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Backyard Chickens Basics

by David Josephson

This insightful book is a compilation of expert advice on the frequently asked questions about raising backyard chickens. It is a great resource for both the experienced backyard chicken owners and those that...

Backyard Chickens

by David Josephson

The practice of keeping small flocks in the backyards is gaining ground in many cities today. This insightful book offers great help for anyone wanting to keep their chickens at home, whether for eggs, meat,...

Falconry Basics

by Tony Hall, Derek Hartshorne, Tom Dutton & Michael K. Nicholls

Falconry is an ancient and noble art, still practiced today by falconers throughout the world. While, these days, falconry birds are mostly bred in captivity, they are still wild, independent animals and owning...

The Goshawk

by T. H. White

The Goshawk is a non-fiction memoir by T. H. White, the author of The Once and Future King, chronicalling multiple attempts, with various degrees of success, to acquire and train a Goshawk, a large bird of...

Parakeets. Parakeets as Pets. Parakeet Book for Keeping, Pros and Cons, Care, Housing, Diet and Health.

by Roland Ruthersdale

Parakeets make wonderful pets for a lot of reasons. These birds are perfect for the urban set up because of their size. They are also very entertaining and make engaging pets.

There are several varieties of parakeets...

Parrotlets. Parrotlet Owners Manual. Parrotlet Book for Care, Environment, Training, Health, Feeding and Costs.

by Harry Holdstone

The Parrotlet, or Pocket Parrot, is indigenous to regions of Central and South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands. Their natural habitats are diverse, ranging from forests to semi-arid regions. They...

Indian Ringnecks. Indian Ringnecks pets. Indian Ringneck Owners Manual.

by Lindy Everbridge

Indian Ringnecks are elegant parrots that are available in a range of bright and pastel colors. From green to buttercup yellow and lime green, they are beautifully feathered. The distinct ring around the neck...


by Bernd Brunner, Jane Billinghurst & Pete Dunne

  • Bird lovers are passionate enthusiasts who enjoy reading about people who share their love for birds
  • Bernd Brunner's past books have been well received and reviewed inThe New York Times, The New Yorker, The...

  • Living with Chickens

    by Jay Rossier, American Poultry Association, Geoff Hansen & Lisa Steele

    A revised and updated bestseller

    • Revised in coordination with the American Poultry Association
    • Covers all the essentials of raising and keeping chickens.
    • More than 75 color photographs and illustrations.

    African Grey Parrots. African Grey Parrot Owners Manual. African Grey Parrot care, interaction, feeding, training and common mistakes.

    by Martin Monderdale

    African Grey Parrots are exceptional birds. They are intelligent, curious and emotional. They create great bonds with their owners and they generally want to please their owner. They are able to learn words,...

    Quails as Pets. Quail Owners Manual. Quail keeping pros and cons, care, housing, diet and health.

    by Roger Rodendale

    Have you always wanted to buy Quail, either for companionship or as a profitable venture, but didn't have enough information on how to acquire or raise them? If  yes, then this book has been especially written...

    Emu. Emus as Pets. Emus Keeping, Care, Housing, Interaction, Diet and Health

    by Roger Rodendale

    Emus have been raised as pets for several years mostly because of their lean meat. There are several things about the Emu that make them the most adorable pets to have at home. They are wonderfully friendly...

    Eclectus Parrot. Eclectus Parrots as pets. Eclectus Parrot Keeping, Pros and Cons, Care, Housing, Diet and Health.

    by Roger Rodendale

    The Eclectus parrot is one of the most beautiful birds in the world. This species of parrots is known for the sexually dimorphic or the uniquely colored male and female bird. It has an interesting history where...

    Quaker Parrot. Quaker Parrots as pets. Quaker Parrot Keeping, Pros and Cons, Care, Housing, Diet and Health.

    by Roger Rodendale

    Known for the peculiar shaking or bobbing of the head, the Quaker parrot or the Monk parrot makes an amazing companion. These birds are known to be entertaining, clever and very curious. They are extremely social...

    Lovebirds. Lovebirds as pets. Lovebird Keeping, Pros and Cons, Care, Housing, Diet and Health.

    by Roger Rodendale

    Lovebirds make the most wonderful pets. It can be great fun to have a lovely pair of birds at home , chirping and playing. The reason why lovebirds are so popular is the fact that they are extremely active and...

    Caique parrot. Caiques as pets. Caique Keeping, Care, Pros and Cons, Housing, Diet and Health.

    by Roger Rodendale

    The Caique parrot is known as the clown of the parrot world. The funny demeanor of the bird, coupled with the awkward antics makes this parrot a very entertaining companion.

    They are brightly colored in shades...

    Penguins Like Warm Climates Too! Animal Books for Kids 9-12 | Children's Animal Books

    by Baby Professor

    Did you know that there are penguins surviving near the equator? Contrary to popular belief, there are penguins living in hot climates too. The purpose of this book is to expand your child’s knowledge of penguins...

    The World's Most Beautiful Birds! Animal Book for Toddlers | Children's Animal Books

    by Baby Professor

    Colors attract toddlers as much as animals do. That is why this animal book for toddlers is a certified must-have. It lists down some of the world’s most beautiful birds for the eyes to feast on. In addition,...

    Why Do Birds Cross the Oceans? Animal Migration Facts for Kids | Children's Animal Books

    by Baby Professor

    Migration is such a big word but it can actually be broken down into easy-to-understand parts. Take a look at this book, for example. It provides a reliable definition with migration along with examples to help...

    Birds: Animal Group Science Book For Kids | Children's Zoology Books Edition

    by Baby Professor

    It’s one thing to know that a bird is a bird, but it’s a whole new level to know that that bird is a parrot and the other is a woodpecker. Being able to tell the difference between animals in the same group...