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by Adia Harvey Wingfield

What happens to black health care professionals in the new economy where work is insecure and resources are scarce? In Flatlining, Adia Harvey Wingfield exposes how organizations serving communities of color...

Bad Advice

by Paul A. Offit

Science doesn’t speak for itself. Neck-deep in work that can be messy and confounding, and naïve in the ways of public communication, scientists are often unable to package their insights into the neat narratives...

Augmented Health(care)™

by Lucien Engelen, Frederieke Jacobs & Mirjam Hulsebos

“This book is about the digital transformation that healthcare is facing. It’s not a

prediction, not a blueprint nor is it a manual. But it is giving some insights on what is

happening to health(care) and...

The Future of Healthcare

by Emmanuel Fombu & Dane Cobain

We live in a world where data can help us make more informed decisions about how to navigate traffic, who to date, what to buy, who to network with and how to better manage our finances. 

But when it comes to...

Effective Care for High-Need Patients

by Peter Long, Melinda Abrams & Arnold Milstein

Providing care for individuals with significant medical needs disproportionately drives the cost of medical care in the United States. In fact, 5 percent of patients in the U.S. account for nearly half of all...

Conversing with Cancer

by Lisa Sparks & Anna Leahy

With more than 40% of people eventually facing a cancer diagnosis, Conversing with Cancer is a much-needed addition to understanding and improving cancer care through strong communication among providers, patients,...

Vital Directions for Health & Health Care

by Victor J. Dzau, Mark B. McClellan & J. Michael McGinnis

What can be more vital to each of us than our health? Yet, despite unprecedented health care spending, the U.S. health system is substantially underperforming, especially with respect to what should be possible,...

Accelerating Medical Evidence Generation and Use

by Joe Selby, Eric Larson & Rainu Kaushal

This National Academy of Medicine (NAM) Special Publication summarizes a series of meetings the NAM hosted in 2016, which was sponsored by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, with support from...

Compassionate Competency

by Emelia Sam

Using compassion as the foundation, Dr. Emelia Sam explores the way in which contemporary healthcare can be transformed from the inside out. Combining elements of mindfulness and emotional intelligence, this...

Compassionate Competency

by Emelia Sam

Using compassion as the foundation, Dr. Emelia Sam explores the way in which contemporary healthcare can be transformed from the inside out. Combining elements of mindfulness and emotional intelligence, this...

Global Health Watch 5

by People's Health Movement, Medact, Third World Network & Health Poverty Action et al.

For over a decade, Global Health Watch has been the definitive source for alternative analysis on health.

This new edition addresses the key challenges facing governments and health practitioners today, within...

The Big Unlock

by Paddy Padmanabhan & Edward W. Marx

Along with a shift towards value-based care, a digital transformation is under way in health care. However, health care enterprises are having a hard time keeping up with advances in information technology.


Back To Balance: The Art, Science, and Business of Medicine

by Halee Fischer-Wright

A prescription to fix health care for everyone. In this highly engaging, thoroughly persuasive book, Dr. Halee Fischer-Wright presents a unique prescription for fixing America's health care woes, based on her...

Our Health Plan: Community Governed Healthcare That Works

by Jim Rickards, Md, Mb

The antidote for a broken healthcare system, where the power of one community revolutionizes the way healthcare works.

Dementia and Subjectivity / Demenz und Subjektivitaet

by Daniela Ringkamp, Sara Strauß & Leonie Süwolto

This volume offers new perspectives on questions which are highly relevant in the context of dementia and the arts and the humanities. The issues concern the personal identity of dementia patients, their familial...

The Fertility Handbook

by Mary Wingfield

Maximise your chance of getting pregnant with this up-to-date and authoritative book that provides a clear and holistic approach to fertility.

Areas including:

  • Understanding your body and maximising your chances...

Psychological and Cognitive Impact of Critical Illness

by Dr O. Joseph Bienvenu, Dr Ramona O. Hopkins & Dr Christina Jones

Neuropsychiatric problems after critical illness are receiving increasing attention, particularly in the critical care medicine literature, but mental health and primary care clinicians should also be interested...

Schistosomiasis Control in China

by Pauline Grys

Schistosomiasis is one of the most prevalent parasitic diseases worldwide and continues to be a public health concern in many countries. China made huge progress in the control of Schistosomiasis japonica, aiming...

Transformed: How Oregon's Public Health University Won Independence and Healed Itself

by William Graves

Oregon Health & Science University seemed stuck in the backwaters of the nation’s academic health centers when Dr. Peter Kohler became its president in 1988. Its hospital hemorrhaged money, served rusty water...

The Beltway Beast - Abridged Version

by Munir Moon

The Beltway Beast: Stealing from Future Generations and Destroying the Middle Class, transcends the anger and frustration of American people with their leaders failing to solve the country's problems. It documents...