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500 Eternal Masterpieces Of Fairy Tales vol: 2 (Golden Deer Classics)

by Charles Perrault, Oscar Wilde, Golden Deer Classics & William Elliot Griffis et al.

This Golden Deer Classics compilation contains over 500 classic fairy tales. CONTENTS 1. Anonymous 2. Margaret Arndt 3. Peter Christen Asbjørnsen, & Jørgen Moe 4. Robert Nisbet Bain 5. James Baldwin 6. Aleksander...

Pronske's Texas Bankruptcy 2019

by Gerrit M Pronske

Texas Lawyer's Pronske's Texas Bankruptcy, Annotated, by Gerrit M. Pronske, a practicing bankruptcy litigator for over 30 years, covers the latest information on Texas bankruptcy law including:

  • Amendments to...

Encyclopedia of New York Causes of Action 2020: Elements & Defenses

by Ernest Badway

The Encyclopedia of New York Causes of Action: Elements and Defenses is a single volume annual paperback. It is a quick starting point for virtually any civil case containing New York civil actions, legal principles...

Electronic Evidence for Family Law Attorneys

by Timothy Conlon & Aaron Hughes

Issues of access to and the forensic use of electronic evidence are central to our social agenda—and nowhere are those issues more complicated than in family law. Who but a spouse knows your passwords and...

The Prosperity & Wealth Collection

by Robert Collier, Wallace D. Wattles, Joseph Murphy & Napoleon Hill et al.

The Greatest Writings Of All Time On The Secrets To Wealth And Prosperity!

The Prosperity & Wealth Collection feaures 45 incredible books:

YOU CAN, by George Matthew Adams

AS A MAN THINKETH, by James Allen


Authors and Apparatus

by Monika Dommann & Sarah Pybus

Copyright is under siege. From file sharing to vast library scanning projects, new technologies, actors, and attitudes toward intellectual property threaten the value of creative work. However, while digital...

Integration Now

by William P. Hustwit

Recovering the history of an often-ignored landmark Supreme Court case, William P. Hustwit assesses the significant role that Alexander v. Holmes (1969) played in integrating the South's public schools. Although...

Competition Law and Intellectual Property in China

by Spyros Maniatis, Ioannis Kokkoris & Xiaoye Wang

The edited volume will adopt a thematic approach to some controversial issues in the area of competition law and IP in China and will include contributions from leading academics and practitioners. The combination...

Tribunal Secretaries in International Arbitration

by J Ole Jensen

For the first time, a monograph thoroughly analyses the controversial and sensitive topic of secretaries to arbitral tribunals. Tribunal secretaries support arbitrators at all stages of the arbitration and provide...

Sections 409A and 457

by Brian Berglund & Louis Ray Richey

New and important developments have emerged in the form of IRS guidance and case law since the first edition was published in 2011. This edition provides significantly more guidance on questions regarding procedures...

Flexible Trusts and Estates for Uncertain Times

by Jerold I. Horn

Written for lawyers who already possess a sophisticated understanding of estate planning and will and trust drafting issues, this book contains the wisdom and experience of Horn’s decades of practice. This...

The Law of Later-Life Healthcare and Decision Making

by Lawrence A. Frolik

Whether you need an explanation of the intricacies of Medicare and Medicaid, alternatives to guardianship, or healthcare decision making for an incapacitated person, The Law of Later-Life Healthcare and Decision...

Making Markets Work for Africa

by Eleanor M. Fox & Mor Bakhoum

Using case studies of particular countries and particular regions, delving deeply into the facts, this book focuses on market law and policy in sub-Saharan Africa, showing how markets can be harnessed by poorer...

Preventing torture in Europe

by Christine Bicknell, Malcolm Evans & Rod Morgan

A comprehensive insight into the valuable work carried out by one of the Council of Europe’s highly influential mechanisms, the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment...

Divorce Bootcamp for Low- and Moderate-Income Women (6th Edition)

by Anna T. Merrill

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average woman's family income drops by 37% after divorce. Do you know what assets or how much alimony or child support you are entitled to receive? Have you spoken to...

Minority Shareholders

by Victor Joffe Qc, David Drake, Giles Richardson & Daniel Lightman Qc et al.

This well-established and authoritative work is the most detailed reference source on the law relating to minority shareholders. As more and more legal emphasis is put on corporate governance, and as the influence...

Coulson on Construction Adjudication (book and digital pack)

by Lord Justice Peter Coulson

Companion website: This fourth edition of Sir Peter Coulson's highly regarded work on construction adjudication, widely considered to be the leading authority in the field, continues to provide...

Searching for Justice After the Holocaust

by Michael J. Bazyler, Kathryn Lee Boyd, Kristen L. Nelson & Rajika L. Shah

The Nazis and their state-sponsored cohorts stole mercilessly from the Jews of Europe. In the aftermath of the Holocaust, returning survivors had to navigate a frequently unclear path to recover their property...

Model Business Corporation Act

by Aba Business Law Section Corporate Laws Committee

The Model Business Corporation Act (2016 Revision) is the first complete revision of the Model Act since 1984. The Model Act is a free-standing corporation statute that can be enacted in its entirety by a state...

LGBTQ Divorce and Relationship Dissolution

by Abbie E. Goldberg & Adam P. Romero

What unique challenges face LGBTQ individuals in relationships or who are separating or divorcing, especially now that same-sex couples may marry? What issues might complicate the ending of relationships when...