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Caring for a Canary - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Caring for your Canary - With Sections on Bird Choice, Training, Aviaries, Common Ailments and Cures

by Andrew Dick

Contained in this book is a comprehensive guide to the owning of and caring for canaries, containing answers to frequently asked questions with sections on bird choice, training, aviaries, and common ailments...

Wild Plants for Cage Birds - Weed and Seeds of the Field and Wayside Described - With Footnotes, etc., by G. E. Weston

by R. Morse

“Wild Plants for Cage Birds” is a vintage guide to the various species of weeds and windflowers of Britain. Many of these plants contain seeds that can be used as bird food, and this book offers descriptions...

Parakeets For Dummies

by Nikki Moustaki

Tweet, tweet, parakeet! Your one-stop resource when you're ready to bring home a budgie

There are lots of perks to owning a parakeet (also known as a budgie). This book introduces you to your beautiful budgie...


by Gina G. Warren

“Chickens are a lot more mainstream than veganism and a little bit like kombucha: super weird twenty years ago, now somewhat popular and made even more so by logos, brands, and hashtags.” So begins Gina...

Hints on the Management of Hawks and Practical Falconry

by James Edmund Harting

This vintage book contains a comprehensive and practical handbook on falconry, with information on training, care and management, common ailments, equipment and equipping, feeding, and much more. Written in...

Pocket Guide Birds of Zambia

by Rory McDougall & Derek Solomon

This pocket-sized, easy-to-use guide to the birds of Zambia features 425 birds likely to be seen in the region, plus a few ?specials? sought after by birders. It is an invaluable introduction and guide for visitors...

Parrots For Dummies

by Nikki Moustaki

Repeat after me: Parrots aren?t just for pirates!

While parrots have a historical reputation for being a pirate's best friend, in the modern-day U.S.?where birds are the nation?s third most popular household...

The Thoroughbred Racing Pigeon

by J. Kilpatrick

This vintage volume contains a comprehensive guide to thoroughbred racing pigeons, with information on their natural history, breeding, selection, types, and more. Containing a wealth of interesting and practical...

A Basic Chicken Guide For The Small Flock Owner

by Roy Jones

This early work on poultry husbandry is a fascinating read for any poultry enthusiast, but also contains much information that is still useful and practical today. It will prove of much interest to the amateur...

Leghorn Fowls - Exhibition and Utility - Their Varieties, Breeding and Management

by C. A. House

This book contains a detailed treatise on 'Leghorn Fowls' used for exhibition and utility. This text attempts to provide information of interest and value to every lover of this most popular fowl. The chapters...

Birds For Dummies

by Brian L. Speer, Kim Campbell Thornton & Gina Spadafori

Your one-stop guide to caring for your avian companion

Pet birds are intelligent, affectionate, and rewarding companions. No matter what bird you choose, you need to set up a happy home for him with the right...

The Care and Propagation of Ornamental Waterfowl

by J. C. Laidlay

This antique text contains a guide to the care and maintenance of waterfowl as ornamental birds in personal ponds and lakes. 'The Care and Propagation of Ornamental Waterfowl' deals mainly with the waterfowl...

Funny Tales of Budgerigars Straight from the Author's Aviaries

by Percy Gladstone Frudd

This delightful book contains a collection of real-life stories pertaining to interesting and 'incomparable' budgerigars who have exceptionally noteworthy tales to tell. Each story comes complete with a picture...

Incomparable Budgerigars - All about Them, Including Instructions for Keeping, Breeding and Teaching Them to Talk

by Percy Gladstone Frudd

This delightful book contains a collection of real-life stories pertaining to interesting and 'incomparable' budgerigars who have exceptionally noteworthy tales to tell. Each story comes complete with a picture...

A Bird A Day

by Dominic Couzens

The beauty and fascination of birds is unrivalled. Every day of the year, immerse yourself in their world with an entry from A Bird of Day, where Dominic Couzens offers an insight into everything from the humble...

First Time Chicken Keeping

by Andy Schneider

First Time Chicken Keeping provides simple, accessible step-by-step instruction for absolute beginning chicken keepers who might not have prior experience and/or feel overwhelmed by a more comprehensive overview....

Breeding your Budgerigars for Colour - With Tips on Colour Combinations, Hybrids, Mule Breeding and Keeping Records

by Various

This antique book contains a detailed and interesting guide to breeding very specific colours into pet budgerigars, as well as containing detailed information on hybrids, mule breeding, and the importance of...

Backyard Chickens Basics

by David Josephson

This insightful book is a compilation of expert advice on the frequently asked questions about raising backyard chickens. It is a great resource for both the experienced backyard chicken owners and those that...

Backyard Chickens

by David Josephson

The practice of keeping small flocks in the backyards is gaining ground in many cities today. This insightful book offers great help for anyone wanting to keep their chickens at home, whether for eggs, meat,...

The Chicken Whisperer's Guide to Zero-Waste Chicken Keeping

by Andy Schneider & PhD Brigid McCrea

The Chicken Whisperer’s Guide to Zero-Waste Chicken Keeping is the first book designed to help chicken keepers raise chickens using limited resources while maintaining a low environmental impact.