and the growing popularity of anti-EU political parties, Dieter Grimm presents the...