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Addiction in the Lives of Registered Nurses and Their Wake-Up Jolt to Recovery

by Carol Stanford

In this age of increasing headlines about drug addiction and prescription drug abuse, this book is a timely revelation of how the nursing profession is also impacted by substance abuse. It allows nurses, who...

The Nurse-Herbalist

by Martha M Libster & Marlaine C Smith

Herbalism, the study and application of medicinal plants, is nursing practice. Herbal remedies are essential elements of nursing and midwifery care. Nurse-herbalists partner with plants to provide human comfort...

It's My Life, Too!

by David Nassaney

There is no book on the market that addresses the needs of long-term caregivers regardless of the challenges faced by their loved ones. Most books focus on specific illnesses or conditions such as survivors...

Learning IOM/HMD

by Anita Finkleman

This revised companion book to Teaching IOM/HMD: Implications of the Institute of Medicine and Health & Medicine Division Reports for Nursing Education brings the IOM and HMD reports to life for learners. The...

School Nursing

by American Nurses Association & National Association of School Nurses

The premier resource for today's school nurses, School Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice, 3rd Edition is by school nurses for school nurses, who often can be the only healthcare provider in an educational...

Values and Ethics for Care Practice

by Sue Cuthbert & Jan Quallington

Values and ethics are integral to the provision, practice and delivery of patient-centred health and social care. This book, which is an expanded and updated version of the 2008 title Values for Care Practice...

Cultural Perspectives on Mental Wellbeing: Spiritual Interpretations of Symptoms in Medical Practice

by Natalie Tobert & Michael Cornwall

Providing much needed understandings of cultural differences in attitudes and beliefs towards issues such as illness, death and mental health, this book is a remedy against the cultural dissonance occurring...

Nightingale's Vision

by Sue Johnson

Florence Nightingale never could have predicted the current, complex landscape of the nursing profession when she built its foundations more than a century ago. But her vision is still alive, as evidenced in...

Guide to the Code of Ethics for Nurses

by Marsha Fowler

The “Guide to the Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements: Development, Interpretation, and Application, 2nd Edition” is an essential resource for nursing classrooms, in-service training,...

Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements

by American Nurses Association

The American Nurses Association is proud to announce a completely updated Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements (The Code). This book is the definitive framework for ethical analysis and decision-making...

Lying Down in the Ever-Falling Snow

by Wendy Austin, E. Sharon Brintnell, Erika Goble & Leon Kagan et al.

First used to describe the weariness the public felt toward media portrayals of societal crises, the term compassion fatigue has been taken up by health professionals to name—along with burnout, vicarious...

Intensive Care in Neurology and Neurosurgery

by Godoy, Daniel Agustín & Daniel Agustin Godoy

This volume presents the work of a group of international experts in neurocritical care. This book provides the physician with a quick and practical tool for consultation and it’s dedicated to brain-injured...

Notes on Nightingale

by Sioban Nelson & Anne Marie Rafferty

Florence Nightingale remains an inspiration to nurses around the world for her pioneering work treating wounded British soldiers during the Crimean War; authorship of Notes on Nursing, the foundational text...

The Complexities of Care

by Sioban Nelson & Suzanne Gordon

"Nursing, everyone believes, is the caring profession. Texts on caring line the walls of nursing schools and student shelves. Indeed, the discipline of nursing is often known as the ?caring science.’ Because...

Life Support

by Suzanne Gordon & Claire M. Fagin

In this book, Suzanne Gordon describes the everyday work of three RNs in Boston-a nurse practitioner, an oncology nurse, and a clinical nurse specialist on a medical unit. At a time when nursing is often undervalued...

Safety in Numbers

by Suzanne Gordon, John Buchanan & Tanya Bretherton

Legally mandated nurse-to-patient ratios are one of the most controversial topics in health care today. Ratio advocates believe that minimum staffing levels are essential for quality care, better working conditions,...

Nursing against the Odds

by Suzanne Gordon

In the United States and throughout the industrialized world, just as the population of older and sicker patients is about to explode, we have a major shortage of nurses. Why are so many RNs dropping out of...

When Chicken Soup isn't Enough

by Suzanne Gordon

The reassuring bromides of "chicken soup for the soul" provide little solace for nurses-and the people they serve-in real-life hospitals, nursing homes, schools of nursing, and other settings. In the minefield...

From Silence to Voice

by Bernice Buresh & Suzanne Gordon

To get the resources and respect they need, nurses have long had to be advocates for themselves and their profession, not just for their patients. For a decade, From Silence to Voice has provided nurses with...