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The Protection of Foreign Investment in Times of Armed Conflict

by Jure Zrilic

Foreign investors often sustain injuries during violent situations, such as riots, revolutions, civil wars, and international armed conflicts. There is a great deal of uncertainty about how effective investment...

How International Law Works in Times of Crisis

by George Ulrich & Ineta Ziemele

For some time, the word 'crisis' has been dominating international political discourse. But this is nothing new. Crisis has always been part of the discipline of international law. History indeed shows that...

Doctrine, Practice, and Advocacy in the Inter-American Human Rights System

by James L. Cavallaro, Claret Vargas, Clara Sandoval & Bernard Duhaime et al.

Doctrine, Practice and Advocacy in the Inter-American Human Rights System is the first casebook to focus on the Inter-American human rights system, the primary system for advancing and protecting rights in the...

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Handbook

by Robert W. Tarun & Peter P. Tomczak

With its comprehensive analysis of potential FCPA liabilities and sound practical suggestions as to how to deal with them, this book is a very valuable asset for both unseasoned and seasoned FCPA practitioners....

Implicating the System

by Elspeth Kaiser-Derrick

Indigenous women continue to be overrepresented in Canadian prisons; research demonstrates how their overincarceration and often extensive experiences of victimization are interconnected with and through ongoing...

The EU GDPR General Data Protection Regulation

by David Zetoony

There are relatively few resources that are built for US based legal practitioners who are not already steeped in data privacy and security. The EU GDPR General Data Protection Regulation: Answers to the Most...

China's International Investment Strategy

by Julien Chaisse

Since China adopted its 'open door' policy in 1978, which altered its development strategy from self-sufficiency to active participation in the world market, its goal has remained unchanged: to assist the readjustment...

The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

by Stuart Casey-Maslen

This Commentary offers detailed background and analysis of the Treaty on the Prohibion of Nuclear Weapons, which was adopted at the UN Headquarters in New York in July 2017. The Treaty comprehensively prohibits...

Freedom of Religion, Secularism, and Human Rights

by Nehal Bhuta

This interdisciplinary volume examines the relationship between secularism, freedom of religion and human rights in legal, theoretical, historical and political perspective. It brings together chapters from...

Frontex and Human Rights

by Melanie Fink

This book analyses the allocation of responsibility for human rights violations that occur in the context of border control or return operations coordinated by Frontex. The analysis is conducted in three parts....

International Law's Objects

by Jessie Hohmann & Daniel Joyce

International law's rich existence in the world can be illuminated by its objects. International law is often developed, conveyed and authorized through its objects and/or their representation. From the symbolic...

Making Markets Work for Africa

by Eleanor M. Fox & Mor Bakhoum

Using case studies of particular countries and particular regions, delving deeply into the facts, this book focuses on market law and policy in sub-Saharan Africa, showing how markets can be harnessed by poorer...

Searching for Justice After the Holocaust

by Michael J. Bazyler, Kathryn Lee Boyd, Kristen L. Nelson & Rajika L. Shah

The Nazis and their state-sponsored cohorts stole mercilessly from the Jews of Europe. In the aftermath of the Holocaust, returning survivors had to navigate a frequently unclear path to recover their property...

Law, History, and Justice

by Annette Weinke

Since the nineteenth century, the development of international humanitarian law has been marked by complex entanglements of legal theory, historical trauma, criminal prosecution, historiography, and politics....

Complex Battlespaces

by Ltc Winston S. Williams & Ltc Christopher M. Ford

The conduct of warfare is constantly shaped by new forces that create complexities in the battlespace for military operations. As the nature of how and where wars are fought changes, new challenges to the application...

Human Rights and World Public Order

by Myres S. McDougal, Harold D. Lasswell & Lung-chu Chen

In 1980, Professors McDougal, Lasswell, and Chen published the original edition of Human Rights and World Public Order to present a "comprehensive framework of inquiry" from which to approach international human...

The Trial of the Kaiser

by William A. Schabas

In the immediate aftermath of the armistice that ended the First World War, the Allied nations of Britain, France, and Italy agreed to put the fallen German Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm II on trial, in what would...


by Kayanesenh Paul Williams

Several centuries ago, the five nations that would become the Haudenosaunee — Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca — were locked in generations-long cycles of bloodshed. When they established Kayanerenkó:wa,...

Israeli Settlements

by Martin Blecher

Most research and analyses of Israel’s settlement enterprise has focused on the usage of particular paragraphs in the Geneva Convention. For over 50 years Israel has refuted the usage of the Geneva Convention...

Sovereignty and the New Executive Authority

by Claire Finkelstein & Michael Skerker

This volume explores moral and legal issues relating to sovereignty by addressing foundational questions about its nature, examining state sovereignty between states, and dealing with post 9/11 developments...