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Doctrine, Practice, and Advocacy in the Inter-American Human Rights System

by James L. Cavallaro, Claret Vargas, Clara Sandoval & Bernard Duhaime et al.

Doctrine, Practice and Advocacy in the Inter-American Human Rights System is the first casebook to focus on the Inter-American human rights system, the primary system for advancing and protecting rights in the...

Georgia Legal Malpractice Law 2020

by J. Randolph Evans & Shari L. Klevens

Georgia Legal Malpractice Law addresses both the fabric of Georgia legal malpractice law and the cases and issues confronting attorneys, including effective claim prevention and loss avoidance. Since the first...

Encyclopedia of New York Causes of Action 2020: Elements & Defenses

by Ernest Badway

The Encyclopedia of New York Causes of Action: Elements and Defenses is a single volume annual paperback. It is a quick starting point for virtually any civil case containing New York civil actions, legal principles...

The Corporate Counsel Survival Guide

by William Kruse

Making the decision to pursue an in-house counsel position can be a daunting experience, in part because in-house positions are so different from working in a firm and can vary by company and industry. This...

Implicating the System

by Elspeth Kaiser-Derrick

Indigenous women continue to be overrepresented in Canadian prisons; research demonstrates how their overincarceration and often extensive experiences of victimization are interconnected with and through ongoing...


by Sahra Christ

SAHRA CHRIST BÜCHER - Rodrick Rodrick was one of the guards that kept people in their homes. If you go outside and Rodrick sees you, he will open up your neck from behind. His long steel blade will penetrate...

A Practitioner’s Guide to Class Actions

by Marcy Hogan Greer

Since the original publication of A Practitioner’s Guide to Class Actions, the U.S. Supreme Court decided Wal-Mart Corporation v. Dukes—and has continued to decide class action issues each year. Those decisions...


by Zachary Kramer

What is the future of civil rights? Like a living thing, discrimination evolves, adapting to its time. As discrimination becomes more individualized, as difference becomes more pronounced, we need a civil rights...

A Dictionary of Oil & Gas Industry Terms

by Peter Roberts

This dictionary is a guide to the various legal, regulatory, technical, commercial and financial acronyms, terms and phrases used in today's international oil and gas industry. Written by a leading expert in...

Twenty-Six Seconds

by Curt Petrovich

How a few fleeting frames of video led to a frustrating search for justice tainted by ego, bias, and a desire for vengeance.

Images of Robert Dziekanski convulsing after being shocked by a Mountie’s Taser...

Screw Consent

by Joseph J. Fischel

For many, when they think or talk about sex, their moral, political, and legal views usually center on the idea of sex being consensual. But what if we have it wrong?


Screw Consent is a provocative take on...


by Irit Samet

This book sets out to defend the claim that Equity ought to remain a separate body of law; the temptation to iron-out the differences between neighbouring doctrines on the two sides of the Equity/Common Law...

Model Business Corporation Act

by Aba Business Law Section Corporate Laws Committee

The Model Business Corporation Act (2016 Revision) is the first complete revision of the Model Act since 1984. The Model Act is a free-standing corporation statute that can be enacted in its entirety by a state...

Law and the "Sharing Economy"

by Teresa Scassa, Finn Makela, Derek McKee & Nofar Sheffi et al.

La controverse entoure les plateformes d’économie de partage, partiellement en raison de leur impact économique. Certains secteurs subissent des contrecoups de manière plus aigüe : les chauffeurs d’Uber...

Comparative Human Rights Law

by Sandra Fredman

Courts in different jurisdictions face similar human rights questions. Does the death penalty breach human rights? Does freedom of speech include racist speech? Is there a right to health? This book uses the...

A Primer on Legal Reasoning

by Michael Evan Gold

After years of teaching law courses to undergraduate, graduate, and law students, Michael Evan Gold has come to believe that the traditional way of teaching – analysis, explanation, and example – is superior...

Regulating Sport for the Non-Human Athlete

by Jonathan G. Merritt

This book evaluates the status quo of integrity management within sports that involve horses worldwide. Sports governing bodies and international sports federations are very powerful organisations within their...

The Oxford Handbook of Islamic Law

by Anver M. Emon & Rumee Ahmed

This volume provides a comprehensive survey of the contemporary study of Islamic law and a critical analysis of its deficiencies. Written by outstanding senior and emerging scholars in their fields, it offers...

Debating Rights Inflation in Canada

by Dominique Clément

Human rights has become the dominant vernacular for framing social problems around the world. In this book, Dominique Clément presents a paradox in politics, law, and social practice: he argues that whereas...

Computer Law: Drafting and Negotiating Forms and Agreements

by Richard Raysman

Don't draft a computerrelated agreement without this guide! Richard Raysman and Peter Brown have opened their files to bring you over 100 userfriendly forms and agreements. In Computer Law: Drafting and Negotiating...