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Board Certification in Clinical Neuropsychology

by Kira E. Armstrong, PhD, Abpp, Dean W. Beebe, PhD, Abpp, Robin C. Hilsabeck, PhD, Abpp & Michael W. Kirkwood PhD, Abpp

Pursuit of board certification through the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP) has become a standard expectation for clinical neuropsychologists. At the time this book was published, the American...

The First Minds

by Arthur S. Reber

First Minds: Caterpillars, 'Karyotes, and Consciousness presents a novel theory of the origins of mind and consciousness dubbed the Cellular Basis of Consciousness (CBC). It argues that sentience emerged with...

The Interoceptive Mind

by Manos Tsakiris & Helena De Preester

Interoception is the body-to-brain axis of sensations that originates from the internal body and visceral organs. It plays a unique role in ensuring homeostasis, allowing human beings to experience and perceive...

The Nature of Emotion

by Andrew S. Fox, Regina C. Lapate, Alexander J. Shackman & Richard J. Davidson

Building on the legacy of the groundbreaking first edition, the Editors of this unique volume have selected more than 100 leading emotion researchers from around the world and asked them to address 14 fundamental...

The Brain, Emotion, and Depression

by Edmund T. Rolls

There are myriad questions that emerge when one considers emotions and decision-making: What produces emotions? Why do we have emotions? How do we have emotions? Why do emotional states feel like something?...

Your Body is Your Brain

by Amanda Blake

Around the world, a swelling tide of people are discovering an astonishing, life-altering truth. This book tells their extraordinary stories:

  • an anxious PhD student builds his confi dence by changing his workout ...

Sizing up Consciousness

by Marcello Massimini, Giulio Tononi & Frances Andersen

Whilst our knowledge of brain function has improved over the last decades, there remains a gap in our knowledge of consciousness. Why is the brain associated with consciousness, but not the liver or the heart,...

Happy Brain

by V. Noot

Make your brain function better and become a happier person!

Did you know that a lot of emotions we experience are influenced by levels of oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins? If you could get more...


by Various Writers

•16 feature stories on the brain

• Popular science commissioned by Wellcome

Ever wondered how Scandinavians cope with 24-hour darkness, why we feel pain, or whether smartphones really make children stupid?...

Atlas of Neuroanatomy for Communication Science and Disorders

by Leonard L. LaPointe

A beautifully illustrated atlas that provides robust speech-language pathology and audiology learning tools

Atlas of Neuroanatomy for Communication Science and Disorders, Second Edition, is based on the award-winning...

I Am Your Mirror

by Davide Donelli & Matteo Rizzato

Mirror Neurons are one of the most extraordinary discoveries of contemporary neuroscience. They explain, on a scientific level, why we understand other people’s behavior to a deep degree. They were discovered...

Summary & Study Guide - We Are Our Brains

by Lee Tang

A Definitive Book on How the Brain Evolves Through Every Stage of Life

The must-read summary of “We Are Our Brains: A Neurobiography of the Brain from the Womb to Alzheimer’s,” by D. F. Swaab.

In We Are...


by Elkhonon Goldberg PhD, Abpp

What is the nature of human creativity? What are the brain processes behind its mystique? What are the evolutionary roots of creativity? How does culture help shape individual creativity? Creativity: The Human...

Handbook of Brain Microcircuits

by Gordon M Shepherd & Sten Grillner

Updated and revised, the second edition of Handbook of Brain Microcircuits covers the functional organization of 50 brain regions. This now-classic text uses an interdisciplinary approach to examine the integration...

Mayo Clinic Medical Neurosciences

by Eduardo E. Benarroch, Jeremy K. Cutsforth-Gregory & Kelly D. Flemming

Fully updated and revised according to student feedback, the sixth edition of Mayo Clinic Medical Neurosciences: Organized by Neurologic System and Level provides a systematic approach to anatomy, physiology,...

Summary & Study Guide - The Alzheimer's Solution

by Lee Tang

Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease by 90%

Optimize Your Cognitive Function

The must-read summary of “The Alzheimer's Solution: A Breakthrough Program to Prevent and Reverse the Symptoms of Cognitive Decline...

Introduction to Neuroimaging Analysis

by Mark Jenkinson & Michael Chappell

MRI has emerged as a powerful way of studying in-vivo brain structure and function in both healthy and disease states. Whilst new researchers may be able to call upon advice and support for acquisition from...

Summary & Study Guide - Into the Gray Zone

by Lee Tang

The Borderland Between Life and Death

The must-read summary of “Into the Gray Zone: A Neuroscientist Explores the Border Between Life and Death” by Adrian Owen.

The “gray zone” is the twilight region between...

Summary & Study Guide - The Body Builders

by Lee Tang

Science Fiction Becomes Reality

The must-read summary of “The Body Builder: Inside the Science of the Engineered Human” by Adam Piore.

This complete summary of Adam Piore’s book explores the science which...

Summary & Study Guide - Brain Storms

by Lee Tang

A Comprehensive Review of Parkinson’s Disease

The must-read summary of “Brain Storms” by Jon Palfreman.

When award-winning science journalist Jon Palfreman investigated a group of drug addicts who mysteriously...