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The Cycles of Constitutional Time

by Jack M. Balkin

What will happen to American democracy? The nation's past holds vital clues for understanding where we are now and where we are headed. In The Cycles of Constitutional Time, the eminent constitutional theorist...

Texas Courthouse Guide 2020

by Lawyer Texas

The Texas Courthouse Guide is an indispensable reference for the country's third largest legal community. This edition contains vital up-to-date information about the courts, administrative agencies, associations...

Free to Move

by Ilya Somin

Ballot box voting is often considered the essence of political freedom. But, it has two major shortcomings: individual voters have little chance of making a difference, and they also face strong incentives to...

New Jersey Federal Civil Procedure 2020

by Robert E Bartkus & Elizabeth Sher

Whether you go to federal court once a month or once a year, this is the perfect resource for you! New Jersey Federal Civil Procedure will now be issued as a one-volume annual paperback, giving readers current...


by Brian C. Kalt

Since the election of President Donald Trump, the Twenty-Fifth Amendment to the Constitution - covering presidential incapacity - has been a frequent topic of public discussion. But few understand how this amendment...

The Mueller Report

by Robert S. Mueller

The Mueller Report, formally titled Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election, is the official report documenting the findings and conclusions of Special Counsel Robert...

Justice Thomas Dissents

by Myron Magnet

When Clarence Thomas joined the Supreme Court in 1991, he found with dismay that it was interpreting a very different Constitution from the one the Framers had written—the one that had established a federal...

No Obligation to Brexit

by Roger Felber

This book explains, in simple English, the immense dangers of a disorderly Brexit: leaving the Customs Union and the Single Market quite unprepared, as currently envisaged on 29th March 2019.

This is the only...

The Company They Keep

by Neal Devins & Lawrence Baum

Are Supreme Court justices swayed by the political environment that surrounds them? Most people think "yes," and they point to the influence of the general public and the other branches of government on the...

The Free Speech Century

by Geoffrey R. Stone & Lee C. Bollinger

The Supreme Court's 1919 decision in Schenck vs. the United States is one of the most important free speech cases in American history. Written by Oliver Wendell Holmes, it is most famous for first invoking the...

EU Administrative Law

by Paul Craig

The third edition of EU Administrative Law provides comprehensive coverage of the administrative system in the EU and the principles of judicial review that apply in this area. This revised edition provides...

Criminal Injuries Compensation

by David Miers, Nicholas Wikeley & Ben Collins Qc

The 2012 Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (CICS) deals with some 33,000 applications for compensation each year. It has, since 1964, been one of the principal means by which the state aims to meet victims'...

The Holy Roman Empire

by Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger & Yair Mintzker

A new interpretation of the Holy Roman Empire that reveals why it was not a failed state as many historians believe

The Holy Roman Empire emerged in the Middle Ages as a loosely integrated union of German states...

Articles of Faith

by Ronojoy Sen

Examining the constitutional and legal foundations of the place of religion in India, Articles of Faith studies the relationship between religion and state. It closely analyses the decisions of the Supreme Court...

Governance Innovation and Policy Change

by Nele Noesselt, Jon Taylor, Kent Freeze & Wei-chin Lee et al.

This edited volume assesses governance innovation and institutional change under the fifth generation of China’s political leaders headed by Xi Jinping. The configuration of long-term policy innovation without...

Language Rights and the Law in the United States and Its Territories

by Eduardo Faingold

This book analyzes the language policies that result from the promulgation of linguistic rights in the constitutions and statutes of the United States and its territories. The United States is a nation in which...

The Clamor of Lawyers

by Peter Charles Hoffer & WilliamJames Hull Hoffer

The Clamor of Lawyers explores a series of extended public pronouncements that British North American colonial lawyers crafted between 1761 and 1776. Most, though not all, were composed outside of the courtroom...

The Abortion Rights Controversy in America

by N. E. H. Hull, Williamjames Hoffer & Peter Charles Hoffer

Beginning with the introduction of abortion law in the nineteenth century, this reader includes important documents from nearly two hundred years of debate over abortion. These legal briefs, oral arguments,...

For Equals Only

by Tina Fernandes Botts

This book philosophically explores how changing conceptions of race and equality have affected Supreme Court interpretations of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution over...

The Dynamic Free Speech Clause

by Timothy Zick

The right to free speech intersects with many other constitutional rights. Those intersections have significantly influenced the recognition, scope, and meaning of rights, ranging from freedom of the press to...