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The US Senate and the Commonwealth

by Roy E. Brownell Ii, Mitch McConnell & Lamar Alexander

Kentucky has long punched above its weight in the US Senate, as some of the nation's most distinguished senators have hailed from the Commonwealth. Despite its relatively small population for much of American...

How Materials Matter

by Graeme Were

How does design and innovation shape people's lives in the Pacific? Focusing on plant materials from the region, How Materials Matter reveals ways in which a variety of people – from craftswomen and scientists...

Environmental Activism on the Ground

by Liza Piper, Jonathan Clapperton, John Welch & Mark Leeming et al.

Environmental Activism on the Ground draws upon a wide range of interdisciplinary scholarship to examine small scale, local environmental activism, paying particular attention to Indigenous experiences. It illuminates...

Chinese Martial Arts and Media Culture

by Tim Trausch

Signs and images of Chinese martial arts increasingly circulate through global media cultures. As tropes of martial arts are not restricted to what is considered one medium, one region, or one (sub)genre, the...

Engaging and Transforming Global Communication through Cultural Discourse Analysis

by Trudy Milburn, Michelle Scollo, Lauren Mackenzie & Donal Carbaugh et al.

Global communication can be difficult in the best of circumstances. The contributors in this book take seriously the premise that one can examine communication within specific global settings and scenes with...

On the Rocks with Jack Knox

by Jack Knox

A captivating collection of Jack Knox’s most memorable, heart-warming, inspiring, and off-beat human-interest stories.

Praise for Jack Knox:

“Canada needs more Knox!”—Will Ferguson

“Knox is the most underrated...

College for the Commonwealth

by Hal R. Boyd, Michael T. Benson & E. Gordon Gee

In the past decade, states across the nation have cut higher education spending per student by more than 15 percent. Kentucky has experienced some of the largest cuts in the country, leading many to claim that...

Tradition, Urban Identity, and the Baltimore “Hon"

by David J. Puglia

Baltimoreans have garnered a reputation for greeting one another by tagging “hon” to their speech. In the late twentieth and early twenty-first century, this small piece of local dialect took center stage...

Rural Voices

by Christine Mallinson, Elizabeth Seale, Rania Habib & Kirk Hazen et al.

In this interdisciplinary volume, sociolinguists and sociologists explore the intersections of language, culture, and identity for rural populations around the world. Challenging stereotypical views of rural...

Strength Through Peace

by Judith Eve Lipton & David P. Barash

Costa Rica is the only full-fledged and totally independent country to be entirely demilitarized. Its military was abolished in 1948, with the keys to the armory handed to the Department of Education. Socially,...

Stolen City

by Owen Toews

Through a combination of historical and contemporary analysis this book shows how settler colonialism, as a mode of racial capitalism, has made and remade Winnipeg and the Canadian Prairie West over the past...

Women and China's Revolutions

by Gail Hershatter

If we place women at the center of our account of China’s last two centuries, how does this change our understanding of what happened? This deeply knowledgeable book illuminates the places where the Big History...

The Puzzle of Latin American Economic Development

by Patrice Franko

Thoroughly revised and updated, this foundational text provides the basic economic tools for students to understand the problems facing the countries of Latin America. In the fourth edition, Patrice Franko analyzes...

Realizing Our Place

by Catherine Egley Waggoner & Laura Egley Taylor

What does it mean to be from somewhere? Does place seep into one's very being like roots making their way through rich soil, shaping a sense of self? In particular, what does it mean to be from a place with...

Traditions, Traps and Trends

by Barbara Helen Miller, Jarich Oosten, Kim van Dam & Willem C.E. Rasing et al.

The transfer of knowledge is a key issue in the North as Indigenous peoples meet the ongoing need to adapt to cultural and environmental change. In eight essays, experts survey critical issues surrounding the...

Gone Home

by Karida L. Brown

Since the 2016 presidential election, Americans have witnessed countless stories about Appalachia: its changing political leanings, its opioid crisis, its increasing joblessness, and its declining population....

A Regional Geography of the United States and Canada

by Lisa Benton-Short, John Rennie Short & Chris Mayda

Now in a thoroughly revised and updated edition, this text offers a comprehensive examination of North America’s physical and human geography, weaving in the key themes of environment and sustainability throughout....

Spatial Anthropology

by Les Roberts

Spatial Anthropology draws together a number of interrelated strands of research focused on landscape, place and cultural memory in the north-west of England. At the core of the book lies an engagement with...

The Struggle against Imperialism

by Edward H. Judge & John W. Langdon

This concise and engaging text argues that the Cold War and anti-colonial movements should properly be studied and taught together, not as distinct developments, but rather as interwoven aspects of a complex...

Southern Writers on Writing

by Susan Cushman & Alan Lightman

Contributions by Julie Cantrell, Katherine Clark, Susan Cushman, Jim Dees, Clyde Edgerton, W. Ralph Eubanks, John M. Floyd, Joe Formichella, Patti Callahan Henry, Jennifer Horne, Ravi Howard, Suzanne Hudson,...