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Vegetarian Ketogenic Diet Guide

by Kristy Jenkins

Can You Incorporate Vegan Eating Into Your Present Diet

A vegan diet is a type of vegetarian diet, in which only plant based foods are consumed and all animal products and byproducts (butter, milk) are excluded....

Food and Sustainability in the Twenty-First Century

by Paul Collinson, Iain Young, Lucy Antal & Helen Macbeth

Sustainability is one of the great problems facing food production today. Using cross-disciplinary perspectives from international scholars working in social, cultural and biological anthropology, ecology and...

Grocery Story

by Jon Steinman

Hungry for change? Put the power of food co-ops on your plate and grow your local food economy.

Food has become ground-zero in our efforts to increase awareness of how our choices impact the world. Yet while...

Rice in the Time of Sugar

by Louis A. Pérez Jr.

In this history of Cuba, Louis A. Perez proposes a new Cuban counterpoint: rice, a staple central to the island's cuisine, and sugar, which dominated an export economy 150 years in the making. Perez shows how...

Black Food Geographies

by Ashanté M. Reese

In this book, Ashante M. Reese makes clear the structural forces that determine food access in urban areas, highlighting Black residents' navigation of and resistance to unequal food distribution systems. Linking...

The Sober Revolution

by Joseph Bohling

Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne. The names of these and other French wine regions bring to mind time-honored agricultural and vinicultural practices. Yet the link between wine and place, in French known as terroir,...

Farming While Black

by Leah Penniman & Karen Washington

In 1920, 14 percent of all land-owning US farmers were black. Today less than 2 percent of farms are controlled by black people—a loss of over 14 million acres and the result of discrimination and dispossession....

Transforming Urban Transport

by Diane E. Davis & Alan Altshuler

Transforming Urban Transport brings into focus the origins and implementation pathways of significant urban transport innovations that have recently been adopted in major, democratically governed world cities...

Agricultural Transformation in Ethiopia

by Atakilte Beyene

  • Offers a new perspective on food security and sustainability, two of the most pressing issues currently facing global development efforts.
  • Features a wealth of on-the-ground empirical research from Ethiopian...


by Robert W. Thurston

This engaging guide traces the history, cultivation, and culture of coffee, as well as the major factors influencing the industry today. Robert Thurston provides a readable, concise overview of coffee from the...

Food, Politics, and Society

by Alejandro Colas

Food and drink has been a focal point of modern social theory since the inception of agrarian capitalism and the industrial revolution. From Adam Smith to Mary Douglas, major thinkers have used key concepts...

Quick Cattle and Dying Wishes

by Erica Fudge

What was the life of a cow in early modern England like? What would it be like to milk that same cow, day-in, day-out, for over a decade? How did people feel about and toward the animals that they worked with,...

History of Tea

by Laura C. Martin

As the world's second most popular beverage after water, tea has fascinated, awakened, motivated, and calmed us for well over two thousand years. A History of Tea tells the compelling story of the rise of tea...

Barter and Social Regeneration in the Argentinean Andes

by Olivia Angé

Despite the pervasiveness of barter across societies, this mode of transaction has largely escaped the anthropologist's gaze. Drawing on data from fairs in the Argentinean Andes, this book unveils both barter's...

An Ethnography of Hunger

by Kristin D Phillips

In An Ethnography of Hunger Kristin D. Phillips examines how rural farmers in central Tanzania negotiate the interconnected projects of subsistence, politics, and rural development. Writing against stereotypical...

Food and Nutrition

by P.K. Newby

From gluten-free to pile-on-the-meat Paleo, GMOs to grass-fed beef, our newsfeeds abound with nutrition advice. Whether headlines from the latest scientific study or anecdotes from celebrities and food bloggers...

Here Let Us Feast

by M.F.K. Fisher & Betty Fussell

Legend of culinary writing, M.F.K. Fisher introduces readers to the gastronomical writing that most influenced her—now with a new introduction by legend in her own right, Betty Fussell, author of Eat, Live,...

A Taste of the Hocking Hills

by Matt Rapposelli

When chef Matt Rapposelli left the National Park Service to attend culinary school in New England, he was moving from one passion to another. What later brought those passions together was a job in the Hocking...

From Einkorn Wheat to GMO

by Wayne Persky

This book takes a quick look at the relationship between the evolution of humans, agriculture, and crop biotechnology, including GMOs.  It discusses how we got to where we are now and why the trend is unlikely...

From Taverns to Gastropubs

by Christel Lane

The pub is a prominent social institution integral to British identity. From Taverns of Gastropubs: Food, Drink, and Sociality in England charts the historical development of the English public house from the...